Conversation between Porsche owner couple. Life is made to Pramai Zero.

Porsche 911 (992 type)
Living with Porsche

Talk to the Porsche owner

The other day, the children went to bed early at night, so I was able to talk a little with my husband.

When a child is small, the rhythm of life is mostly child-centered, so it is difficult for a couple to take time to talk alone. ButIt's important to be conscious of trying to have this kind of time so that each other does not overdo it.I think recently.

And while talking about the recent situation and future goals, my husband

Somehow, life ends up being "Pramai ZeroI think it has become.

He said.

When talking to car lovers, "I own a lot of sports cars like Porsche and it's amazingEven those who can see it from the outside are having various difficulties in the shadow.
Some people say that they are successful now, but they used to have a very difficult experience.
Everyone's lawn looks blue and "That person is nice, it's amazingIt can be enviable, but there are some aspects that others can see, and I think that the more successful people are, the more difficult they have.
Also, even if I have money, there are cases where I have family problems or health problems.


Certainly ... Someone used to say "Life is plus or minus zero, so it's okay if it's even a little positive when you dieLike I was saying, I didn't say ...(Which one w)I thought while listening to my husband's story.

Actually, my husband is usually humble, so "People who are getting results without difficultyI feel that it is often seen as such.

Just my husband says

In my case, I couldn't study at all until I graduated from high school, my grades were always poor, and I couldn't attend any university when I was active. Actually, I don't have much memory before I was 18 years old, but I did it when I was a student who didn't have that much memory or impression.
Also, in my twenties, I was a salaryman at a good company, but my parents' business didn't go well and I used my salary to cover my working capital. So I didn't always have money.
In my early thirties, I started a business, but for the first four to five years I didn't make a noise and didn't fly, my annual income was considerably lower than that of people of the same age, and I was allowed to rent a corner of my senior president's office for free. There was also a time.
Thanks to you, my work is going well now, but looking back, I think that the period when it didn't go well was quite long.


Until I got married,I wonder if my husband has lived without any inconvenienceI remember being a little surprised to learn that I had actually overcome many things.

Thank you for riding Porsche now

I"All human beings are horsesI like the word. The saying goes that happiness and unhappiness in life are unpredictable, and happiness usually turns into unhappiness, and unhappiness turns into happiness, so you shouldn't be happy or sad easily.

I'd say it myself, but I think my twenties had a lot of trouble. I failed in job hunting, my personal life did not go well, and even if I started a business, sales did not rise as expected and only debt increased.

"Why doesn't I work so well? Why does God give me all the trials?"

There was a time when I was about to desperate.

At that time, I wasn't happy with the happiness of my friends around me, and I hated my subservient condition, but when I struggled desperately, the situation didn't improve and it was very painful.

Well, when I objectively look back on my actions and ideas at that time, "Well, that's the way it works.It's clear that I was too desperate to make the right decision, but on the contrary, "I'm glad it didn't work at that timeI think now.

Rather than saying, "Thanks to those days, I have now."I'm glad it didn't work at that time ...I think from the bottom of my heart (laughs)

If all went well, I'm sure it would have been difficult by spreading my hands too much, and I felt that I had run to work without looking after my family and my relationship with my family had collapsed.

And definitelyI never launched this Porsche blog, I never touched the new world opened through Porsche.

Porsche 911 (992)

In my current situation, childcare can be difficult and sometimes impossible, butI have a good balance within myselfI feel like it.

While having a connection with society through work, while expanding the world with blogs, I can spend a lot of time with children, there is no fixed routine, and a flexible environment where I can change freely according to changes There is.

Well, this way of life is possible because my husband is working hard to earn money and telling me that I should be free, so I think I'm really grateful for everything.

No one knows what will happen in the future, and maybe I can not say that I will not be able to ride Porsche, but I'm sure that, when I look back on it later, "I'm glad that wasIt will be an event that seems to be.

Instead of envious of people's lives, I think I should continue to live my life and aim to be a little positive when I die.

