Porsche Panamera is perfect for such people-I thought about driving enthusiasts divided into four types

Porsche Panamera

The long-distance movement also cars

I think that it is a person who likes to drive a car, compared with the general public. When I worked in Yonago in Tottori Prefecture before, the other side was clearly thought "I will come by train from Hyogo prefecture where I have a home to Yonago", but I"Go by car!"Because he said,

"Eh ?? Are you serious?" It takes 4 hours even if you are free with a car! Is not it serious !? "

And was donned.(It is a great opportunity to drive long distances with Panamera, so there was no alternative except going by Panamera w)

For my family's family trip as well, my husband"Do not ride a train, movement is absolute carmatism"Because it is a person, Hyogo from Fuji Speedway is also ordinarily headed by car(It takes about 7 hours one way by taking a break in the middle)When I go to Kyushu, I also went to Osaka by car, loaded a car on a ferry, and all the locomotives were moved by car.

By the way, when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter(When it is about 6 months pregnant)Into"When a child is born, because two people can not drive a drive trip for a while, let's go now."From that, from Hyogo prefecture to Mt. Fuji, the next day from Mt. Fuji etc. I enjoyed the Venus line, Ishikawa prefecture went to Kaga, from there back to Hyogo prefecture I decided to go for a three - day drive hot spring trip.

Although the morning sun was over and it was a stable period ... Although it was definitely a drive at all times I was pretty sick from the middle"Akanpai kills, I already spit ... (T_T)"While saying that, there was also a case where he came home with a half wound while dying in the middle.(I got scolded by my teacher and gynecologist's teacher and my parents after returning,

Even if you say that you like the same driving ...

However"I like driving, but the type is different from my husband's driving love."And always think(It should be said that it is crazy degree w). My husband goes out for a long touring of about 1,500 kilometers on a long break, and gets up early on Sunday morning and always goes to Ashi Driveway or Rokko Mountain. But I ... It is not there.

Also the other day"Next Porsche Driving School (Porsche Truck Experience), Why do not you go and learn to drive!"I told my husband, but I do not have the motivation to purposely deposit two children to someone and go to learn driving from home to the Fuji Speedway in 7 hours.

Sunday morning"Since the weather is nice and it feels good this morning, if you go to Ashi Driveway, I will see the children"My husband said, "No, I do not mind doing it," he always goes.

Although I experienced circuiting at Fuji Speedway in June, it was fun to exceed the imagination"Then, do you want to practice circuit tracks at Gran Turismo in the Playstation and run the circuit again?"If it is said ... I do not think so far.

However, when traveling a long distance, even if the train is easier, I dare take a few hours by car, so I like the driving itself.

I thought by type

In that regard"Even if you say you like driving, there are many different typesThinking a little, when I thought about it, I could divide it into the following four.

1) Bother to go running

... people who dare dare to drive a car
① Circuit type... In a non-routine space called a circuit, I like to maximize the performance of a car and run through at full speed
② Touring type... like winding roads, pass roads, highways, and other things like to fly on a pleasant road

Daily ride Main system

... I dare not go for running, but people who want to drive exclusively with cars
③ Long distance type... I'd like to run not only on town streets and everyday use but also on a one-way several hours of transportation by car and run
④ City type... I want to enjoy running with a good feeling on the main street ride

Feeling like that?(I can not deny the feeling of being too rough ... w)

So, I think that it is ③. Meanwhile my husband belongs to ②.

Panamera is perfect for this kind of person

And I thinkPanamaera is the best for people of type ③ like me. "I'm saying that. Panamera, the city ride is comfortable, the expressway is also luxury and fun. Can be used for all rounds.

If I am on Boxter or 911, I will definitely become "small cats for cats" "pearls for pigs" "treasure trouble". I think that Boxter and 911 can realize its appeal only after going to the touring and running a mountain path and a winding road.

If Panamera is brought into the circuit, although it has the ability to run the Nürburgring in about 7 minutes and 30 seconds, I think that GT3 is better if it is a car that runs on the circuit ...

So, if you have a type like ③"Panamera comes very smoothly and is the best."It was a rough conclusion that it was (laugh)

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