How good is the winter tire? I tried running on a snowy road and a winter highway in Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid
Cayenne E-Hybrid

Try with the snow-covered Ashi

After that, when I saw the information that Ashi had snow, my husband immediately went on a snowy road in Cayenne.

The temperature is around -3.5 ° C to -4 ° C. The snow itself wasn't so piled up, but the road surface was compacted,The groundwork is a little ice burnIt seems that it was. Husband

For the time being, I ran normally, but I didn't feel like I was slipping at all.If you step on the accelerator quite exaggeratedly, it will slip and the traction control will work.However, nothing happened at the level of accelerator work that came out a little earlier than waiting for the signal.
After all, vertical traction seems to be a tire that takes quite a lot.

He said.

Since it was a special reed, when I tried to bend the curve without hesitation, it seems that there was almost no feeling of understeer or oversteer.

If you say zero, I think there is a slight gap, but as a driver, I didn't think I was "sliding." Even if you turn the curve of Ashi at a slightly high pace for a snowy road, you can grip and run without problems.I thought it was a tire that was quite strong in the lateral direction.

It was that.

After that, I dared to select a road surface that seems to freeze as much as possible and tried various things, but when compared with domestic studless tires, the ABS intervention of the brake was certainly a little earlier.Traction performance on ice roads dropsI heard that I thought.

It's not half the performance, but 20-30% is inferior.

However, he said that his impression of acceleration and slipperiness on curves does not seem to be so different from domestic studless tires.

If you feel like you're stepping on the brakes on the descent with normal pedaling force, you'll try to stop firmly, so there's nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you step on it a little tightly, it will swing slightly from side to side, but it's a level that I think any tire will be like this on snow.

Then, when you step on it at the level of sudden braking, ABS works strongly and vibration occurs, and in the end, it seems that the braking distance becomes longer.


My husband, who ran on a snowy road in Cayenne with winter tires, said like this.

As a general rule, I think it is better to stop using winter tires such as mirror burns that are frozen in Hokkaido etc. for safety reasons.If you live in Kansai or an urban area, you can use it enough if you go to a nearby ski resort.I think.

Especially on snowy roads, it's perfect, and I can assure you that the stability on the highway, straight-line stability, and cornering on the winding road are absolutely satisfactory.

Winter tires are highly recommended for environments where most of the roads that run in winter are snow removal roads, dry roads, rainy or sleet roads, and occasionally snowy roads.

Winter tires




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