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About the direction of blog

Today, I would like to write on the continuation of the previous "About this direction of this blog". In July,"I would like to develop this blog into a blog useful for collecting information on all people considering Porsche purchase"I wrote. That's because I am thinking "I wish there was such a blog" myself.(Click here for the article at that time ↓ ↓)

→ [Ref. Article] Porsche came to our house - I thought seriously about the future direction of blogging

After publishing this article"I will grow up as a blog useful for collecting information of all people who consider Porsche purchase"What I thought was that I had expanded the big furoshiki somehow ... after that, I got such comments from readers.

That's exactly it.I want concrete opinion from those who actually ride it difficult to understand the real information of PorscheIt is. Especially because there are too many options, I do not know whether it is really necessary, Delivery time is too long ... It is not quite one stepis. Until now, I am transferring with BMW, Audi and Mercedes, but Porsche is somewhat heavy sill.
However, the other day,I planned to go watch Makan and test drive to Panamera and it is not leaving my head anymoreis! It was easy to drive with a large extent. As it used to ride on the Audi A7, it may be fine in terms of size. From now on I will send out more and more. (Kuni)

Ooooo, it's nice! (゚ ∀ ゚)! !

Porsche owners file

Also, another message from another reader"Please read the recent article on the direction of the blog of the other day and if you do not mind about Panamera that you bought, we will provide information."I got in touch with you. in addition,

I think that this blog is busy, prosperity (circle spreads), people who like Porsche should be increased even by one person ....

Until the message saying ...

Wow ... no longer God ... Thank you ... (T_T)

In response to these messages,"This blog can be made with the people of the Porsche owner nationwide, it would be very nice if it became a blog that could rise together together"I began to think about what was also great again.

... When you talk to your father(My father knows I'm doing a Porsche blog),

"Okay - that's a really good thing, is not Porsche Japan originally going to do that? Would you like to leave it to Porsche Japan (laugh)?"

When. ... No, really it is good to leave it to Porsche Japan (- _ -) so that is not something to shy away from me ...

However,Ichi Porsche fans, there are many things that can be done because it is a wrinkle bloggerI think. I do not need to worry about dealers and companies"I do not like it, I do not like it" "Good / Not good"You can write the subjectivity of. I think that these kind of live voices are the information that readers are requesting, so I think that it would be a blog where these realistic voices gather steadily.

So, sooner "I will provide information from the Porsche owner and post it on blog"Porsche owner's file plan"We are planning to start. From the Porsche owner, give me information such as why you chose that type of car, actual feeling of use, options you were wearing good, fuel economy, edit here if necessary and introduce it to your blog.(Now, preparing for posting the first article while interacting with a certain owner)

Not only Panamera, but also 911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Makan, etc. I wish I could post information about all Porsche.

Dreams spread. From now on, do not trust me, I hope to continue steadily managing the blog.

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