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About radar detector

In the car"Radar detector"I think that there are many people who are turning on. Up until about three years ago"Liquid crystal type to attach on the dashboard"I was wearing things of(↓ ↓ The actual radar detector is not this, but this kind of thing was attached to the right front of the driver's seat)

* Image: 【Parts Review】 Radar Detector Comtech ZERO 602V

One time my husband"I wonder if there are any better radar detectors ..."He said. When asking "Why? Akannon of now?", "Yeah, it is totally akan (- _ -)" so when asked the reason it was like this.

① If you put it on the dashboard, the dashboard is not refreshing and looks bad
② Where the various screens are displayed on the screen, I do not see the screen while driving
③ When it is radar, it is already late when you notice it. GPS is definitely better now
④ Troublesome wiring
⑤ I want to remove it near my house, when I move long distance

I see, it is certainly ...."It is dangerous if you glance at the line of sight, especially on highways, where I got a lot of information on the LCD screen while driving, so I can not afford to see the screen after all."And I was certainly thinking.

Celstar's GPS radar detector

That's why my husband has found and found it. Cellster socket type GPS receiver by CELLSTAR. You can buy it for 4000 yen with Amazon for a bit.

Easy to use socket type GPS receiverWith speed control and crackdown pointsIt teaches with 'voice' and 'light'something like.

· Just insert it in the cigar lighter socket with one touch.
· Compact without wiring required
· Relocation to other cars such as between families or car rental is also free
- Accurately recorded GPS data of 16,000 or more, data can be updated at any time as needed

She said that she dislikes her husband"If you put it on the dashboard, the dashboard is not refreshing and it looks bad," "There are various displays on the screen, you do not see the screen while driving," "It's too late when you notice it as a radar. GPS is absolutely better. "" Wiring is troublesome "" I want to remove it near my house, only when traveling a long distance "It is said that there are goods that clearly also cleared this point ... w

This GPS radar detector notifies you by announcement and LED every 500 m from 1 km ahead. By the way, for each LED color,

[Red] ... speed control machine, signal ignorance monitor machine
【Yellow】 ... control point, N system, overload supervisor, ambush area, limit speed switching point
【Green】 ... Police station, traffic police vs. traffic checkpoint

I will tell you, but I wonder if you will see much color.(W will not be able to see because you will drop your line of sight during driving)

What if you actually put it in the car?

Actually, when I attach it to the cigar socket of Panamera's center console, it looks like this.

Our house,"Ashtray and cigar lighter are installed in front and rear seat center console" smoker package(¥ 10,000)"I have an option called "Cigar lighter socket", so I have a cigarette lighter socket here,

Once installed here, the dashboard is also refreshed, it does not get in the way of driving and does not block visibility. When you actually use it"It is a crackdown point" "Please pay attention to the ambush area"It announces properly in such a form as to be easy to understand.

The other day when my husband went to the touring with Boxter, there was an announcement "It is a crackdown point", so I was traveling carefully, it seems that a masking police car came from behind the schedule(Since the husband does not have any signs to fly at all, the masking surface has turned back..

"Since it announces based on the GPS data, I also think that it will be more than radar because it also runs carefully.Another, it can be removed near my home, so it is not noisy and convenient""My husband said.

Because it is cheap and sufficient performance, at home, Panamera, Boxster, and golf, this GPS receiver is wearing. This is really recommended.

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