Besides Porsche blog, I also do twitter.

About Porsche Blog

Porsche blog and twitter

The timeline is also displayed on the top page of this Porsche blog.In addition to blogs, I also use twitter.About 10 years ago, when I was doing twitter at work, I had no idea how to use it, and in the end I didn't post anything, and it's been a long time.

After that, I opened a Porsche blog and tried to register with twitter again in April last year. Nonetheless, at first I wasn't sure how to use it, so I followed up with people I was interested in, and gave up new articles on the blog. Have also increased RT.

I also interact with my followers,You will receive valuable information from those who love Porsche and cars all over Japan.Every time

"If it's real, you can connect with people who can not meet you via twitter. It's amazing-it's interesting."

It began to feel.

"Hobby + twitter"I think that the compatibility is quite good. Some people are muttering with their real name,Mostly anonymousIt is. Although anonymity may cause a false person to inadvertently notice sensitive information, on the contrary, it is only because anonymity.There are many contents with the essenceOf facts.

It is very interesting to see a naked human pattern glimpse.

Also, twitter should be "140 characters". Feel free to mumble on "How to put what you want to say in 140 charactersIt is fun to think about.

By the way, my Twitter account is@ Mina_PanameraSo I'm glad if you feel free to follow me or messages.

twitter x car x woman

I do not use Twitter well so much, there are still few followers, but in the blog before,

"You also have twitter. If you look now,There are more car stories on twitter than blogsI enjoyed it. "

After receiving the comment, I decided to sort out what I am posting on Twitter.

Small story

Twitter also tweetes a lot of content that this Porsche blog does not give. This is not a strategic thing such as “separation of blog and twitter”,It's too small to give to blogsBecause there are many

For exampleI will go to the Yue driveway"And"My husband went touring"And"I saw this Porsche in the city"Much that often, such things.

Real time news item

Even when GT3 and 320i were delivered, twitter was muttering the situation in real time. If it is a blog, "Write, review and post articlesTherefore, a time lag of about one week will occur.

The point is that twitter can be muttered in real time from time to time, so there are many timely posts. Somewhat recentlyTwitter tweets, blog posts noticeIt feels like ","Since GT3 touring was delivered and went on for the first time, we will report again on the blog"Like" has increased (laughs)

About a couple

This is also not something I write in a blog, butA conversation with her husband and a small story when she got marriedAnd so on. I'm a woman, so I think it would be interesting to write something like a little woman's point of view material besides a car.

post twitter

And here, for example, I would like to introduce a little bit about what I am muttering. In recent years, it has been the first ride on the delivery day of the GT3 touring, and things related to purchasing the BMW delivered car.

I tweet every day the number of small neta that I said ... w

Porsche, blog, twitter

I am not very good at being a "Wow!"Speak and meet in one-on-one or small groupI like the one. In the case of the Internet, it is sending to an unspecified number of people, but comments and exchanges themselves are one to one, so it may be close to the feeling that they are individually communicating in real and fit me .

I hope that I can continue to enjoy the information on my Porsche blog and twitter.

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  1. Gori

    Good morning.

    I'm also watching Twitter.
    I like cars and couples and children's small story only by looking at women.

    By the way, I also go to Nishi Matsuya in Porsche, but I can not see it so much.

    I also go to supermarkets and other supermarkets for business use, but I do not see it.

    When I go to Ikari, the encounter rate of Porsche is high. Is it natural? .

    Let's do our best day today! ! !

    • MinaMina

      You also have a look at twitter! Thank you!
      I am very happy.

      > By the way, I also go to Nishi Matsuya in Porsche, but I can not see it so much.
      really! I'm glad (laughs) but I don't really see Porsche.
      I go to Kansai super well, but I do not see this much.

      And as you mentioned, if you go to the supermarket, there is a porpoe or Bentley or something else that is sloppy (laughs)

      > Let's do our best again today! ! !
      Yes! I will do my best too ^ ^!

  2. Kozoli リ ッ チ

    Good morning. Unlike supermarkets, I also work on vending machines, so I go to coin parking etc., but there is a lot of general passenger cars with blue sky coin parking with a limit, but Hankyu Grand Building with no limit Underground parking lots such as parking lots, Grand Front Osaka, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, RIHGA Royal Hotel tend to have many small cars and luxury cars. Hilton and Ritz will be your eyes. LOL

    • MinaMina

      Mr Kozoli リ ッ チ
      Thank you!

      > The parking lot of Hankyu Grand Building without limit and the underground parking lot such as Grand Front Osaka, Hilton, Ritz Carlton, RIHGA Royal Hotel tend to have many small cars and luxury cars. Hilton and Ritz will be> eye-care. LOL
      That's right! Hankyu Grand Building, I often use, but it will be great to stop for a long time, so I try my best to get out by two and a half hours each time (lol)
      After all Hilton is great! I thought that I would go once to see the car stopped next time ^ ^;