Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid husband's evaluation and how? How is it different from Cayenne?

Porsche Panamera
Test drive report for each car

At the end of last year, with the kindness of blog readers,I tried the Panamera 4E hybrid.The other day I wrote a sensuous impression, but my husband also wrote a review, so please take a look if you like.

Porsche Panamera 4E-Hybrid

The end of December is approaching the end of the year. As the cold rain continued to fall, a striking sapphire blue Panamera appeared.

I've seen Panamera in sapphire blue twice, but when I look at it again, it's very cool.I was also very confused when I bought the Panamera Turbo, but I should have taken the plunge and decided on this.It's so cool that I regret it a little.

Porsche Panamera

Although it is a sports sedan, it emits a supercar-like aura, and in a sense, it may be more prominent than a supercar. When I asked the owner, it seems that there are many people who follow me in the city with my eyes.Is there anything on the car?I'm worried.

Immediately, I will sit in the driver's seat and check the feeling.This car is Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. Almost the same system as the Cayenne E-Hybrid in my homeSo, I would like to review mainly the differences around that.

Driving Panamera 4E-Hybrid

Turn the ignition switch and say "READYMake sure that the message appears and step on the accelerator.This area is the same as the Cayenne E-HybridIt is.

Porsche Panamera interior

When I evaluate a carVery low speed feeling from the first roll of the tireIs very important. A car with a good undercarriage feels a solid feeling of ground contact even at extremely low speeds, and there is little unpleasant taste in the drive system, so you can see the high work accuracy.

for that reasonIt gives you a feeling that the tires, which are smooth and have a very high roundness, start to rotate.It is.

The Panamera 4 E-Hybrid this time can be said to be the best example.Especially with the thick torque generated by the electric motor from the start, it starts very smoothly.So far, I have experience with Panamera Turbo, Panamera 4S, Panamera GTS,This hybrid model stands out in terms of its smoothnessI think.

Porsche Panamera wheels

The Cayenne E-Hybrid of my home also has a smooth start, but it feels like adding lightness to it, and the feeling of coming forward is lighter than the Cayenne. After all, here is the difference in the weight of the car,Difference between PDK and TiptronicI think there is also.

First of all, as it isE-POWERContinue running in mode. The uphill slope of Ashi is light, and even with three adults, it goes up easily. I don't feel the lack of power of the motor at all. Of course, you can't enjoy the acceleration of angry waves with electricity alone, but it's more than enough power for normal driving.

Porsche Panamera 4E Hybrid

If you turn the curve as it is,The movement of the body is light like a lie.I don't think it's a vehicle that weighs nearly 300 kg with batteries and motors. This is a really amazing feeling.

The owner who actually owned the 970 Panamera and the 971 Panamera turbo and was riding a lot saysSo please trust me.

I try to find a negative of the weight somehow, but every time a curve comes, I sharpen my nerves and pay attention to the feeling of steering and the feeling of roll, but I can not tell the difference at all.Rather, the movement in winding feels even lighter than Panamera GTS and turboIt is.

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I am Mina's husband. Cars do not ride with fashion or status symbols. It is fun to drive, superior as an industrial product, and prefers a car that the intention of the maker is felt ...


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  1. jijisurf

    Nice to meet you as a comment

    Panamera 4S (971) will soon be inspected, so we are considering transferring as an option
    I'm looking at other cars and running and visiting ...
    With the development of internal combustion engines ahead of each company's HV and AV, if the seasoning changes with electronic control, it will not be long before ...
    Purchasing motivation is not growing, and I'm leaning toward connecting through vehicle inspections.
    The sales person in charge of the PC is strongly recommended for the hybrid and should present various conditions.
    Is the third generation also in Pana? I think I should devise a little more, but it is difficult to throw away Panamera for everyday use

    At that time, this article was very helpful.
    I was motivated to try a hybrid

    Please tell your husband that you will use it as a reference.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > Purchasing motivation is not growing, and I am leaning toward connecting through vehicle inspections.
      > The sales person in charge of PC is strongly recommended for hybrid and should present various conditions
      Panamera 4S, it seems that it is too good to buy a new car ... ^^;
      I'm sure it's smooth, powerful, well-balanced, and wonderful.

