My husband hasn't been riding a 911 GT3 recently, so I asked him why.

Porsche 911 GT 3

About Porsche 911 GT3

This year, my husband has never been on the 911 GT3 Touring. I wondered why "By the way, haven't you been riding GT3 at all recently?When I asked, my husband said

Yeah, because it's winter and it's cold, so it's dangerous.

I said.

Ah, "Oh, yeah ... Certainly,When I ran the Ashi Driveway in GT3 in the rain at the end of last year, I was scared because the tires did not gripI said, "

Yeah, I don't like cup tires on cold days. Well, it's not dangerous to drive on a cold or rainy day, but it doesn't make sense to drive a GT3. When that happens,It's a waste to ride GT3 in such a situation just because the distance is extendedI thought, I didn't ride it after all.

It was that.

My GT3 wears cup tires, but when I delivered the car, my husband said, "Check the grip performance and drainage performance of cup tires in heavy rainI dared to go for a GT3 run on a heavy rainy day.

It was July in terms of time, but the impression at that time was "There is no problem with running normally, and even if you increase the speed a little, it grips more than you thinkIt seems that it was something like.

About this, my husband

Well, at that timeIt's okay because the temperature is high in summerI think I did it. But after experiencing spring, summer, autumn and winter with GT3, after allI don't want to run in GT3 with cup tires in winterI'm thinking now.
Cup tires are suitable for running on the circuit, so obviously they do not grip when the temperature is low compared to PS4 and PS4S.On a cold, rainy day in winter, it's dangerous if you don't drive very carefully.Wow.

He said.

Speaking of which, my husband took part in the Master course of Porsche's driving school (Porsche Truck Experience) held at Fuji Speedway in the fall of the year before last with GT3, so I followed with my family.Eventually it was canceled due to heavy rain(I'm sorry because I'm a super rain woman ... w)

Porsche 911 GT 3

At that time, the instructor

This time, many people are participating in GT3 and GT3RS. It is really dangerous to drive on a circuit in such a car in such a weather, so I'm sorry but I decided to cancel it.

Honestly, "I'm sorry I came all the way to FujiI thought, but it's dangerous for a professional to judge that.

Fuji Speedway

"But my GT3 is a touring package,It's supposed to go touring, so it doesn't have to be a cup tire.However, cup tires are standard. "

Yes. Both GT3 and GT3 Touring had no choice at the time of ordering and were delivered with cup tires installed normally.
I thought when I ran the Suzuka Circuit, but cup tires don't feel more severe than ordinary tires. A slight difference in air pressure makes it completely different. SoWhen the heat enters and the air pressure is decided quickly, the grip is amazing and it feels really good.
But,The tires for GT3 touring may be Pilot Sport 4S instead of cup tires.I think. Sure, the absolute grip is not as good as a cup tire, but it can run stably in any road environment.
GT3 touring is a GT3 that can also go touring, so it doesn't have wings, but the big difference is that it's about the wings ... I wish I had designed it assuming that I would go to touring a little more. ..

It was that.

It is said that the GT3 Touring is designed to have a lower vehicle height than the GT3, but since it is officially the same, it means that it will not change to the GT3 no matter how far you go.

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  1. Nak

    Hello Mina,

    Cup tires are not suitable for winter.
    I start the engine once every two weeks to raise the water temperature and oil temperature to charge the battery.
    Just turn the steering wheel when you leave the house and it will slip a little.
    And just buy drip coffee at a convenience store and it will cool down.
    When that happens, it's slurping again.
    If you open the accelerator straight and roughly when it is cold, you will shake your hips and the safety equipment will intervene immediately (^^;

    My friend GT3RS, when I changed lanes to pull out the bus on the bridge in winter, it just became a median strip
    I rushed in, but that is also a lack of convincing grip.

    If you don't have to ride, I think it's better not to ride.
    With the idle stop system, the battery is quite expensive, so I don't want to raise it, so I'm charging it ...

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > When you leave the house, just turn the steering wheel and it will slip a little.
      > And just buy drip coffee at a convenience store and it will cool down.
      My husband said, "Yes, that's right! I really understand!" (Laughs)
      My husband often buys drip coffee at convenience stores.

