If you buy a Porsche 911, is it Carrera or Carrera S?

Porsche 911 (992 type)
Type 992

Porsche 911 Carrera or Carrera S

Today, I would like to introduce the question I received on my blog before and my husband's response to it.

I'm currently planning to buy 992,I'm worried about Carrera and Carrera S.It is a transfer from Macan gts, and I do not own any other model.
In the blog, the original Carrera is highly evaluated, but could you tell me a little more about the difference between Carrera and Carrera S?

It was that.

This person seems to have made an estimate as a configurator,It costs about 18 million yen for a plain carrera including options, and about 20.5 million for a carrera S.It was that.

Due to my budget, I consulted with my blog to ask my husband, who has experience with various models, for advice.

Besides, 911 is expensive ...! My husband's first Porsche 981 Boxster GTS was a new car and the price including options was less than 10 million yen, but when I heard that,

Eh, 10 million yen for a car! ?? why! ?? too high! !! If you have 10 million yen, you can do many other things!

I thought, but now "Compared to 911, Boxster GTS is quite a bargainI think that. As for the car, my senses were completely paralyzed ...

Is 911 more than enough on Japanese roads?

At the beginning "Carrera or Carrera SAfter asking my husband, I answered the question as follows.

Husband recommends 911

Regarding low-speed torque and ease of handling in the city, I think that a plain carrera is easier to handle. By comparison, the Carrera S may feel like a little breath in the torque pickup in the city.

As for ride comfort, S is smoother than plainI think it's okay.

I don't think these things are a big mistake, as various Porsche riders say the same thing.

As for speed, it's enough on Japanese roads.Acceleration when leaving the tollhouse on the highway and merging is also unquestionably fast. For the feeling of power in the high rev range,The difference between the element and S is difficult to understand unless you compare it with the acceleration force above 180km / h.I think that S has more power, but there are almost no scenes where it can be demonstrated on public roads in Japan.

Also, regarding circuit driving, when I ran the Fuji Speedway with a plain 992 (cabriolet) last year, it was faster than enough, and the acceleration in a straight line was also amazing. The way the engine turns is so powerful that you can't think of it as a turbo engine.If you step on the accelerator deeply with Sports Plus, you will try to reach 8000 rpm, exceeding 7400 rpm in the red zone at once so that you can play it.

Porsche 911 (992)

I also drove a 992 Carrera 4S on the circuit,It's certainly faster, but I didn't feel that overwhelming difference.To be honest. To put it bluntly, I couldn't feel the difference in price of about 3 million yen.

I tried running on various roads with a plain 992 and I said "If you run in Japan, you can be more than satisfiedI feel. So, if you're wondering about buying Carrera or Carrera S, rather than thinking about the difference in power."S if you value ride quality" and "elementary if you value ease of handling in the city"It may be better to think like that.

If you still want to emphasize "power, speed, and hierarchy",One of the options is to wait until GTS comes out.I think that. Regarding resale, looking at the successive 911, GTS is likely to be higher.

It was that.

The person who asked this question said that the dealer immediately made a test drive reservation for the original 911, so I would like to ask you how you felt and your impressions.

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  1. Tomozo

    Thank you always for the fun articles.
    When I tried the base grade, I felt it was a little too hard for me.

    I was accustomed to the ride quality of Carrera s, and the test drive was about 1000 km and the suspension was not familiar.
    There may be, but it was an impression that I picked up small irregularities on the road surface in detail.
    I forgot to see the brand of the tire,
    As your husband says, it depends on what kind of ride quality you want.

    The story goes awry, but the 981 GTS Boxster has a great ride!
    The tires are new to P-Zero, but they are completely different from the old-fashioned P-Zero!

    I also wore Michelin 4s in 991, but I have the impression that P Zero is just as good.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much!

      > When I tried the base grade, I felt it was a little too hard for me.
      It's pretty hard, isn't it ...!
      We couples like to be firm, but the 992, which has just been delivered, is still
      I thought, "It's insanely hard, this is a little too hard."

      As I got on it, it became smoother, and now I think it's getting a lot more mellow.

      The latest tires, P Zero, are so good!
      Tires are also evolving day by day!

  2. Tak Kite

    As I commented before, I am ordering 992 elements of Carrera. The reason for this is simple: the power of S is completely unnecessary on public roads in Japan, and the price is too high. If I can afford the S, I think I'll buy a cabriolet before that (I ended up with a coupe, but instead? I added a glass sunroof!). How is the ride quality? I think the standard 19/20 wheel base is more comfortable than the 20/21 S. It is the first Porsche in my life, but in fact I ordered 992 without ever testing it. Believe in the perfection of 992. And since the number of infected people has subsided a little, I finally went to the PC yesterday and took a test drive of the original Carrera. I only drove around town for a short time and I think it was comfortable. I asked my wife to drive and said that I was able to drive too normally and I was not scared at all. Actually, sports cars are dangerous and you can't drive! It's a big step forward (it's important for your family to understand). I am looking forward to the delivery of the original Carrera in half a year.

    • MinaMina

      Tak Kite
      Thank you!

      Certainly, S is really expensive ...
      It costs more than 20 million yen with options ... I thought it was terrible.

      The coupe and sunroof are really nice! !!

      > I asked my wife to drive and said that I was able to drive too normally and I was not scared at all.
      Oh, that's right! !!
      Until I drove Porsche, I stubbornly refused, "I can't drive a sports car."
      Once I tried driving, I was surprised that I could drive as I wanted and I could drive with confidence.

      I'm looking forward to delivery!
      By that time, I hope Corona is more calm and ready to go for a drive.

      I would be grateful if you could tell me your impressions when the car is delivered ^^