Has the new Porsche 911 (992 type) been turned into a passenger car? Porsche riding husband's view

Porsche 911 (992)
Type 992

About Porsche 911 (992 type)

When the test drive of the current 911 (992 type) began, "The 992 type is easy to ride and has become like a passenger car"992 is not interestingI saw some not-so-good reviews.

Is that so?

When the couple first tried the 992, the test drive was the 911 Carrera 4S, but it was certainly easy to ride, comfortable to ride, and very easy to drive. Because it ’s too honor student,Passenger car-like, not interestingI think it may be said.

It's been four months since the 992 type 911 Cabriolet came to my house in September 2020. Did the 992 really become just a passenger car ... I want to write what I think.

Porsche 911 (992)

Porsche riding husband's view

As I wrote repeatedly in this blog, the performance of 992 is extremely high. And in conclusion,I think the 992 is definitely an ultra-high performance sports car.

The ease of riding is certainly outstanding just by a test drive in a busy city area, but once you drive on a mountain pass or highway, you will be amazed at its performance.

Husband often

It's not the nutrient material for Milk Boy's conflakes,The 992 has a well-balanced pentagon, and the size of the pentagon is quite large.I think.
On the other hand, GT3 has a certain item that stands out and its characteristics are easy to understand.
992 has a good balance of all items, so "A car that is so well made that its characteristics are difficult to understandIt may be that

Say something like that. surely….

If you compare it with a five-grade evaluation when you were a student, 981 has a grade of "music" and "art" of "5", but "math" has a grade of "3", and 991GT3 has a grade of "physical education" and "physics" of "5". However, "Kokugo" is "2", but 992 seems to have a grade of "4" or "5" in all of "Kokugo", "World history / Japanese history", "Physical education", etc.(I don't understand the analogy)

Also, according to my husband who has run winding and circuits at 992 so far,

The 992 is an ultra-high performance sports car, a versatile carOr. I think that the situation is exactly the opposite of everyday use and circuit, but it works great in both cases.
Of all the Porsche I've been riding, it's the car with the widest tolerance.I even want to leave 992 if I leave oneAbout.

It is said.

It has abundant low-speed torque even in the city and is easy to drive, and you can hear the engine sound firmly even at low revs. So it's fun even in the city.
And if you bring it to winding, "What an accurate handling"I roll my tongue. When you taste the control of this wonderful PDK,Do you need MT?It's so entertaining that it makes me think.
Furthermore, the circuit has high potential and is easy to handle. "What is this?"Focus on car operation with stability, drivability, and depth of pocketit can.
Even though it is a battle between amateurs, you can usually chase GT3 in the corner, and you can run in a surprising time. Moreover,Even though my 911 is a cabriolet,.

Certainly, I don't think there are many cars that are fun to drive in any situation like this.

Continuing her husband,

"992 is not interestingThere are people who say, but I really don't understand why I say that.
Of course, there may be problems with taste, and some people may judge by just a little test drive in the city, but when I own it and ride it in various situations including the circuit, it is really good and wonderful. You can understand that it is a car.
If it ’s so amazing,The old 911 is not at this level,I think.
By the way, Masataka Matsutoya of Car Graphic TV also praised 992 Carrera before. "I looked only at the information in advance and prepared negative comments before the test drive, but when I actually got on it, I was in trouble with a really good carI said like that (laughs)
I think GT3 is going to be a big deal because it's so amazing.

I was talking.

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  1. frogman993

    > I always think that the goal of development is not the rival car, but the old 911. Some air-cooled Porsche owners say, "Since water cooling, modern Porsche is not Porsche", so I think that there is a desire to make 911 that those people recognize.

    Nice to meet you. I am always happy to see you.
    It's been 8 years since I started playing with 6MT in the first half of 993.
    Seeing the 911 becoming more and more comfortable, I was one of the air-cooled riders who stopped going to the dealer for some time, but after seeing my husband's impression, I wanted to ride the 992. Both the meter design and the body panel are air-cooled, and I feel that it is rude to the developers to decide before riding.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      > 993 It's been 8 years since I started playing with 6MT in the previous term.
      Oh, that's right! It looks really fun ...!
      I imagine that if you own it for 8 years, the taste will surely be deeper.

      992, please try it once.
      My husband said, "Of course, air cooling has the goodness of air cooling.
      Older mobile phones have a taste and are easy to use, but the performance of the latest iPhone seems to be insane.
      If you are interested in the latest technology, I think it will be a lot of fun. "
      is what they said!

  2. K

    Nice to meet you. We are always looking forward to seeing the updates.
    I am particularly interested in 992, so I am grateful for the useful information.
    I'm sorry that it has nothing to do with this article, but let me ask you a question.
    How about the influence of 992 stepping stones? How do you feel?
    Also, I saw an article that GT3 is a protection film, but is it also installed on the 992 Carrera Cabriolet?
    If you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.
    Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you, always look at the blog Thank you.