      > My friend GT3RS, if I change lanes to pull out the bus on the bridge in winter, it just becomes a median strip
      > I rushed in, but that is also a lack of convincing grip.
      Eh! !! !! My husband also said, "If you try to pull out the bus, you'll know that you're going into it ...".
      However, I don't want to run hard in winter as much as I wear winter tires, so I think it's better not to ride ...

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Hello, I came out because the tire Neta love.

    Cup tires have no edges, but does that mean they won't warm up? I think that if the air pressure rises to some extent with the TPM, there will be heat.
    From 992, the tire temperature sensor was attached. It would be fun if you could report how it will change.

    I would like my husband, who reads the manual carefully, to replace the tires with winter tires when the minimum temperature reaches 7 degrees Celsius.
    I don't see any reviews of GT3 winter tires in Japan.

    My 911.2 Carrera winter tires finally ran on snow in the second season.
    I'm sorry for the average person, but I was a little excited about the snow forecast and went to the usual pass. The first time was only a very short section, but I was able to test how long the PSM would work. The second time there was a lot of snow and some sections were closed, but there was plenty of snow along the mountain. I didn't want to turn off the PSM, so I ran so as not to operate the PSM as much as possible, but I felt that the rudder angle at tight corners was much smaller than when it was dry. The fuel economy is better than when it is dry, probably because there is less acceleration and deceleration. As was the case with Cayman, traction is perfect even with 2WD, probably because the drive wheels are heavy even if it is not pure studless.

    By the way, this time, following the recommendation of the Porsche Center staff, I bought only the tires without buying the wheels. It is said that the tires are rearranged every season, but tires deteriorate anyway, so it seems that there is no problem if it is about the number of replacements.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      992, it also has a temperature sensor ...!
      I haven't tried WET mode properly yet, so I often haven't tried various things ^^;

      Carrera's winter tires are also very good!
      It is difficult to run on a snowy road with Porsche, and I think that you can realize the high performance again.
      I also want to experience it once ...!

  3. Wooper

    Hello Mina,

    The matter that I am not on GT3.
    After all GT3 is a fighter.

    On the other hand, Panamera and Cayenne are passenger planes
    The 911 Cabriolet is a fighter, if not a passenger plane
    But I don't think so. Like a HondaJet
    Is it a private jet-like civilian aircraft (passenger aircraft and people?
    In the story that the inter-aircraft is not good or the fighter is superior
    There isn't, so just in case).

    That's why it's hard to feel comfortable and my legs are
    You'll be far away.

    Many of our cars are fighters, and GT3 is relatively comfortable.
    Because it belongs to, I usually use it for commuting.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Wooper

      As you said, GT3 is a fighter! Exactly ...!
      When I fly from Osaka to Tokyo, I don't think I'll get on it (laughs)
      After all, a passenger plane is good there ...

      I thought that each car has its own characteristics and how to use it.

      > Many of our cars are fighters, and GT3 is relatively comfortable
      Because it belongs to, I usually use it for commuting.

      It's amazing (laughs) It's amazing ...!
      I would be glad if you could tell me a lot.
      I look forward to working with you in the future ^^

  4. Joseph

    I rented a 991.2 GT3 at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles. It was raining, and the instructor asked if I wanted to cancel, but I wanted to challenge myself in the rain. It was a lot of fun, and it taught me to be more patient in the car… I am too used to getting on the throttle as early as I can. Especially since the stock tires (I assume to be Michelin Pilot Sport Cups) not meant for the rain.

    BTW I love Japan and was at the WEC race at Fuji in 2018 at the Le Mans club and at Suzuka 2019 in the Mercedes-AMG F1 private suite. I found this blog looking at PCCB “value” considering I am looking at buying a 718 Spyder

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for your message.
      You had a experience driving Porsche at PECLA, that's great!
      Moreover it was in the rain.I'm jealous ^^ ;!

      I'm very glad you love Japan and been the race in Japan.

      I hope you'll enjoy this blog from now on!
      Thank you.