2000km year-end touring by Porsche Boxster [Day 3]

Touring notes

From the other day2000km year-end touring by Porsche Boxster [Day 1],2000km year-end touring by Porsche Boxster [Day 2]Following that, my husband wrote an article for Day 3.
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First aim for Aso with Boxster

Finally from hereKyushu landing editionIt is. I decided to stay in Yanagawa because I thought it would be easy to approach both Aso and Nagasaki depending on the weather and climate of the day.

It was cloudy early in the morning due to the rain last night, but the weather forecast shows that it will recover quickly. Moreover, the temperature is very high at 12-13 ℃. If so,I decided to head toward Aso.

I tried to go to Aso through the mountains such as K52, but I made a mistake in the navigation settings, and I ended up going to Aso normally with R210 without any fun. I regret having lost a little time here.The aim is to choose a route that goes south on Sky Farm Road.

When I was running with a good feeling, I found a signboard that was closed to traffic on the way. There is no choice but to make a big detour on an unnamed road, go out to R304, and attack Sky Farm Road Hita from the south again.

There is only a dead end, so there is no traffic. It's completely reserved. Well, running on a dead-end road is an act that only a lot of people like free-running roads.

Boxster's roar echoes between the mountains. The tachometer needle remains stuck to the right side after 12 o'clock.Boxster GTS's 3.4L flat 6 turns really light and singing.It is not an engine that has a particularly great response or power compared to GT3 etc., but the tone that can be heard from lightness and low rotation is Pikaichi. It feels very good.

Boxster GTS

Boxster GTS

Boxster GTS

While running on the milk road as it is, head for Daikanbo. The weather is great, and there are few tourists, so you can run as much as you want. After taking a break at Daikanbo, drive on the Aso Panorama Line at K111. When I ran on Saturdays and Sundays, there were many tourist cars and buses, and I was forced to drive around, but on this day I was free and enjoyed to my heart's content.

Stelvio Pass is an overstatement,Road environment like overseasEnchanted, run through Aso with Boxster. Anyway, it feels good to run. Many people say that driving a car is painful, but for those people,At the same time, run Aso with Boxster and everyoneI want to say.

Everyone should have an innocent smile like a kid riding a go-kart in an amusement park.

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  1. wata

    I have also passed south from Shiiba village twice, but neither of them is running R265.
    The first time, the road was closed due to a landslide.
    The second time, although it wasn't closed, it was rough and difficult, so I shouldn't run ... I was stopped by the old man in the Shiiba Village Construction Division.
    It's a hard-core kokudo enthusiast to take the trouble to run on such a road.
    No, I was impressed.

    Please tell your husband (laughs).

    • MinaMina

      > None of them are running R265.
      That's right! !!
      I thought that Mr. wata was running perfectly.

      > I was stopped by the old man of the Shiiba Village Construction Division.
      With a straight face ... That's a really bad guy ...
      It was the best thing to come back safely ...

      However, if you have the opportunity, please try running wata (laughs)!