Driving position of Porsche 911 (992 type) | How does it compare with 991 and 981?

Porsche 911 (992)
Type 992

Driving position of Porsche 911

The other day, my husband who came back on a 911 Cabriolet (Type 992) started talking about this.

The ride quality of the 992 is hard but smooth.Certainly there are scenes where the unevenness of the road surface is picked up,However, the ride quality has improved considerably compared to immediately after delivery.
after992 is very easy to take a driving positionWow. It may be the easiest to take a driving position among the Porsche I have ever rode. Well, this varies from person to person.


Porsche 911 (992)

"I wonder ... I hadn't really been aware of that," said her husband.

The 992 has a low seating position, so you can sit and drive with your legs stretched out.I think the seating position is lower than the 991 GT3.Also, the ceiling is high so I don't feel oppressive.
Even though I can relax and drive, it comes just right.
On the other hand,Even if you set the seat position to the "running mode" when running on a mountain pass, it will come very nicely.
I think Porsche is a car that is easy to take a driving position, but 992 has a wider adjustment range than 991 and has good visibility. By the way, 981 Boxster has a little less adjustment range than 911 series.


Certainly, when riding the 981 Boxster, in my case it takes quite a while to adjust the seat position to fit.

Porsche Boxster

"But that'sIsn't it because it is necessary to consider that the 981 and 991 GT3 are MT and it is easy to step on the clutch?My husband said,

No, the clutch has nothing to do with it. Especially in the case of 981, the adjustment range of the backrest from the 2-seater is narrow, the handle becomes cramped when the top and bottom of the seat are adjusted, the height of the handle is slightly awkward, and when the handle is adjusted, the foot becomes It's far away.
Also, I'm worried that the seating position is slightly high. ..
Well, I'll adjust it until I'm satisfied, but when I think about it, the 992 will come right away.

When. Is that so? Well, I have short legs, and no matter what I ride, I have to put the seat in front of me ... w

By the way,The seat structure, seat position, and dashboard height are slightly different between 991 and 992.So, my husband showed me Porsche's material showing the difference in seat position etc. between 991 and 992.

The new 911 Carrera Technology Workshop has a lot of information about 992. There was such a material in one of them.

Certainly, if you look at this material,Compared to 991, 992 has a ceiling 12 mm higher and a seating position 5 mm lower.It has become.

... I mean, where do you find this kind of material?

Try riding the Porsche 992 again

After that, I had the opportunity to ride the 992 for the first time this year, and when I was aware of the seat position,Certainly it is easy to set the seat position,I felt like I was able to leave without spending time adjusting the seats.

In my case, 992 is not MT, so "Can you step on the clutch all the way?"Does my knee hit the steering wheel when the clutch is disengaged?I think it's also important that you don't have to worry about the part like ".

Porsche 911 (992)

I'm a little less than 160 cm tall, but if you're a man close to 180 cm or taller in Europe and the United States, the 992 with a low seating surface and high ceiling may be easier to take a seat position.

I think that if the seat position is comfortable, you will not get tired and you can drive safely and quickly, so I thought again that the latest Porsche has been improved.

No, the car is really deep.

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