      How about the influence of> 992 stepping stones? How do you feel?
      When I asked my husband about the stepping stones of 992,
      "At the moment, there are no stepping stones. The 992 is not a car I bought with the intention of riding it for the rest of my life.
      I was wondering if I would let go of it someday, so I don't have a protection film. "
      It said.
      (I heard that I bought the GT3 because I was prepared for it for the rest of my life, so I put on the film.)
      Excuse me, is it okay to reply like this ...

  3. K

    Thank you for your reply.
    It seems that stepping stones do not stick much.
    The film seemed like a car, and I was convinced.
    I am looking forward to updating my blog in the future!

  4. Bio

    I've been enjoying reading it since the other day, but if possible, can I set it to return to the blog list page that was at that time instead of returning to the latest blog list when returning to the past blog?

    I'd like to read a lot of past articles that are fun and I don't know about this website, but I'm having trouble reading them because I get back to the latest list every time.

    It's a fun blog, so I hope you can make it easier to read past blogs.

    Also, although it is a little far from reading this article, I once wanted to go to Ashi.
    I used to go to the mountains again a long time ago to ride MTB.
    I look forward to seeing you.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for reading our blog.
      And thank you very much for reading the past articles!

      > If possible, when returning to the past blog, can I set it to return to the blog list page that was at that time without returning to the latest blog list?
      Sorry for the confusion ...!
      If you press the home button or the title "Porsche came to my house", it will return to the latest list, so
      If you are using a computer, press the back button "←" displayed at the top of the computer screen, or
      If you are using a smartphone, you can return to the previous list by pressing the "<" displayed at the bottom of the screen, so may you try it once?
      (Well, when you open a blog article, if you select "Open in new tab", you can read various articles while keeping the previous list screen.)

      Ashi, if you have a chance, please come visit us ^^
      On Sunday morning, my husband goes if the weather is nice, and it seems that a lot of sports cars are gathering every week.
      Thank you for your continued support!

  5. Bio

    Thank you for your reply.

    Is it just my environment?
    In any case of firefox.edge.Crome, even if you jump to the first 37 pages of the new blog list, see the article, and then press "Back ←", you will be returned to the "1" page of the new blog list. ..

    For the time being, I will look at "Open the link in a new tab".

    Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Excuse me ... why ...
      We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for reading the past articles even in such a situation!
      Continue to thank you.

  6. Tak Kite

    Nice to meet you. I've been researching 911 for about two months and came to this blog to order the first Porsche 992 Carrera at Aventurine Green Metallic. I'm waiting for the production quota to be decided, but it's going to be May. How to choose options was also very helpful. I am studying a lot! I look forward to working with you.

    • MinaMina

      Tak Kite
      Nice to meet you, thank you for your comment!

      > I ordered 992 Carrera, which will be my first Porsche, at Aventurine Green Metallic.
      Oh, that's right! !! Congratulations! !! !!
      I can't wait to see you from now on!
      I'm glad that this blog was useful even a little.
      Thank you for your continued support ^^

  7. Sea urchin

    Nice to meet you, when I was worried about the specification of the 992 Cabriolet 4S, I saw this blog for reference, no, I imitated it.
    It will be delivered next week, but thanks to the exterior color being Aventurine Green Metallic and the interior color being two-tone leather and black mojave beige, my wife immediately gave me permission to purchase it (laughs) Thank you very much.

    Also, when I was riding the 981 Boxster GTS, I think I took lessons in a group with my husband at PDE in 2016 and 2017. Maybe. .. ..
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to blogging in the future!

    • MinaMina

      Sea urchin
      Oh, that's right! !! !!
      congratulations! ! !

      It's an Aventurine Green companion ^^! !!
      With a calm 911, I think it's chic and you won't get bored.

      To my husband
      "The 911 Cabriolet 4S is so great !!! I want it too!"
      I was jealous of him (laughs)

      > Also, when I was riding the 981 Boxster GTS, I think I took lessons in a group with my husband at PDE in 2016 and 2017.
      That's right! There are many things in common,
      If you can meet me somewhere again, thank you in that case ^ ^

  8. Fuga


    It seems that there was such a commercial

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      Thank you for telling me.

      That's right ...! Challenge yourself ... It's not easy to surpass yourself in the past,
      I thought it was cool again.
      Thank you!

  9. Fuga

    I think Porsche's philosophy is roughly like this because most problem-solving in engineering is not comparison with others but substantive problem-solving.

    Whether designing a car or driving a car, it is the saga of the science brain that thinks about how to analyze the substance and how to approach it, and how to make a move.

    Solving your own problems is about overcoming yourself, but isn't it the worst thing to look below yourself and forget about your problems?

    Manufacturing is a science and technology that faces the substance, but market control is to crush competitors, so I think that the management principle is absolutely different depending on the company.
    It's only natural that companies that are only interested in controlling the market and crushing competitors can't make interesting cars (laughs).

    • MinaMina

      I see ... I thought that manufacturing is really deep.

      > It's only natural that companies that are only interested in controlling the market and crushing competitors can't make interesting cars (laughs).
      surely…! The philosophy of the company appears in manufacturing!
      I wanted to manage my blog by emulating the attitude of sticking to it and making it even better beyond myself.