What if Porsche seriously reproduces 'Last air cooled Porsche' 993 911?

Air-cooled Porsche

* Image Source: OPENERS "Porsche 911 Story - 4th generation 993 type"

Air-cooled Porsche seems to be concerned

Recently my husband"I care about air-cooled Porsche"It is saying out. Previously 981 Boxster GTS was on the ride, but it seems that he purchased the famous car Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) which was released this year in 1997, he realized the goodness of the old car .... My husband will finally step in the area of ​​"air cooling".

However, the number of air-cooled Porsches on the used car market is very small. If the husband rides the air-cooled Porsche often seen on Ashi Driveway,They gave it to me from acquaintances, took over from the deceased seniors' air-cooled Porsche ...There seems to be many people getting from routes that do not circle on the market.

Classic Project Gold

Meanwhile,The whole picture of "classic project gold", an old car project that Porsche was promoting in secretI learned that it became clear the other day. "Classic project gold"

It is a project to newly build up "993 type" Porsche "911" which is popular as "Last air cooled Porsche" with new parts.

While 20 years have elapsed since the end of production, it seems to be making up 3.6 liters horizontally opposed six cylinder gasoline twin turbo engine or using new parts more than 6500 points. Transmission, of course, is MT, using genuine parts of Porsche Classic.

I can tell you the importance of Porsche.

Model 993 Porsche 911

I examined a little about the type 993 Porsche 911,"I wear a Porsche(It seems there was a time when it was being told from a compact body that can be moved as desired, with a tiny seat design, a tight interior space)The last model that tight feeling that was said to be leftIt was written.

However, compared with the former type, the quietness was improved by improving the ventilation, the ride comfort and comfort were improved by the new type suspension. In addition, the 993 type 911 turbo is the model which realized turbo + 4 WD for the first time with mass production model 911.

Moreover, since it is "the last air cooling model", it is popular also by enthusiasts, and it keeps high price even in the used car market.

"993 type" Porsche "911" Turbo used secondhand car site(I saw Goo for testing)Searching by, only four hits were found. Moreover, 3 out of 4 vehicles are "ASK"(The mileage is all 10,000 kilometers), And the remaining one was 14 million yen.(Mileage 8.8 million kilometers)

It is amazing. It's second hand and is expensive. Since it is no longer being produced, it is natural that much. I investigated why the price of air cooled Porsche soared so far, it seems that this is the situation now.

· Currently it tends to remain high
· A considerable number of air-cooled 911 is flowing out overseas
· In particular overseas demand, the tendency to emphasize the degree of originality and completeness of the new car at that time is particularly strong
· No accident · 1 owner, 2 owner · maintenance record complete · individuals with good interior and exterior high price stability
· MT cars, RS and turbo, limited cars also high price stable
· It is anticipated that it will not return to the market price like several years ago
* Source: Does the air cooled Porsche 911 rise and remain high? Listen to a professional purchasing store professional

Awesome air-cooled Porsche ... ((゚ Д ゚)

For the charity auction this time

About the "993 type" Porsche "911" announced at "Classic Project Gold" this time I hear that my husband said "Do you like this 911?"

"Yea yeah yeah, but only this one is produced (- _ -)"


Huh!そ ん な ん! ! (° o °;

I did not read the article to the end, but it was certainly written like this.

In addition, Porsche will produce only this 993 type 911 turbo and will exhibit it at the charity auction. If it is possible to purchase 993 type Porsche 911 which is popular in the second hand market with a new car, it is expected to be high.

Is it so? Because it was one such as a charity auction, was it one car that Porsche made this time ...? My husband continued to say "Oh yeah yeah, but even if mass-produced, this gold color is a little ..." Certainly ... I wish deep green or engineer would be nice, but gold is embarrassing.

So, I will check the future air cooling Porsche.

* Pictures / texts Source: Porsche "secret" old car project, full presentation ... the last air-cooled 911 turbo with new car for the first time in 20 years

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  1. Air cooling model (MOCO)

    Good evening ~.

    I always see you happily.
    I entered Porsche from air cooling, so I came in the opposite pattern to the usual route of going backwards and backwards.
    I can not run like wata, but I wanted to ride a distance a little more than air-cooled and it reached 981.
    Hobby Because the world of the car has both width and depth, how about putting it in one garage without overlooking the cost effectiveness?
    In the blog here, it is the most interesting thing to see how it is written (laugh).
    Also thank you ^ ^ /

    • MinaMina

      Air cooling design (MOCO)
      Always thank you for seeing the blog!
      Oh ... it was entered from air cooling ...! It's too cold ...!

      > Hobby Since the world of the car has both width and depth, how about putting it in one garage without overlooking the cost effectiveness?
      > In the blog here, it is the most interesting to see how it is written (laugh).

      Air cooling is good! There are so many people who said, neither I nor my husband has been driving,
      It is an unknown world ^^ But I feel that I want to taste the feeling "wearing a Porsche" by all means.

      My husband seems to want a great deal, but "I do not secure a garage with a shutter for the first time like anything ... I'm talking about selling air cooling on a Porsche dealer" or somehow (laugh)
      Also, if we talk more specifically (laugh), I will write it on my blog!

      We are looking forward to hearing from you!