Porsche, that's red. The communication capacity of Porsche Connect suddenly changed from 10GB to 3GB.

Porsche Cayenne
Porsche Cayenne

To watch youtube in Cayenne

Previously at my homeRear monitor mounted on the back seat of CayenneHowever, I wrote an article that allowed children to watch youtube etc. in the back seat.

Rear monitor of Porsche Cayenne

My Cayenne was purchased from the dealer's new stock car in September 2020, but at that time we werePorsche Connect's wi-fi capacity is "3GB per month"I thought it was.

Then, in the comment from the reader,

The previous capacity was 3GB, but there is a story that the capacity is insufficient, so customers who registered with a new car from the 2020 model said "10GB monthlyWas answered by the dealer.

I was told.(I had the dealer contact me for confirmation)

After that, when I was using Cayenne's wi-fi in October and November, I could see youtube without problems even if it exceeded 5 GB, so "After all, the capacity has reached 10GB, which is good. 10GB is enough for the time being.I was talking about it.

However, from around December, the children sitting in the back seats

I can't see youtube! I can't see it no matter what I do!

And started saying, "No, I haven't used 10 gigs yetWhen I checked it, the capacity was still over 3 giga. However, after that, I couldn't see youtube anyway, so I thought it might be something wrong and decided to look at it for the time being.

Cayenne wi-fi capacity

And January of this year. If the image quality when watching youtube is too large, it will use a lot of capacity, soBe sure to turn off youtube before getting off the car or lowering the image qualitySuch(Even if you turn off the engine, youtube will stay connected for a while if you do nothing)I was trying to use it, but in mid-January, the children said, "I can't see youtube again".

e! Also! ??

When I check it, the wi-fi capacity is about 3GB again.

Porsche Cayenne wi-fi

This may beMonthly wi-fi capacity changed to 3GBIsn't it ... Or maybe it's been two months in a row.

There was no prior contact from Porsche dealers or Connect's support center regarding this matter. I,

It may be a small detail, but I wonder why I'm stingy about such a place even though I'm buying a luxury car for a reasonable amount of money. What's more, if you buy it with a new car, it will be 10GB. I don't like this.

My husband also said

This is awesome. Nowadays, communication costs can be increased to a large capacity with a few thousand yen a month, so I think it's okay to add it to the vehicle price in advance. If you were told to pay in advance as an option at the time of purchase, I would pay if you told me that.
In this way, rather than the cost that can be suppressed by suddenly increasing the wi-fi capacity to 3 GBThe loss of "user disappointment with Porsche" from doing so is much greaterI think. I don't know why it's such a stingy thing to do to reduce such a small cost.
Moreover,It is appropriate that I did 10GB at first, but it will be 3GB without any contact from the middleIt's too much. Certainly, when I bought the 971 Panamera, I was told that I could use wi-fi as much as I wanted at first, but it changed to 3GB on the way.

In the case of my home, for sports models such as 911, my husband mainly goes for driving and touring, so I do not need that much wi-fi capacity, but for Cayenne, "The whole family can comfortably ride long distancesI bought it with an emphasis on that, so the wi-fi environment is quite important.

Especially in my house, my husband is very particular about the internet environment, and he has devised various ways to make the internet fast, stable and comfortable no matter where he is in the house, so the wi-fi environment is good. I'm pretty worried about not having it.

Well, "If you ask Porsche for wi-fi in the car, don't do itUntil then ...

However, if it is a car that is not so expensive, I will not say it one by one,My Cayenne E-Hybrid cost more than 13 million yenTherefore, I think it's a shame that the corporate stance of neglecting these points.

By the way, now we are using the tethering function of our smartphones so that we can watch youtube.

Since we are a couple who love Porsche, I thought for a moment that I would write such a thing on a blog, and maybe the capacity may have returned to 10 GB, but the real voice of the user. I wrote this article today in order to deliver.

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  1. Take


    I think that is the most opinion.
    I may have lowered the capacity and announced it somewhere, but the person using it doesn't know.
    There is no notice even though it is full of distrust just by lowering it
    It's a shame, isn't it?

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      The information is complicated and I'm not sure what the correct information is.
      The customer side will be a little confused ...

  2. SevenWinds

    Isn't it confused with this campaign?

    Porsche Connect Wi-Fi 10GB increase program in progress

    • MinaMina

      Seven Winds
      Thank you for the information!
      There was such a campaign!

  3. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    At the beginning of October last year, the dealer responded with the following contents.

    〇 ×

    Thank you for your help.
    If you are a customer who registered last year, there are 3G customers,
    As of now, all the customers registered with new cars are 10G.
    Please do not worry.

    This is the songwriter right now.

    If you check it again at that time. Is Porsche's HP surely secret in the back? The description is
    There was, but I couldn't find it even if I looked for it now, so was it only last year?

    I'm riding alone and I can't play videos while I'm running
    In the first place, I can't use it even with 3G, but I'll try using the capacity once.

    • MinaMina


      Thank you very much!

      > This is the songwriter right now.
      I see ... it's true now, but it's not always the case ...

      > I will try to use the capacity once and check it.
      Wow, thank you for your inconvenience><I would be happy if you could tell me again! !!