Drivers' car, Porsche Panamera which can comfortably run.

New Panamera
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Have not overestimated Panamera

I always praised Panamera in this blog, but I have never drove a Mercedes-Benz S Class, which is a rival car of Panamera(There is only that I got on the back seat), The BMW 7 series also had to drive a bit during test drive.

So when you evaluate Panamera, you only have to think about it as if you were driving Panamera"Is it overestimating Panamera?"I also had something to think.

Also, my husband's younger brother saw this blog before,"No, I do not have Kazuo Shimizu or not [laugh]"I heard he said that(Former racer and car critic Kazuo Shimizu is famous for Porsche love)w, after all I thought that I am a Porsche diver.

A blog written about Panamera

A similar blog post was sent from her husband at such a time.A blog whose husband is reading for a long time, a blog of Minkara's "Traveling to Porsche · · · God blog ♪".In the blog, the reviews are written about owned Porsche cars and various nice cars.

Previously it seemed that he was on the Mercedes · Benz S class, and a comparative article with Porsche was also written, but it was very interesting.

The title of the article sent from my husband this time is"Porsche Panamera is the perfect driver's car".It is written that "Panorama Turbo Sports Turismo" owned by Mr. ♪ has "running performance, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, loadability, general rating", but what was hanging around in it,"Oh yeah! That is exactly right!"Only the contents of it, it became somehow very happy somehow.

Particularly when I will introduce a little excerpt of what I thought as "Oh yeah!"

· Excellent safety regarding running performance. If rear axle steering is attached, Panamera exceeding 5 m turns into a car with the minimum turning radius comparable to the Prius

· Rear steering is essential, there is no effective option for running and ride comfort

· 971 Panamera is a completed version of a car where a sports car maker called Porsche made a 4-door sedan (coupe, wagon).

· A car that runs to comfortably suck on the road and has a high body rigidity that does not make any movement in any scene. As a driver's car with four doors, the degree of completeness is high, and sensuous cars are not easy.

· Driver's car that can comfortably run Panamera. If you are looking for comfort first, you will not be satisfied

The splendor of Panamera and air cooling ...

... No, I think it's exactly the case. When I saw the program which Okazaki Goro had previously explained about Panamera Turbo, I thought "exactly!" And wrote about that time on the blog,

→ [References] The case that the test-ride explanation of the new Panamera by Mr. Goro Okazaki is getting too much

There were some people expressing the goodness of Panamera so much, I was very happy.

... So the story will change(Change too much or w), The other day the air-cooled used Porsche used car site and the husband who was constantly staggering was finally yesterday"I look at the air-cooled Porsche for a while and feel it with my skin"Saying, I went to the used car dealer in Nagoya all the way.

It is not about buying yet, but it is about "I've never taken an air-cooled Porsche and I'm wondering what it's like" ... but I'm looking forward to what kind of comment I am coming home.

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