Is Porsche Panamera's PDK really slow in shifting response?

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Panamera

I, in the Porsche model, "PanameraI like the most. If you ride Boxter or 911, or have Cayenne or Cayman test drive(Unfortunately, Makan just got on the back seat, I have not test drive yet."It is a very nice car ..."Every time I am deeply impressed, I always come around and always return to the place where" Panamera is good ".

Porsche New Panamera Turbo

And recently I have become accustomed to Boxter's MT operation a little bit,Panamera also wants to drive with feeling to shift change by myself"I began to drive Panamera with a paddle shift(Though it is not always).

If Panamera is operated in normal AT mode, if it exceeds 1000 rpm, it will shift up soon, and it will be 5/6 speed running in no time. With this, I can not taste the feeling of riding in a sports car, I can not listen to a lot of engine noise.

That does not mean "I want to drive to Gangan with high revs!"There is a paddle shift with great pains, so let's driveIt feels like that.

Panamera's worrisome point

Basically I love Panamera, so I have not had any particular complaints so far, but I began to drive with paddle operation and started to be concerned about something. that is,

Subtle delay in shift responses of Panamera's PDK

It is.

Just "slightly late" is not too late, I think it is not too late compared with other companies' dual clutch transmissions. Just before,When asked to take a passenger seat of 911 GT 3 (991.1: PDK)Because I imagined the feeling of shift change in MT cars, I felt PDK which instantly changed as "Pashhpashun" ...

If the response is slightly delayed driving a Panamera PDK, it will be a very good thing ... (- _ -)

Such a husband to "Panamera's PDK is not slow reaction?As I asked,

SayanaPreviously, I wrote in the impression of Panamera after 1 year deliveryBut after that, I feel it again in Panamera's PDK when switching gears relatively quickly. But when raising the gear there is a time to feel late. It is relatively fast around 2000 rpm, but it is obviously slow when raising the gear about 4000 rpm. I feel that I am improving the timing so that no shift shock will occur.
After all Panamera is also considered for use as a luxury sedan,Rather than focusing on responsiveness, I'm more concerned about smoothness that kept speed change shocks.
By the way, before that, in AUTOCAR 's article written about the new Panamera GTS, it was written about Panamera' s PDK.

When. When I looked at the article of Panamera GTS that I was taught earlier, it was mostly highly appreciated, regarding PDK it was written like this.

Speaking of concern, there is a slight delay when shifting the 8th speed PDK (Porsche / Doppel Cuving) with the paddle operation of the dual clutch AT.
* Text Source:First test ride Porsche Panamera GTS True sports car, what I got / lost

I see ... well it seems. My husband was saying like this.

When I tried the new Cayenne last year, Tiptro was superior and surprised. I felt the evolution of Tiptro enough to think that it is very smooth, reaction fast, 'rather it is faster than PDK'.In this case Panamera did as much as I thought it was in Tiptro.

When. "I see ... Okay, it's impossible to ask for a quick response to the current Panamera PDK"When asked,

In sports mode or sports plus mode, the response when raising the gear also gets faster.But I think the response is a little slower than other Porsche models.

When. I see.

Traveling in sports plus mode

As my husband said,When I started driving in sports plus mode immediately, the response of the PDK certainly became faster, and it became a reaction as if it was on a different car.

As expected it is Panamera! !

And to her husband who came home that day "Certainly in sports plus mode, the response became faster and it got better! However, running daringly in town and running in sports plus mode seems to be somewhat wasted ...Speaking of,

If you stick to Panamera's manual driving so much, even if you buy an MT of 970 Panamera MT (Evil)

It was said.

Pa, Panamera's MT ... (; ゚ Д ゚)

However, as soon as I got interested, I looked it up on the net quickly and found that both a car sensor and Goo,"Panamera MT car" corresponds to "0"was.

Sora yeah yeah ... (- _ -)

So, the Ashi Driveway is not frozen so much in the current season, but, if it gets warmer a while, I think that I want to drive ashida by driving a Panamera with a paddle shift.

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  1. Ishi

    I tried 971 Panamera 4S yesterday. Certainly there was a time lag between the timing of the paddle and actual gearshift when I upshifted. Personally I did not mind if there was no lag at the time of shift down, I thought that it was acceptable range because it seems to improve even in shift up in sports plus mode. As your husband says, in order to ease the shift shock it will be the time it takes for the revolution number to fall and fit. I think that it is good for Tiptoro like Cayenne (especially in a hybrid model), but I think that PDK is more suitable for achieving both luxury and sportiness.

    When I first tried another 971 Sports Tourism 4 E Hybrid, I felt as though the PDK got sharp at extremely low speed compared with Tiptro's 970 SE Hybrid, but I did not care much about the PDK of 971 4 S we tried yesterday is. Perhaps the learning effect of PDK is somewhat different for each test car.

