How good is the winter tire? I tried running on a snowy road and a winter highway in Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid
Cayenne E-Hybrid

I went north in Cayenne, but there was no snow ...

On this day, I went north to north in search of snow, but contrary to the forecast, the temperature was high and warm.Snow is piled up around here every yearThere is no snow at all.

I'm a super rain woman Arashi woman, so when I want it to clear, it snows, but on the contrary, it only clears when I want it to snow ... lol

After that, I ran the car and suddenly snow appeared from around the mountains of Haga in Hyogo prefecture.

However, the temperature was not so cold at a few degrees, and the snow on the road had already been removed, so the result was that I just ran on a wet road ... (-_-)

However, if it was a studless tire, the wet road surface might have been scary, but since it was a winter tire, it was all right.

And on the way, there is a slope where snow remains only about 20 to 30 meters.(Why was only part left?)When I dared to go back and forth there, there was no problem with running slowly,When I stepped on the brake hard, I slipped a little and the ABS was activated.

The husband who was driving

I don't think this road surface is frozen on a snowy road. There is no problem with how vertical traction is applied here. Cayenne's 4WD may be excellent, but it goes up without slipping even on a fairly steep slope. I think the ability to scratch the snow is quite high. Regarding the descent, I think that Cayenne's weight is also heavy, but if you step on the brakes strongly, ABS will work. Of course, I don't think there is any problem if the brake pedal force feels like stepping on in normal driving.

He said.

after that,I also went to the Tokura Pass on the prefectural border with Tottori Prefecture.However, although there was a lot of snow on the side of the road, the snow on the road had already been removed, so it was not possible to confirm the performance of the winter tires.

However, since a large amount of water for melting snow is sprinkled, it was ideal for checking the grip and drainage in low temperature wet conditions. In Kansai and other places, there are more situations like this than in a full-fledged ice barn.

Drainage, grip, and braking effectiveness are no different from summer tires. There was quite a lot of water on the entire road surface, but there was plenty of drainage capacity, and I think this area is a point that is very different from studless tires.

However, the children were very excited to see the heavy snow that they saw for the first time, and it seemed that they enjoyed playing with the snow for a while in the cold. Well, I'm glad it was a good memory.

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