Encounter with Porsche air-cooled owner @ Ashi Drive way

Air-cooled Porsche

Encounter with 911 (air-cooled) owner

In the day before break on the other day, my husband said "I'm going to run ashi with a little air coolingHe went out and said that. As usual, as usual, when I arrived at the East Rokko Observatory in Ashi Driveway, it seems that several air-cooled Porsches were parked side by side in the parking lot.

"I wonder if it is an air-cooling favorite gathering ...While thinking, my husband stopped the car a little away and went back to the vending machine to buy coffee, and one of the air-conditioned riders there was able to speak.

... Well ... I am a blogger! What?

My husband seems to be surprised for a moment as "What?", "When seeing this 964, "This is 964 appearing in the blog! Because I thought ... It was because he often came to Ashio Driveway, so I thought that I would like to see you someday!By saying that.

"It is always indebted to us (?)", I talked with the people there and found that people living near Ashi Driveway and 964 owners clubs are operated It seems that he was still there.

My husband got back talking for about an hour, but at that time, Ashi has a driveway sticker that you are making independently(Nürburgring stickers motif)It seems that he gave in.

Do not do! Perfectly "U" became "Ü" fashionable (haha)

Again to Ashigara

And the next day. My husband also went to Ashi-osan(Well liked w)On this day too, 964 very vivid red was stopped, so when you let me talk with the owner,It was a member of the air-cooled group that had been in the previous dayThat's right. He also said he knew about this blog.

After returning home, my husband is full of freshness,

Thanks to Porsche, there are many mortgage rice recently. Everyone is a very gentleman and good people. If you did not get on Porsche, you just met you who you did not know ~

I was talking to satisfaction.


Well, Mina also went alone with Ashi. Because I will see the children.

It has been said. How many times this husband had told this line until now ...(Probably more than 30 times), But every time I say so,

No, because even though I am not Panamera Turbo I bought it "Do not ride heavily as you bought me by your husbandI do not want to go because I feel like.


Even if I go by Boxter I will not drive well and I will stumble on the parking lot and stall it, "Do not ride Porsche with such a poor drivingI do not want to go because I feel like.

Somehow, I do not always go. And from each husband each time,

What kind of thought circuit like that Yoshida of Bramao w w

It is said. So while living near the Ashi Driveway,I have never been to Ashi with a single person.I wonder why ... in different places it has quite a deep personality, but why do they become flea hearts in such places ...?

But I think that I am sure that I will have new encounters, so this year I will try to do Ashida Driveway alone by myself.

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  1. Saki

    Nice to meet you.
    My blog, it was interesting and I read it all at once!
    Shyly, I drove my father's 964, and I went to Ashi warehouse the other day.
    Because I do not know much about cars, I learned very much.

    The words remained impressed, especially when my husband's "like Shirasu Masako turned out yeah yan."
    Just the other day I just went to Takeshaso.

    When Mina's Ashi debut is done, I definitely want to go also ^ ^
    Follow Twitter as well!

    Thank you ♪

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Saki
      Thank you for your comment!
      And thank you for reading the blog.

      I drove my father's 964 in a few days and went to Ashi warehouse the other day.
      I also saw twitter! It is a nice 964 ^ ^ It was January 3rd, I knew for the first time that air-cooled people are gathering at Ashi!
      And, "Jiro Shirasu", "Tsubasa and Liu Jun", "Ryotaro Shiba" ... a lot of Don Pi Shawwards in me came out, I felt a sense of familiarness without permission (laugh)
      (I also like clouds on the slope)

      I am happy that I can see you again at Ashi Aoyama ^ ^
      Thank you twitter though!

  2. SN

    Please go to run. It is enviable that there is such a place nearby. Ashi Driveway often appears on blogs, but it looks fun. Someday I want to go to the Arima Onsen tour and run. Of course, rent a Porsche 🙂

    • MinaMina

      That's right, after thinking carefully, it is very lucky that such a place is in the neighborhood.

      > Someday I also want to go running to run on Arima Onsen Tour. Of course I rent a Porsche

      Oh, I guess it will be tough if I ship Panamera from America. ^^;
      By all means, when you return home, please experience Ashio as a Porsche ^ ^

  3. rhythm

    I am always looking forward to my blog
    I made a ROYU sticker

    I am seeing my husband a couple of times (I am indebted to you)
    I am also living near Ashio Yes
    When there is no errands almost almost at the observation deck we have

    How about driving and car basket
    There is nothing to worry about.
    Such a worrying idiot is not commonly known as "mountain residents", so lol
    Please do not hesitate to come. . .

    I think that there is surely a new edge

    Please give my best regards to your husband.
    "In the mountain again!"

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.
      And thank you for your husband, thank you!

      From that, it seems that the stickers were pretty happy, they were all boasted brighter (lol)
      When you live in the immediate vicinity of Ashigami, when there is time you do not have a chance at the observation deck ... What a rich life ... nice ...!

      > Such a worrying idiot is not commonly known as "Mountain Residents", so lol
      > Please feel free to come over. . .

      Is it true? ! ! I was relieved to hear that ... lol
      I was feeling beyond necessity arbitrarily.

      When it gets warmer, Ashio owns one person to debut!
      If you can meet, thank you very much.

  4. Tanaka Tanabe

    Nice to meet you, I was able to ride with my husband at Ashiya Observatory, it is a red 964 Porsche ride.

    I was surprised to hear that his wife is writing this blog.
    Please come to the observatory by Porsche!
    I can taste a new sense of life ~ (^ ^)

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Tanabe
      Nice to meet you, always thank you for seeing the blog!
      Oh, that bright red 964 ...

      My husband thanked me for that passage.
      If it gets warm, I definitely want to have Ashi debut alone alone ^ ^
      If you come at that time, I'd be happy if I could tell you!

      Thank you in the future.