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  1. Koba

    I also have the idea of Pramai Zero.
    It's been hard in the past, so it's very difficult to act with it as a spring and work hard to make it work, and from the perspective of the world, supercar and luxury car owners are not seen very well, Everyone must be struggling with tremendous efforts out of sight. I think that the fruit of such efforts is reflected in cars and other luxury items.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      Sure, supercar and luxury car owners don't look very good,
      You can't get it without effort,
      I wonder if there are extraordinary hardships behind that.
      That's why I wondered what kind of emotions I had when I got it ...

      I will do my best too! Thank you for your continued support!

  2. Taketake

    I always take a closer look at the test drive notes and photos.

    It's a nice article.
    It was an opportunity to look back at myself.

    Thank you very much.
    I will continue to support you.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always taking a closer look at the blog (laughs)!
      I am very happy.
      Continue to thank you!

  3. Octopus

    Nice to meet you. I have been reading it for a while.
    I started with the story "How can I buy a Porsche?", And that triggered me to buy a second-hand Cayman while being an ordinary ordinary person. It may be small, but the dream is to get to the air-cooled Porsche.

    Some people are jealous of others or pull their legs. It makes me think that I should make an effort before looking at others.
    Without forgetting my gratitude, I decided to make a life that I did rather than a life that I didn't do. Thank you for your good story.

    • MinaMina

      From among the many car blogs, please arrive at this blog,
      Thank you very much!

      > I bought a used Cayman. It may be small, but the dream is to get to the air-cooled Porsche.
      Cayman, you bought it!
      it's great! !! Congratulations! Cayman looks fun in any situation!
      The person who grabs something is trying hard in the shadow.
      I also want to do my best and be able to buy my own Porsche!
      Continue to thank you.

  4. Fuga

    > In my case, I couldn't study at all until I graduated from high school, my grades were always poor, and I couldn't attend any university when I was active. Actually, I don't have much memory before I was 18 years old, but I did it when I was a student who didn't have that much memory or impression.

    After all suspicion of a solitary genius ...

    Speaking of which, Porsche's grandson VW Ferdinand Piëch was also an excellent engineer, but the school failed.

    I think that the reason why supercars buy swords is that Japanese people hate to get paid for their efforts and demonstrating their abilities.
    It may be that listening to the authority, buying a car with no sex appeal, obedience to the world and authority is evaluated, and manifestation of intention and aesthetic sense are denied.

    I think that Porsche machines have the aesthetic sense and self-assertion of Porsche machines, but it seems that popular cars are simply cheap and reasonably designed, and there is no aesthetics or self-assertion anywhere. I feel like

    This story seems to be related to the relationship between cars and women's tastes (laughs)

    • MinaMina


      > After all, the suspicion of a solitary genius ...
      No, that's ... (laughs)
      I'm a person who usually laughs at the Nakagawake and Sandwichman stories on YouTube (laughs)
      However, I think I have a lot of creativity by my side.

      In Japan, there are many things that are unique to Japan, or something like a tacit understanding.
      That being said, I want to make decisions with my own thoughts.

      > This story seems to be related to the relationship between cars and women's tastes (laughs)
      surely…! Lol

  5. hiro3008

    Actually, I don't have much memory around 18 years old. Maybe I was spending a lot of time. However, during the Ronin, I changed my mind and concentrated on studying, so I don't have many fun memories, but I remember it firmly. After that, I was able to study as much as I could (?), And I managed to get a job even during the Employment Ice Age, so I think I learned to concentrate on one thing for a certain period of time.
    I felt that saying "Puramai Zero" was quite relevant. If you can think that way, you can always think that "now is the most fun!" I haven't got Porsche yet, so it may take a little more effort (hardship?), But every day Porsche is a concrete goal ... This is also quite interesting.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your comment!
      After seeing the comments, everyone has overcome various things in their lives and now they have something to do.
      I thought again.

      > Every day Porsche is a concrete goal ... This is also quite interesting.
      Porsche is also my goal, but there are still many things to do before that,
      It's quite difficult ^^; (I think it's not difficult at all if you ask my husband)

      Enjoy your days and continue to do your best!
      Continue to thank you.

  6. Pole


    I thought he was wise, but I cried a little when I read this article.

