Porsche Panamera's splendor is noticed again after a long time

971 Panamera Turbo
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To my parents' place I decided to play golf

Since I worked in Tokyo in the latter half of last week, I went back home with my daughters to ask my parents for a lullaby.The car that will ride when you go to your parent's house is Volkswagen 'Golf 7' by all means.From my parents still,

"You have always been a paper driver and hitting at a super parking lot, so you worry that driving a big Porsche and returning on a highway, so please do not come back in Porsche"

It is because it is said.

Awesome Panamera

That's why I came back home from my parents house and I took Panamera for the first time in a while to head to work ...

No no ... I wonder what a wonderful car ...

I was impressed again.

Well from Porsche ride"Porsche is touched every day even if I ride everyday."I will hear the story that, I think that the impression will further increase when riding for the first time in a while. Nonetheless, Volkswagen Golf 7 is also a very nice car and feels like a "good car" every time you board the car, and there is no complaint, but every time you ride PanameraI get impressed at the "sigh" level.

Wonderness of Panamera

What to impress me so much ... When I start writing it is too much and it seems to be impossible to write,

① Steering

Porsche's steering is solid, and it is comfortable fitting to my hands of women despite being a bit thicker from a general car. Also, the angle of the Porsche steering is "not sleeping" or "upright"Hold the steering wheel tightly and feel "I'm going to run from now!"It makes me to.

② Heavy feeling

Panamera is too heavy because it is bigger than 2 tons. But that does not matterThere is no "heavy feeling at start and acceleration".(I think that Panamera of normal than turbo has more lightness)While firm and solid, accelerate and supple, run comfortably. I like this balance unbearably.

③ Acceleration work

When getting into other cars with getting accustomed to Panamera's accelerator"Have you got a lot of fun with Axel?" "Not at all progressing though stepping on! If you stepped too far backwards, you gotta go crazy!"I feel something something like that.

However, in the case of Panamera, there is no such thing at all and it feels like being united with the driver's will. It is no exaggeration to say that Axel reacts only by being conscious of "accelerate"(I guess he is actually stepping on it)If you stepped on it, you will accelerate tremendously.There is no sense of incongruity in those accelerator work, it is just like this senseI feel it.

④ brake

There is no play in the brake,If you step on it lightly, it will only be done by that amount, if you stepped on deeply, you will step on with a low center of gravity and listen carefullyGive me There is no feeling of drowning, it feels like being stopped with confidence. When I first ran McLaren, the brakes were too heavy(It was like a training machine rather than an exaggeration)I could not step into it quickly and I felt "It is hard for a woman to drive this", but Panamera brakes are not too heavy. I think that it is amazing that the brakes will be steadily stable as much as 2 tons or more in size.

⑤ No interruption, no firing

The other day I went to work in Osaka city, but when I usually run on Hanshin Express and the general road in Osaka by golf, there are quite a lot of interruptions. Hanshin Express may be obliged to do so because it is confusing to change lanes ...Just when I am in Panamera, I can not be caught or interrupted (laugh)As a result, safe and safe driving is possible.

⑥ A hard and luxurious ride

For those who like the ride comfort of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class or The Luxury Saloon, the ride comfort of Panamera is hard, I think some people feel that "ride comfort is not good." Panamera's ride feeling has no feeling of fluffy at all,The step difference of the highway concrete seams is not overcome as "float", but it is a feeling that it gets over the lower body and absorbs the shock as much as possible and gets over it.(I can not express it well ... ...)

In my case, I like Panamera which is rigid and luxurious ride because I do not like the ride comfort as a ride on a bus so much.

Also praising those who work for Porsche

Actually, I had the opportunity to interact with those who worked on Porsche the other day, but that person was also saying like this.

Even though I tried comparing various Porsches, I think that Panamera is a really good car. I happened to be driving a highway today, passing over a VIP car running in front of me, and I got a little impatient to make it not comfortable for a good run.

When. Panamera, it's a really nice car. It seems that the launch of the new Panamera is going well, I hope that this goodness of Panamera will be transmitted to the world more.

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