    After finishing the test ride and running your own 970 in E power mode with only the power of the motor, it felt more clearly felt than the test car of gasoline, I once again realized the power of the motor. I like the sound of the engine, but I liked the motor riding taste in the city ride.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi
      Thank you!
      > I tried 971 Panamera 4S yesterday.
      Huh! Are you thinking about purchasing! What? Lol

      > I think that it is good for Tiptoro (especially in a hybrid model) like Cayenne, but I think that PDK is more suitable for achieving both luxury and sportiness.
      My husband was saying the same thing. Tiptronic of Cayenne who tried ride before was very excellent, so it was said that Panamera was also good at Tiptro in this case.
      No, the evolution of Tiptro is terrible, is not it?

      > When I finished the test ride and ran my own 970 in E power mode with only the power of the motor, it felt more clearly felt than the test car of gasoline, I once again recognized the power of the motor. I like the sound of the engine, but> I got to like motor riding taste on town ride.
      That's right! 981 Boxster, 718 and Mr. Ishi who is riding to the Boxster spider said "I like the motor riding taste on town riding ..."
      I wish it was quite good! I think.
      But even if you are driving in the city with a Panamera Turbo, it will be a bit sluggish or rather sleepy ... Even if you drive with a paddle shift, there is a delicate shift,
      In that case, I felt that the hybrid motor is more light and fun.
      Ah I also want to ride a hybrid test (laugh)

  2. Ishi


    No no, I will not replace it yet. Just looking for a replacement after three or six years, I think that if you have a chance you will try a variety of grades of Panamera.

    To say that I like the motor better in town ride, to put it a little more accurately, I think that the engine is turned and it is not a Porsche, but by turning a powerless engine with a high revolution to drive the city ride in the safe speed area I like still the same as the motor still now. It is thought that it is good to have a taste with it because it runs a large displacement engine slowly and quietly with a margin of torque, but if you enjoy the city ride with that direction, I wonder if the motor is better It is such feeling.

    Panamera's hybrid is good. Even though it was first filled with electricity, the possible mileage displayed by electricity was shown as 16 km, but recently it appears to be a little 20 km and it actually runs around it. 971 seems to run with electricity only a little longer distance.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Ishi

      > No, I will not replace it yet. Just looking for a replacement after three or six years, I think that if you have a chance you will try a variety of grades of Panamera.

      Oh I see! Certainly, if you try to test various Panamera from now, it seems that you can make the best choice when in emergency.
      Also, I will be happy if you can continue telling me the various test drive impressions etc.

      > To put it a bit more accurately, I think that the engine is turned and it is like Porsche, but still enjoying the city ride at a safe speed area by turning a powerless engine at high revs as much as the motor .

      Oh, I thank you indeed. ^^ Well, if you are a motor, you can enjoy the city ride comfortably and there is another taste. More worrisome.
      It would be enough if you run 20 km on a town by motor. I'd like to try out articles such as the difference between the Panamera hybrid of 971 and 970 (for that I have to test both ... lol)

  3. SN

    I tried it for a moment after reading the article. (Because I have hardly used it ...) PDK's response is certainly slow. I do not feel it is necessary if I told you that you need a paddle shift on town ride. I would like to try PDK 911.
    It was snowing and cold in the last ten days and Panamera was almost waiting for the garage, but when I tried running a little on the snow road I thought it would be more stable and properly bent and stopped and it seemed like I could go at all. 4E is heavy so it might be good on a snow road as well. By the way, the tire is Pirelli's all weather tire. Just a lot of snow melting agent squeezed on the road rather than snow and Pothole (road piercing) frequent in winter seems to hurt the car so it will be fewer for a while.

    Mr. Ishi
    The light feeling of the motor is really heterogeneous. You will find that you will want to stay in E mode all the time on the street. The recent question is that the temperature is cold, especially as soon as the start is started, the battery is consumed fairly quickly, that Porsche says it can not reach the cruising range of 50 km, How much will it improve if this gets warmer? Heavy, seat heater and so on extra power use is so many ways.

    • MinaMina

      > I read a story and tried it for a while agreeing. (Because I have hardly used it ...) PDK's response is certainly slow.

      Thank you for actually trying (lol)!
      Certainly I do not need much PDK on town ride ... I guess it would be better to take MT in the first place.
      But, the 911 PDK is also different. I will care a lot!

      The cold wave is coming in Japan now, but the cold wave of Michigan seems to be terrible ...
      Certainly, since there is a track experience that makes Porsche run on ice, I think it's okay, but considering cars and tires,
      I can not become a feeling of running too much ...
      I hope it will be a warm season!

  4. Ishi


    Traveling with E power really makes you a habit. Motor mileage 970 is catalog value 32 ~ 33 km In my case I am about 60% of the catalog value because it is a 20 km display with full charge now. It seems that SN's 971 is about the same about 60% of the catalog value, is not it? It is the same as the gas mileage of a gasoline car and the catalog value is considered to be such a thing. Just when the display is 20 km even if you release the accelerator on the way or apply the brake it will be charged while driving so I feel like actually actually driving a little longer.