A talk that the couple's relationships are better and life is enriched by Porsche.

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Always fun ...

The most common sentence in this comment on this blog is "I always read fun.It is what it says. Whatever comment it is, I'm very happy with it, but as I am,pleasantI am glad that what you can say is more than anything else. Because,

It is important to manage this blog"Being a fun blog reading and reading"

That's why. "pleasantThe power that it has is tremendous, if it is a pleasant space, more and more people come and gather. As more and more people gather, the information gathers steadily and I think that new developments will be born again from there, "Fun powerI imagine the various future created by "always exciting.(Although we often do delicious fancy of unprecedented raccoon w)

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS rear Porsche 981 Boxster GTS

However, I am serious in my roots, and I always make it to students'Serious childAs soon as it was written that it was seriously fascinating, as soon as he noticed, he immediately entered the serious mode and wrote sentences that had no fragments of fun. So, "I wonder if I am enjoying writing it now, do people think that the reading is funAbout it, I am pretty conscious from my daily life.

Also, face to face conversation(Youtube is also kana)If it is, there are many information that can be conveyed to the other person, such as expressions and voice tones, but since the blog has only letters "How to convey the scene and the situation of our husband and wife only with lettersI also plan on devising day by day.

Difference from car media

On the net there are a lot of vehicles' media operated by motor magazines and corporations, there are helpful information there, and there are many articles to study. Also, because there are also brand name, reliability, pipe and financial resources with manufacturers,Various projects that individuals can not do can be implemented.

For example, test drive of the latest model, measurement at the circuit, interview to the maker personnel, coverage of the motor show ...

Although there are many contents envying that it is "nice ~", there is no way that I can win without my personal blogger 's aim at the same place. "So what is the only thing that can be written to me?As a result of thinking,

"A fun blog reading"was.(It is a major premise that it is useful for readers)

I read the past article again(Especially at the beginning of blog opening)I am writing quite playful contents and the conversation sentence is almost entirely Kansai dialectHowever, such a taste is also a way of writing that the corporation can not do with the media operated as a business.

So I thought that I would like to take care of this area as much as I can freely. In other words, it does not force you to write anything boring at all,It's fun with what kind of kettles, so I am having fun writing about thatIt is a feeling.

981 Boxster GTS MT

Porsche saved the couple's pain

I think that it has become a couple with many conversations now, but for a while since the second daughter was born,There was a time when the conversation with my husband was almost gone.(Life in which two children became more difficult than imagined)

I also lived a lot of work in the work now, I often fall asleep because I am tired from sleeping children and Porsche was not as interested as now, so when I speak of the couple's daily conversation(Even if you exaggerate)

"Good morning" "Welcome home" "Welcome back" "Good night"

There was only it. Also, both my husband and I usually do not talk about "I want to tell you so much! Listen to me -!", So if there is something I often tell you by email during the day. Also, my work pattern "How to tell the other party in a short time how simple and simpleBecause there are so many things to think about, one day somehow it has become such a way of talking at home,

Everyone, the way of talking and way of thinking is perfectly "man".

I was often told by my husband.

And sometime "Indeed the conversation between the couple is excessiveBy talking about this problem with a couple, it is time to go without the solution such as this ...

After that, I gradually started to like Porsche, opened this blog in June 2017, I decided to do a blog seriously around April last year, since then my husband and wife's conversation has gradually increased It became so.

After the married couple more opportunities to get in the car, after sleeping the kids, receiving a car lecture from my husband to write in the blog post, "How about such an article?I tried out ideas with the ...

When blog access was still small, I analyzed variously in Analytics, trying countermeasure measures at random,When access gains, I am pleased along with it, and conversely when accessing article of whole body does not grow like I think, I talk about what is the cause ...

Well, since 80% of the couple's conversation is a car relationship (w), "There are many partner-like conversations of work rather than couplesAlthough it seems so if it is told, even as it has increased communication, the family became brighter and more fun than before.

Company, society, region, before that,The couple is the closest and most important communitySo, I learned through these experiences that "The basis of happiness in my daily life is in a marital relationship."

Porsche 981 Boxster GTS and Panamera

Therefore,To Porsche, who created this opportunity, and I really appreciate this blog.For me, Porsche is not just a car, it is not a sports car that teaches me the pleasure of running,Important things that will support my life from the foundation"It was.

So "Porsche makes the relationship of couples better, enriching our livesI'm thinking now that I'd like to express it on my blog without being intrusive and fun.

Kansai dialect

However, there is one thing that I am interested in recently.

"How about Kansai dialect rolled out articles"

That's what it means.

971 Porsche Panamera steering

According to Google Analytics,The most frequent of blog readers in your area is the "Kansai area"Although it is overwhelmingly more in the metropolitan area, the population and the Porsche owner are supposed to be abundant, the fact that the Kansai area is seen more often ... Is it difficult for the people in the metropolitan area to read the sentences too much? Hey ....

Really"Ashi Drive wayWell, as I often write about touring spots in Kansai, I wonder if there are inevitably more Kansai readers. About this place, when I listened to twitter the other day suddenly,

"Absolutely, now it is better, the conversation is real, more directly transmitted."
"I was not conscious, is not it good to not mind ^ ^"
"I think that there is a sense of presence in the conversation, I think that it is differentiated from other blogs and it is very good!"