      Please try the hybrid test drive ^^
      I think it's very easy to use because the frequency of adding gasoline is considerably reduced even for daily use.

      > Please tell your husband that you will use it as a reference.
      Thank you! I will tell you!

  2. bnr32568

    mina, husband

    I am a dealer sales person in Kanto who met my husband at the Ashi Observatory at the beginning of last year. (At that time, I was riding Golf 7.5 and I was riding sideways on the 911 GT3 Touring)

    Congratulations on the birth of your third child!
    We also have a second child and are struggling to raise children every day.
    I was really looking forward to what kind of car you would choose!
    Cayenne is the perfect choice for your home today!

    I was wondering if I would like to propose a car, but I refrained from doing so because it is a difficult distance (laughs).

    I would like to inform you a little about the V6 2.9L engine and the V6 3 liter engine mentioned in the article, so I made a comment for the first time in a while!
    Actually, it is a jointly developed engine of Porsche and Audi (I'm sorry if you know), both of which are called EA839 series engines.
    The V6, 2.9L twin-turbo engine is installed in the Audi RS4 Avant, S6, S7, etc., and is an engine that demonstrates 450PS600Nm. The twin turbocharger installed in the V bank has good response, and it is a fun engine that turns well with a short stroke, but there is not much opportunity to demonstrate performance except on the circuit.
    It is also an environmentally friendly engine that can warm up quickly!
    Since it is also installed in the Panamera E hybrid, I am very interested in the combination of the engine and the hybrid.

    The V6, 3L single turbo engine is variously installed in the Audi S4, S5, SQ5, A6.A8, etc., and is an engine that can be used for almighty from city riding to cruising and circuits.

    I don't have as deep knowledge as my husband,
    I would be happy if I could talk to you when I was calm and free to move (laughs).

    I'm always looking forward to exciting articles!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you again!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for that section!
      And thank you for your comment.

      > We also have a second child and are struggling to raise children every day.
      If you have one more child, childcare will be many times more busy ^^;

      Thank you for telling us about the engine!
      My husband glanced at me, but I didn't listen to it very well ... (sorry lol)
      I learned this and understood it well!

      There are many things I don't know every day
      It's all about studying, and I realize that cars are deep.

      If you calm down again, please come to Ashi again though it is far away ^ ^
      We appreciate your continued support in the future!

  3. SevenWinds

    Mina and my husband

    I'm always looking forward to updating my blog. Thank you for the valuable information.
    I also became the owner of the Panamera 4 e-Hybrid 2020 model from last summer, so I would be honestly happy if you could praise the same model as me so far. thank you very much!
    I tried the Taycan (I think that it is not showing its true potential because it is only a city ride), reaffirmed the value of Panamera Hybrid, and I think that it is the best choice in the transition period to full EV. As you pointed out, the V6 2.9L twin turbo plays a wonderful tone even in normal exhaust, and unlike Japanese hybrids that emphasize eco-friendliness, claiming to be Baon when starting the engine is exactly the right thing about EV and gasoline engines.

    According to the PC sales person, Panamera is a minor existence with the fewest number in Japan, but I think that Japanese people should throw away their preconceptions and look at this car. Anyway, sapphire blue is good! I'm envious because I'm an orthodox Carrara White.

    • MinaMina

      Seven Winds
      Thank you for always seeing the blog!
      Also, I am very happy that you referred to the blog when purchasing Panamera.
      Thank you!

      Carrara White Panamera is
      It feels like a royal road and is insanely beautiful.
      Yesterday, at the gas station, I saw Panamera of Carrara White washing the car.
      It was really beautiful.

      The compatibility between the hybrid and Panamera is insanely good.
      Even though it's such a big and heavy car, it's completely stress-free and feels good.
      I thought it was amazing again.

      We would like to continue to disseminate information at our own pace!
      Thank you.