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Porsche Panamera

About me earlier

I think that it was 180 degrees different from now until a few years ago. In those days I"Work is the first priority in life"I was alive with the idea of. I prefer priority to what I want to do more than children, than last year, I will never grow next year from this year, and I will continue to challenge at any time anytime, I think that this is my way of life It was.

And then I was"I am a human being who can change the world"I was thinking seriously(Young w)."I want to settle the challenges that I felt through work, and even if there is no market there, I can make an impact on the world depending on the way"When. Many people around me also succeeded in doing so, so I longed for it, so I thought that myself could do so.

Also, in the last few years, a small miracle has been occurring regularly, so I misunderstanded it increasingly confidently overconfident(I am so glad that I can get up and running loud)

To know the body

It was about a year ago that my mind changed so much. After a while after my second daughter was born, when I got a lot of things at work and at private, when I accepted the results before my eyes about what I have been challenging for about 8 years, I finally learned of my own position.

"I do not have enough power to change the world for me."


Because, thatEven if Steve Jobs who changed the world died, the world is going around normally, whatever Apple's achievements have been good for the time being.Even so, I overestimate myself, finally realized that there was a tremendous amount of "treating" in my opinion.

Where is my existence worth?

I do not deny "to challenge" or "have a big goal", I think that itself is wonderful. Even if people say "impossible", there are many things you can do if you try, and you can grow up yourself in the process.It is hundreds of times more valuable to experience that "I tried doing and it did not work" rather than just saying "I want to do it, I wish I could."

So, the challenge itself is a good thing, I think it makes sense.

On the other hand,It is important to calmly learn about the way of yourself and to take the reality firmlyI think so.

And ... Although I talked a bit, I thought about it again last year when I knew with myself that I had no power to change the world.

Even if I do not do my current job, the world will go around. So, whatever the circumstances I will be, whatever human being, whatever the world changes, where is the place where I always need me?

Only after thinking about it, I noticed the importance of the presence of the family in front of me.

As I often get irritated, 100% of the existence of me is accepted, whether I am far from a perfect mother or not, saying "Do not tramp with each other!" And terrible things"Because I love you mother!"Everyday, she keeps sister quarreling with her mother 's ties (haha) My daughters.

I would not buy prepared foods saying "I do not like running rice", but I am not good at cleaning and even rumba may be used occasionally, but nothing is said there"Do what you want to do if you do it"Husband who constantly watches and keeps doing extraordinary support for this blog.

If you can share a wonderful time with this important family and your family can smile with being with me, it seems like my life has been successfulIs not it.

At some timing like that I started to write this blog for a while.

Why do you like Panamera?

"Prioritize picking up of my daughter's kindergarten than my own time"How old my friends will be surprised. Even though I was flying around all the time, I'm currently at home almost all day and I'm living in housework, blogging and personal computer.

However, as my feelings nowThere is no sense that "I am sacrificing what I want to do in this life", rather I have fully challenged myself with full power, I am convinced, rather refreshingEven there.

So"Panamera is a really good car"Thinking(Er, suddenly w), The family can go to drive with four people, parents enjoy running, the children are comfortable. 911 is also wonderful, but since all the family members can share rich time, Panamera is more attractive to me now.

Step by step, little by little

About this blog, spreading a big furoshiki the other day,"I want to make blogs that can transmit useful information to everyone who thinks of Porsche purchase"I wrote that,

→ [Ref. Article] Porsche came to our house - I thought seriously about the future direction of blogging

Of course I am looking at the goal, but I do not think "Let's go ahead" or "Let's go at the shortest distance". First of allPeople who are reading this blog which is in front of you now will make you a blog that you can feel like going back again as useful information is posted that will make you look forward to reading articles everydayThat is the first thing,

While cherishing the place, I wish to build up one step at a time and wish for one day to reach the goal.

... Looking back at me thinking so somehow, since I was a ridiculous arrogant bastard, I think I'm really sorry for my colleagues, my colleagues, my juniors, my subordinates."If I do not feel motivated, why should I quit?"And"I do not know whether I will not challenge at work because I am concerned about whether I can balance privately with you"Or, sorry to say so often.

I was a guy who did not know the feelings and bruises of people ... I would have been able to bring out the power of everyone even more if I am now ... well I have those experiences so now I am there.

But on the other hand"Does it end with my life as it is?"I am aiming for the opportunity with a tranquil perspective and there are some who do not discipline ...

Somehow I do not know what I want to say today I became a blog, but it is a blog written by such a person, but thank you for your continued support m (_ _) m

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