I got a reply saying. Everyone is gentle ....

By the way, when I visited Porsche Japan before, I also got from German product staff(I lived in Kansai during my school days), "This blog is good in Kansai dialect! Please continue as it is!"Because I was told in fluent Japanese, I think that it is somewhat fun to continue with the Kansai dialect.

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  1. Ishi

    I always have fun reading. Normally this phrase is a social expression or a fixed form sentence, but I really enjoy reading it.

    In Mina 's house the child does not fall asleep, the Porsche is it?

    In my home I start talking about Porsche and cars, I pretend that my wife and child will not hear. The efficacy effect of Porsche seems to vary considerably from home to home.

    Because I live in the Kanto area, information such as the Kansai's drive route is precious. I am hoping that the blog will continue with this nori.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      > I am reading fun all the time. Normally this phrase is a social expression or a fixed form sentence, but I really enjoy reading it.

      Thank you for saying that in such a way! I am very happy.
      As you truly said, truly, no exaggeration or anything, Porsche is the clown.

      Certainly, the effect of Porsche is different for each family ...
      I think that I am doing a blog and that Porsche is even more interested in being interested.

      So, with this Kansai chick, we will continue to update your blog!
      Continue to thank you.

  2. Oh dear

    Nice to meet you! In fact I was planning to purchase the late stage of the Porsche 911 (Type 997) next year or the year after next, and because I live in Higashi Nada Ward, Kobe City, which is close to Ashiya, I'm always excited and excited to have fun while having a close feeling I will.
    I will follow various SNS, I will occasionally do a good thing, so I am looking forward to it. And I will try my best to arrange Porsche with Ashi Drive Way!

    • MinaMina

      Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment.
      Do you live in Higashinada Ward, is your neighbor? _ _ ^

      Are you a 997 Carrera!
      Cool is cool ^ _ ^!
      If you buy it, please go running to Ashi Driveway.
      I will also debut ashida as so far by that time lol

      Thank you, including SNS.

  3. PorscheDreamer

    Hello, I am reading it happily (^ ^)
    The information in the metropolitan area is overflowing, and not only in the Kansai region, people in regions that only see occasional Porsche may find a sense of affinity.

    What I did not realize about the Kansai dialect on this blog is that I am also mixed in Kansai.
    Then I read it with the intonation of the Kansai dialect on a trial and it will be fun for me (___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0

    • MinaMina

      Always thank you ^ ^!
      I am glad to say so!

      > I did not have consciousness of the Kansai dialect in this blog that I mean that Kansai is mixed.

      Oh I see! It may be that it reads the same as "West Japan" without any sense of incongruity!

      > Then try reading it with the intonation of the Kansai dialect, and if you do not mind, it will be fun for you (___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0
      Intonation, it was transmitted properly haha!
      We will continue to update the articles on a daily basis so that you can enjoy reading and enjoying it.
      Thank you ^ ^

  4. Every time

    Nice to meet you! Although I always read comfortably without comment, I wanted to comment unexpectedly to this entry. I hope to continue with "as it is" many things that empathize very much, such as the relationship between married couple and casual blogging. I am always grateful for your help!

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ipachi
      Nice to meet you! Always thank you for seeing my blog, thank you very much!
      Also, I got my first comment, I am very happy.

      > I will sympathize very much with my husband and wife 's relationships and blogs, etc. I hope many people will continue "as it is" in the future.

      In such a way, as I was relieved to be relieved, I became very happy.
      Although it is a series of trial and error every day, I believe in the feeling now, I would like to update the article happily ^ ^
      We are looking forward to hearing from you!

  5. Kunio Fujita

    Hello, nice to meet you, says the hurtlocker of Hokkaido. Rapidly, I will celebrate the 60th anniversary this year. Fifteen years have passed since I ran the company. Although it is a small company, I have worked as hard as I have, including my family, so far.
    Two children also grew up, and last year the child was formed by the eldest daughter and the grandchild was made. Although it finally fell, I have purchased Abarth 124 last year, although my company has grown somewhat, but my company has lived days that are unsatisfactory in recent years.
    It was interesting to drive a car, but it came back like a young man. Your blog has jumped into your eyes while you are investigating a car, Porsche that I admired when I was young. At first I thought that the couple owned the Porsche story (excuse words of rude), but now it became the opportunity to own Porsche. 911.2 Carrera 4 will be delivered in March.
    Thank you very much. From now on, please take good care of yourself. I am looking forward to seeing your blog.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Fujita
      Nice to meet you, thanks for seeing the blog, thank you for your comment, thank you very much.

      You are operating a company, do not you?
      I think that I am truly amazing because I think that continuing company management for 15 years and growing the company is not as ordinary as it is.

      > The story of a rich man who owns a Porsche with a couple

      To be honest, thank you lol!
      But it is so, if I am a reader, I'm sure I will see it while thinking like that

      Oh ー in March 991.2 Carrera 4 What is the delivery? ! ! !
      4 is very cool as the back light is connected!
      I can run in Porsche with my grandchild, ... How rich a life. .

      By all means, once delivered and driven,
      I would be happy if you could tell me the impressions.

      Continue, thank you for your consideration.