"Porsche Camp 4 Canada" movie that can run on ice and snow course with Porsche is released!

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Porsche Camp 4 Canada

While I was watching the Porsche channel the other day,"Porsche Camp 4 Canada"The introduction video of the movie was uploaded. "Porsche Camp 4 Canada""A program that allows you to run Porsche on a special ice and snow course, learn the correct driving skills and vehicle control skills from the instructor, and have exciting experiences that have never been tasted before"A lot

Porsche Japan's site only shows "Porsche Truck Experience" in Japan, but on Porsche Canada's site "Porsche Camp 4 Canada" is introduced in detail, so you can apply from here .

At the site of Porsche Canada

When I went to see the site, such a thing was written at the beginning.(Because I am not good at English, I only know nuance)

At the Porsche Ice Experience, you learn techniques that you can dominate and drive on the road in any weather. It is not the case that I am drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace though it is winter! Conversely because it is winter, you can learn a whole new exciting driving experience on ice and snow!
Through a few days, professional instructors will teach driving skills on the special ice and snow course. An experience that everyone has never experienced is waiting. Our Porsche wants everyone of the Porsche driver to learn driving skills in the winter weather and be able to drive confidently even in winter!

I wonder if it is like it.(It certainly is not such a high-tension feeling ...)

Anyway, it seems like a fun program with special experience with special courses made of snow and ice. That's why I chose to watch youtube again.

Let's watch a video

First of all it is a class"Correct seat position" "Effects of laws of physics on vehicle" "Correct steering position"It seems to learn. The correct seat position and the physical law that the vehicle exerts? And about the correct steering position. So, the actual course looks something like this.

Awesome ... It is a special course that can be made because of nature, Canada. Extremely big and wide. It was ordered literally near the entrance of the course.

What I use in this program, 911 CarreraS and 911 Carrera 4 SA lot If you are going to participate, 4S of 4th will feel more secure. And for the movie, the participants who came with Porsche Bus are in the state.

This uncle is getting excited, w. Just watching makes us smile unexpectedly. Participants from the bus were high touch in order with the instructor. It's like a scene when the iPhone was released on the Apple Store (laugh)

Again, 911 images arranged in order. If you look at this it is a masterpiece. And beautiful and beautiful.

Finally, the program starts. In this program,Braking on ice, handling, correct steering wheel operation, correct understeer and oversteer(Overser steering characteristic that the car cuts into the inside due to increase in speed and under steering that inflates to the outside is said to be),Change lane when winter tire is installed, careful acceleration on winding road, driving with 1.5 mm groove in winter tire, slalomLearn.

It's amazing, this seems to be quite slick, is it a program to experience the PSM (Porsche Stability Management System)? It seems like a small attraction.

I was thinking "I'm really scared (゚ Д ゚)!", But the participants' expressions seem to be surprisingly fun.

Looking at it from the sky, while running with such snow smoke it is supposed to be awesome,

It looks really fun (lol)

With my first experience, I realized the greatness of Porsche's performance, the tension has risen, and I wonder if the smile is spilling in spite. Even so, it is amazing. Even if it gets like this, that you can control the vehicle without crashing or accident ... again the performance of Porsche is amazing.

Whether this movie is mostly taken with a drone, the picture is very beautiful.

Just a smiley participant, but also participants with such facial expressions.

Wow !! (* 0 *)

Sora That will be so (lol) After that, it seems that the participants are challenging the practice in order, but it is pretty close to the distance between the cars ~.

The participants' facial expressions are also serious. Desperateness is transmitted.

Sorry it makes a big accident if you make a mistake one step. And Slalom also in this place.

Wow ... ... If I were you, I'm not confident that I can slalom properly on an ordinary road. The instructor's guidance also enthusiasm. Participants listening seriously.

There are women among the participants, three beautiful girls. It is truly beautiful people, everyone.

As the program goes on, participants also begin to show a relaxed look.

Yeah ~ !!!!

That's right, you can take a movie, do not you take a picture absolutely (lol) And night every night, with dinner with the participants.

It is a very rich time ~. I wonder what the participants are doing.

It seems that the hotel to stay is like this.

So, as for the impressions of the participants(I translate it so much so I translate it only in atmosphere),

"Definitely the best day in my life!"And,

"Awesome! It is so much fun!And,

"It's already awesome, it's fun, yes, yes, it's already sunbathing!"And,

"Really wonderful, I learned a lot of things"Or ... everyone is uniformly satisfied. Atmosphere that instructor kindly teaches carefully.

At the end is a memorial photo by everyone. In the back is made of ice "PORSCHE" objects.

Finally, the movie was closed with the feeling like "everyone was having fun?" "Yeah ~ !!!".

For details, please visit the following site of Porsche / Canada.

How much is it?

Next year the schedule of 'Porsche Camp 4 Canada' in 2019 is from the end of January to the beginning of February. I thought about how many such expensive programs, how much it costs ...

$ 5,495 CAD (plus taxes)

... I did not know in a moment, it was 85, 30 yen (CAD) at 1 August (2018 / August 25)

It is 468,720 yen in Japanese yen.

Wow! ((゚ Д ゚)) But I wonder that much more ...

It seems fun to have attraction-like elements than Japanese "Porsche Truck Experience". I thought it would be fun and study if I could participate ...If it is not a level that you can understand English that you hear through the transceiver, it will be totally dangerous ...If you participate in this, "Being able to talk in English" is a prerequisite.

It seems my husband is doing my best to learn English better than before, so I wonder if he will participate in a few years later (I am an answering machine in Japan, so I want to know what it is w). That's why the movie is here. Though it is a short movie called 3 minutes, the attraction of Porsche is a solid video got tight, so everyone is sure.(And please tell us your impressions if anyone is there)

* Image Source: youtube "Porsche Camp 4 Canada 2018"

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