How good is the winter tire? I tried running on a snowy road and a winter highway in Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid
Cayenne E-Hybrid

Cayenne with winter tires

The other day,Cayenne E-Hybrid changed to winter tires.In order to confirm the running, I would like to report because the weather forecast in the north was "snow", I tried going north in Cayenne, and my husband tried it in Ashi on the day when it snowed.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Ride quality and running of winter tires

The wheels of my Cayenne summer tires are 20 inches,Winter tire wheels are 19 inchesI have to.
The tires are Michelin pilot Alpine 5 SUVs.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid Wheel

Perhaps because of the 19-inch, the start feels very light. Cayenne with summer tires also has a lightness that does not make you feel the weight of the motor and battery, but more than thatImpression that you are in a smaller and lighter carIt is.

Still, the ride is smooth and very good. If it's a studless tire, I think it's more rugged, but the winter tires that can handle dry and wet tires are different.

No different from the ride quality of summer tiresI felt like.


After allRiding taste changes depending on the inch of the tireI don't know. I don't think I'm riding with my family, but it's like riding aloneSporty like riding a MacanI feel like.
It feels lighter while maintaining the smoothness.
In terms of tires, in the city at all,The feeling is the same as the summer tires.Before, when I was riding an Audi A3 and switched to studless tires, I heard a go-go noise and the ride quality became messy, but winter tires are not at all.
It ’s chewy,Even if I attack the curve of Ashi a little, it doesn't dent at all.This feeling is very fresh for Japanese users who are accustomed to studless tires. Rather, on the road surface in winter, which is close to 0 ° C, there is a feeling of gripping more firmly than summer tires, and it is more secure in winter winding.

He said.

Personally, usuallyOn a cold winter morning, when you turn the steering wheel at low speed, the tires rattleIt's natural, and I'm not used to this feeling yet, soAs soon as I changed to winter tires, it bent without a rattling noise.I was most impressed (laughs)

After all summer tires are quite hard when the temperature is low. Well, cold summer tires should be dangerous.

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

Highway with winter tires

Next, when I ran on the highway,Road noise was slightly louder than when wearing summer tiresI felt like. The usual Cayenne is very quiet on the highway, and I don't care about road noise or wind noise at all, so I was a little more concerned than that.

However, there is nothing unpleasant or you can't talk without raising your voice."Comfortable" levelI think that. I don't know if the speed of the driving lane is low, but if you get on the flow of the overtaking lane, I think that the road noise is about 10% larger than that of summer tires.

Also, regarding handlingTo be honest, I don't really understand the difference from when the summer tires are installed.It was about. When I changed lanes or turned a curve, it was very comfortable as usual, and when I tried changing lanes in the middle of the curve, I didn't feel any squeaky feeling and I was able to drive as I expected.

Regarding running on the highway, my husband

European winter tiresQuite "running" tiresI think. The difference between studless tires and mud. Perhaps few people will notice that this is a winter tire if they ride it without knowing it.
High-speed stability is perfect. The straight-line stability does not change at all, and even in high-speed corners where R is a little tight, I do not feel a feeling of crunching at all. Well, I don't think winter autobahns can run without such solid tires.
The difference from summer tires isThe road noise when speeding up considerably is a little largeI see.

He said.

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