It fits into the charm of the circuit, the future dream is GT 3! Porsche Supporters fileVol4. Mr. Tomohiko Kimura.


Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is blog administrator Mina. The interview plan which started from May is a quick one and the fourth one. This time, I love cars, I came to the charm of the circuit, I talked to Mr. Tomohiko Kimura, who lives in Osaka who is sending a fulfilling car life.

Chapter 1. Current cars and car life

1-1: About current car

What is the car currently owned by Mr. Kimura?

For the circuit, the Ferrari F430 racing car"F430 Challenge"When,BMW's M3, Mazda's for commuting and circuit useND Roadster NR-AWith the car where my wife normally gets onMercedes · Benz C ClassFor my sonMINIWe own a total of 5 units. There was also a period when I previously owned a Porsche Boxster for my wife. When I think of it, my life until now is a situation where I have worked hard desperately and almost all of the money I earned I have put in my car (laugh)

- My wife is a Boxster ... Enviable!

Porsche I bought for the first time about three years ago was Boxster. I've always longing for "Porsche GT 3""I want to run the circuit on the GT 3 in the future"I thought that, on one hand"Porsche I buy for the first time suddenly GT 3 I do not mind ... I would like to taste the ordinary Porsche"I also thought.

At that time, my wife who was almost uninterested in car saw Boxster"That car is very fashionable,"Please say."If my wife says like that, this is the chance to get a step closer to GT 3!"I thought (laugh), I bought a normal 981 Boxster.

- What did you feel about the interior and the specification?

The body color is white and the hood and interior are red. It is a car that my wife uses everyday, so I do not have any running options like sports chrono. However, I thought when I got on this Boxster for the first time after car delivery.

"Truly a Porsche, the truth is a sports car."

Because it is a 270 horsepower elementary Boxter, it was a lot of fun even though I was usually slow compared to 400 horsepower and 500 horsepower cars that I run on the circuit.The car is light, so the running is light, the engine pulls out and it can be used fully and feel comfortably, steering feeling peculiar to German cars is also wonderfulAfter all, I realized that Porsche is a sports car maker.

1-2: On the appeal of the circuit

-Do you remember the first time you ran the circuit?

Yes, I clearly remember. Being very nervous before running"I am afraid ... I can not run like this absolutely, I came to a place of outright disorder ..."I thought. However, once I ran it, this was so much fun. I thought "I should have known this circuit faster than this!"

- What is fun to that ... What is the charm of the circuit?

also"Being able to demonstrate the performance of that car to the maximum "I think. I usually fly on a highway, but it is different from running on a circuit at a speed close to the limit. The car when I ran the circuit for the first time"BMW M3"However,"Can you turn at such a fast speed!" "M3 was a car with such potential!"I was impressed.
I not only ran through the streets, but I felt that I was able to demonstrate the original ability of the M3 when I came to the circuit. The M3 says "like a wolf like a wolf covered sheep's hide"It is said, it was exactly like that.

- Although it is a circuit image of a circuit running ...

That's right. Just now I have experienced a circuit race,I felt so scared to drive on an ordinary roadIt began. There are many people who have driving techniques from the general public, and in principle, they run while keeping good manners.If you do manners violation by any chance, it will lead to an immediate accident.

Meanwhile, there are various people from beginners freshly licensed to the elderly in the streets, there are bikes and pedestrians as well. Moreover, they are very scared because they make such movements that can not be predicted.As I started running on the circuit, on ordinary roads to be more aware of safe drivingbecame.

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