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A few months ago, Panamera Turbo Sports Turismo bought by my brother-in-law. Even in this blog, I have posted comparative testimonies of Panamera and Panamera sports Turismo.

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Today, one of the options on this Panamera Sports Turismo"Ambient light"I will introduce about.

What is ambient light?"It becomes possible to select from the seven colors the light of the front seat, the overhead console, the illumination of the center console, and the light of the front and rear seating illuminated loudspeaker trim"something like.

The option price is 77,000 yen.

My brother-in-law bought Panamera that was already in dealer with a new car, so it seems that this "ambient light" has arrived for a long time. Panamera is a luxury sedan, so many people attach these options.

Let's use ambient light

So, I would like to introduce what it really is like to put this ambient light at night. First, on the touch panel"Vehicle → control → ambient light"When selecting, a screen for setting color and brightness comes out.

Color isSeven colors such as "red, blue, green ..."For the brightness you can choose from"Roof, door, center console, footwell"Can be set for each. Then, as for actually feeling like that, overhead console will be like this.

The atmosphere in the car changes slightly depending on the color. Next, the light of the front seat feet is like this.

It is like this when you shoot the whole picture.

I see…. Well it's more than a function.

This will be a matter of preference, but I prefer a normal light. If I go to a drive dating with men and direct the interior of the car with a light like this at night ... maybe a little bit (- _ -)"Ah ~ that hobby is hurting with this person"I feel like I thought ....

If you pay a little less than 80,000 yen for the option, Porsche Crest Emboss Headrest(Porsche Crest emboss processing to front and rear headrest: 74000 yen)I guess it is more attractive. ...(This ↓ ↓)

Inside the sports of Turismo

For other trunks,Again it is wider and easier to stack than PanameraIt was feeling. Also in this blog comment"Panamera sports Turismo opens the rear gate from the bumper level, so it's easy to put on a heavy large suitcase."He was writing me.

The rear seats are five people.

If you ride by five people, if both sides are adults, middle one is child, will you be able to sit quite relaxedly? The bottom picture is the version on which the child mat is on the back seat.

The optional sunroof is large, and on sunny days it looks pleasant.

Even so, there are lots of options I do not know yet. Personally worrisome options,"Massage function" of the seat.I think that I can not put on when purchasing by themselves, but "How massage quality is actually?" "What kind of feeling is enjoying sporty running while wearing a massage function?" I'd like to have a taste for a moment (Lol)

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  1. Neriten

    I also added it. Ambient light.
    I thought that the child would be delighted and attached it.
    Indeed, it is very popular with a 3 year old child. (I will get bored easily right now ...)

    It is an option not recommended for others.

    Although the talk changes, it is impossible to play all the pieces of music in SD, random?
    It seems that random playback can only be done on an album basis.
    Earlier Panamera's Clarion made it.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      Ambient light ... I am sorry for writing that my hobby does not fit ^ ^;

      Certainly, young children are going to be pleased!
      There is entertainment feeling.

      > Although the story changes, it is impossible to play all the pieces of music in SD, can not it?
      > It seems that random playback can only be done on an album basis.

      That's right! I looked at the Panamera specification manual,
      Details are not written, is not it ... impossible ...

      I will ask my husband again ^ ^