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I am doing an instagram

I am also doing an instagram for a while(I only give pictures of basic Porsche),feed(I guess)When you are watching, a lot of pictures of beautifully taken cars are posted, it is fun, and more than anything, it is a study of photography.

I used to take pictures of cars without thinking about composition at all, but since I started an institution"I want to take it beautifully if I take pictures of my favorite carFeelings came to my eyes and I became conscious a little.

So, today I think that it is a point after I have studied or learned from my husband"Points to shoot beautiful cars beautifully"I would like to introduce.

5 points

I wrote five points that I think is important for taking pictures of my favorite cars.

① Know the landscape that the best car can see

Before shooting"What kind of scenes do your own cars look most beautiful?"I think it is important to think about it. Even in the same Porsche, the scenery that suits is different in Boxster 2 seater open and Panamera in luxury sedan.

However, "What kind of scenery cars will shine" will change depending on personal preference and sense, and also depending on the color of the body colorThere is no such thing as "This is absolutely correct!"I think that it is good to take care of the feeling that I think is good.

For example, in the case of Porsche in our house,

"Boxster with a body color of white and a hood with a red hood looks nice and the natural landscape is going well.The pure white boxer shines more clearly in the deep blue sky, the blue of the sea, the green of the mountain, while the night blue metallic Panamera is only called the night blue The dusk and the slightly darker landscape become, and Panamera is more suited to the urban landscape than nature. "

I have a view.

② Decide the composition (concept)

Just do not shoot somehow"I want to take the contrast of the sea blue and Boxster""I want to take the most beautiful picture of the back of Panamera""I want to take a picture of the logo beautifully"As you say, think about how you want to take a picture of your favorite car.

I think that taking a picture after considering doing so makes it possible to take better pictures of charm of a car of your choice.

③ Hone skills that can be taken beautifully

There is also a technique for shooting as well. ... while saying greatly I am from my husband"Why do you study how to be more cool?""What do you want to take !? (゚ д ゚)"Although it is often said that ... (- _ -) Well I am not a professional photographer, so I think that I should be able to acquire minimum knowledge and skills so that I can shoot as beautifully as it is.

What I am aware of after I have studied or taught me,

① Stop with the tire slightly diagonal
Just stopping the tire straight and just stopping it normally can not deny the feeling of "still image", but when you shoot the steering wheel with the previous tire a little oblique, the feeling of lively motion comes out at once.

On the contrary, in the case of photographs that do not want to produce a feeling of lively motion, I think it is better to stop the tires straight and shoot.

② To shoot with iPhone, shoot with 2x zoom
In the case of "iPhone X" and "iPhone 7/8 Plus", two lenses with different focal lengths of wide angle (1 ×) and telephoto (2 ×) are mounted on the back. I think that taking pictures in wide angle (1x) is usually used, but in that case it is necessary to take a picture in close proximity, so the shape of the car looks distorted due to the perspective effect.(The rear of Boxster seems to rise extremely)

So, on the screen of iPhone's "camera" functionSwitching from the wide angle lens (1x) to the telephoto lens (2x), when shooting with zoom at a distance from the car,You can take a close feeling while watching the car body. Also, it is good that there is no degradation of image quality even if it is set to "2x".

③ Tilt the camera slightly obliquely to shoot
Tilting the camera at an angle obliquely makes the ground oblique, so depth comes out alone and it seems to be very fast (laugh) You can take a picture of a car. Of course, it is good to shoot it straight, but when you say you want to add a little arrangement, I think that it is good to tilt diagonally to shoot.

④ Process photo

In the case of photographs taken with Phone, it is beautiful even in the state of prime"It is better to raise the saturation more" "It is better to add a bit more highlights"I often feel that.

In such a case, I am using Google's photo processing application "Snapseed"use. Even though it is a free application, it can be quite useful just like a photo shop. I like the blur feature,The more obscure the background, the more prominent cars stand out, and even the pictures of a little failed can be taken awry (laugh). By the way, my Insta photo is almost Snapseed.

⑤ I buy a good camera

After all, whatever you do with your iPhone, (lol), the single-lens reflex(A little old)Even if you shoot in, you can not match the Sony digital single-lens camera "α7 III" that her husband has.

→ 【REFERENCES】 Astonishing beauty! My husband bought Sony's digital single lens camera "α 7 III".

Focuses instantly, the speed of continuous shooting quickly gets fast, and tables and chairs that casually took can be taken very beautifully. Also, the degree of blur of the background is amazing. My husband"Even if the arm is somewhat bad, if you have this camera you can shoot so beautifully."It is said (laugh)

Mt. Fuji, which is quite far away, can be photographed with a sense of perspective as if it is in front of me,

There are no strange distortions and you can catch a beloved car ...

If you really want to take a picture, I think that it is better to use a good camera.

Practice, research only

Other thoughts"It is necessary to take lots of things to raise photography skills". Even at work, whatever it is, if you do not do it to some extent, the quality will not improve, and for pictures as well, I think that you first take a picture and take it over.

The picture of the car my husband takes is always beautiful(When I upload a picture taken by my husband to an instructor, it is about twice as much as what I took!) (- _ -))ProbablyMy husband is photographing tens of thousands of car photos so farI guess.

In addition, I think that it is good to look at the institution and study. After all, many pictures with "Like" are very beautiful in picture quality and composition. I also want to refine photography skills a little while from now on.

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