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First clubhouse

The other day,First time a couple opens a room in a clubhouseThen, I talked for about 30 minutes. "Clubhouse, I know it looks fun, butIt doesn't start even if I see the situation, so let's do it tonight anyway!Despite the fact that the couple thought about it and announced it in a hurry, about 30 to 40 people watched it.

Thank you so much.

This is the first time, so

・ Self-introduction of our couple
・ Background of launching this blog
・ Is it really a personal blog, the background of the blog, etc.
・ The reason why we were fascinated by Porsche
・ The 992 Turbo S that my husband recently took a test drive

I talked about such things.

Of course, it's the first time for two couples to talk to someone. If you talk with each other's account in the same room, you will hear a voice overEven though I was in the same house, I was talking with the door closed in different roomsIt was surreal w

At first, try using honorifics strangelyWhat should we call each other in such a case ...I was surprised, but I wondered if it was the fun of the clubhouse that people could enjoy it including that kind of atmosphere.

Unlike speaking in public, you do not know the reaction of the listener, so it is difficult to change the topic and the way you bring the story according to the situation, but feel free to feel like a radio. I wonder if I should talk.

However, from those who listened,"I wanted to hear more!" "I'm looking forward to the next time!"I was a little relieved to hear that.

I didn't talk much about cars at the first time, but I would like to talk more about the topic of cars in the future. Also, sometimes it will be interesting to deliver while riding in my car such as GT3 or 911, I would like to talk about popular "life theory" and "success philosophy" in this blog, and it is fun to collaborate with someone. I wonder.

In addition, we plan to distribute it frequently, so if you have a Clubhouse account, we would be grateful if you could follow us.

@ Mina-porsche (Mina Porsche came to my house)
@Boxster_gts (Hiro Porsche came to my house)

In addition, we will announce the future room schedule on twitter, so please follow us on twitter if you like.

Follow this blog if you like!

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