    You were the one who wrote articles like this.

    "Human everything is a horse"

    To my daughter who went to Tokyo but couldn't get any results and was depressed and came back to the countryside of Hyogo and was withdrawn

    Ever since I was asked, "Have you ever failed in your life?", I often talk to her daughter.

    "Failure does not always remain a failure."
    "Because of the failure, there is also success."

    "If we take the present, the mistakes of the past are ultimately necessary to reach the present.
    That is also true. " (Although the current situation of my daughter is by no means correct)

    It seems that my home looks like a wealthy family from the perspective of my neighbors in the country.
    The inside is invisible to others.

    I will continue to enjoy reading including past articles.

    I'm really glad I met this blog.
    I often sympathize with it too much.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your continued comment!
      There are many things in life ...

      I think my daughter is also very painful now,
      The fact that there are parents who can talk about various things, including painful things,
      I thought it was a wonderful thing.

      There are many parts that I still feel uncomfortable,
      I want to grow more humanly every day, but
      I would like to walk while changing the shape flexibly like water without being impatient.

      Continue to thank you!

  7. Buzzer beater!

    "Puramai Zero" is a very good idea.
    I myself have stronger negative thoughts, so I tend to have stronger regrets in the past.
    The feelings of regret and failure in the past have made me more motivated to do my best now.

    People who are riding in supercars and sports cars, including Porsche,
    I think that it is the result of working hard every day with the feeling of "Puramai Zero".
    I also want to get closer to that.

    • MinaMina

      Buzzer beater! San
      Thank you very much!
      Recently I think that there is nothing wasted in life.

      > For those who are riding Porsche, supercars, sports cars,
      I think it's the result of working hard every day with the feeling of "Puramai Zero".
      That's true, I'll do my best to grasp it myself!
      Continue to thank you.

  8. su-se

    Nice to meet you. I am always looking forward to seeing the updates on my blog.
    Including this content, there are many things that I really sympathize with.
    Although he is a young man who has just reached 40, he started his own business after 30 and continues to this day.
    From the perspective of others, it may seem like a blessed life, but there were so many things, including work and private life. However, even if I broke down over and over again, I crawl on my head and think that I can't be on par with people unless I work harder than twice as many people, so I've been walking. I believe that the accumulation will now create the future (though I think the ups and downs are great (sweat)). I think I would be happy if I could end my life with Pramai Zero or Choi Plus.
    I was probably inspired by the manager's blog, and this time I decided to transfer to the Cayenne Coupe (hybrid) and I am waiting for delivery.
    Thank you very much for meeting this blog.
    We would appreciate it if you could update the blog within a reasonable range.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you!
      It's been about 10 years since you started your business, isn't it?
      I realize that starting a company, keeping it alive, and growing it is not an ordinary thing.

      You bought the Cayenne Coupe!
      Congratulations! It's insanely cool!

      It is encouraging to manage the blog to receive happy comments every day!
      Thank you in the future.

  9. Take


    This blog has a lot of sympathies and I thought it was very good.
    I think it's very nice to be thankful to my husband.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      After all, thanks to my husband, I am now free to do anything, but
      When I'm fluttering in my daily life, I just forget about it.
      By writing a blog, I can recall that this is not a matter of course ^^;

  10. Hiropon ☆ ☆

    It's Maid~ (^.^)

    Since I started riding Narrow Porsche at the age of 23, there are definitely many positives (laugh)

    Well, there were many things.

    In narrow, I stopped on the street, half crying, pushing to Gastan alone (crying)

    At 930, the pillar of fire goes up about 1 meter. Both the car and I were safe (explosion)

    I made a lot of memories with the people I met through Porsche.

    If Porsche is there, it's a trivial thing to be negative (^^;

    Porsche is a happy blue bird (laugh) (laugh)

    • MinaMina

      Hiropon ☆ ☆
      Thank you very much.
      You've been riding a Porsche since you were 23 ...!
      And I haven't experienced anything ... amazing.

      > Porsche is a happy blue bird (laughs) (laughs)
      Certainly, I think so (laughs)!