Porsche 911 GT3 (991.2) first impression on the day of delivery


GT3 touring first run

The other day, GT3 touring was delivered,Drive approximately 200 km on the first ride on the delivery daydid. Today I would like to introduce the first impressions that my husband felt at that time. By the way, the options for the GT3 touring purchased by the husband and the specifications are summarized in the following article.

911 (991.2) GT3 Touring Package waiting for delivery - reason why my husband made this option · specification

Born in Flacht

When I bought Boxster for the first time "I want to get on GT3 someday"Thinking about the GT3 that is sometimes exhibited at dealers later,Yeah"I was thinking," but I finally got it.

GT3 arrives at dealer

PorscheIn Germany, where there is a development base for motor sports, FlahatThe GT3 developed at the Zuffenhausen plant was finally at hand. A long trip over 9300 km in a straight line, thank you.

When it comes to classes in this area, resales are not bad either, so there are many cases where you can buy one after the other without getting on very much, but IPorsche gets on a ride. You can leave it to the supercar to decorate the garage.I'm going to ride without hesitation.

According to the late Tokudaiji Aritsu, if you try to understand 911 you have to ride five years.

No matter what, I think I got bored, I will ride this car for at least five years.
If you don't ride that much, you won't know about 911.

I don't know how many years to ride, but I'm thinking of shopping, convenience stores, commuting, children's transfers, and of course, touring and not forgetting everyday.

I was told who my wife's Twitter follower was.Not just TP (touring package), "commuting package" (laughs)I intend to use it too. It is because I think that it is respect to the Porsche developers and workers who have been involved in the production of this individual.

Delivery first day

Engine · transmission

The GT3 engine wakes up vigorously after mechanical cranking noise. When the exhaust gas after combustion has occurred in each cylinder leaves the muffler, it leaves a slight backfire-like noise and immediately shifts to idling.

The engine start sound of GT3 is loud in volumeIt is a person. The Boxster GTS is equally big, but the quality of the sound is different. The ratio of mechanical sound is larger in GT3 and the sound is heavier.

The clutch is quite light for this powerIt is.The shift lever is the same short stroke type as other GT series PorscheSo, a little shorter than Boxster GTS's. This shift is used to control the GT Sport Manual Transmission, which was developed for GT3.

991.2 GT3 manual shift

991.2 GT3 meter panel

The shift stroke is very short.The power of the spring returning to neutral is strong and it feels comfortable. This is also a few steps higher than Boxster's. It is easy to understand the area where the clutch is connected, and there is no feeling like connecting in two steps like Boxster.(It is difficult to express. Boxster struggled to get used to this feeling at first.)

When I started running, the engine noise was quieter than I thought. When you turn on sports exhaust, you get a bit more bass, but it's not as noisy as running at town speeds throughout the city. I will check it laterThe sport exhaust flaps open at around 3800 rpmI found that.

991.2 GT3 Sports Exhaust

By the way, when it is turned on at the time of idling, the flap will open and the sound will be loud, but once the gear is connected and running, it will close once and will reopen around 3800 rotations. In other words,The sound does not change for running at town speed.Actually, it is difficult to feel the change of sound even if the button is operated around 2000 rotations.

This seems to be for noise regulation, and for car inspection,

2016 noise control car, noise category M1C1A proximity exhaust noise value 95db measurement rotation speed 3800rpm (The measured rotation speed at the time of applying the old standard 4000rpm)

a. By the way, as long as you look at the net forum in overseas specifications, the controlled rotation speed seems to be the same.

However, there are only GT3 from which various sound insulation materials and members have been removed for weight reduction, and the sound generated by the movable part can be heard clearly.The sound of the gear, the sound of the engine, and something I do not know but I heard from behind andIn particular, various sounds occur until the oil temperature rises.

The boxster GTS delivers a clear sound from the exhaust that is clearly understandable to the general public for running at around 2000-3000 revolutions, but the GT3 is not. If I had to choose one,The noise of mechanical system is large.

Although it is difficult to express in words, Boxster produces "Queen, Bubba (backfire sound)" even in a relatively low speed range, and has an easy-to-understand effect. If you like the sound like a super car, I think the Boxster GTS is preferred.

On the other hand, GT3 has a slightly dull sound like "Goon" in the low rotation range, and when the flap opens, "Poon! And loud. And the volume goes up as the rotation is increased. By the way,There is no backfire sound production, and performance-oriented tuningit seems like.

991.2 GT3 Sport Chronograph

Next is the feeling of the engine.

The first feeling is "something in town"Very rigidly built engineI felt like I was wondering, "Is it really going smoothly to 9000 revolutions?" Including gear noise. Of course, the movement of the tachometer needle is quick and I know that it is a high-performance engine,Immediately after being delivered, I felt stiff and heavy anyway.

As I was in the habituation, I was trying not to step too much, but still,A sense of acceleration to have in the general wayIt is. In expressway tunnels, etc., the sounds are quite loud, and even though they are not heard at all, they avoid the driving lanes as if the previous cars were scattering the baby. I feel sorry for something.

According to the Porsche press data at hand, this engineThe engine of the 911 GT3 Cup is used with almost no specification change.", And"Race engineIt is clearly stated. Certainly that's all there is to it. Moreover, even at low speeds and town speeds, there is no sacrifice in usability at all, or rather,Very easy to handle'S. I have experienced a number of other manufacturers' high-speed engines in various ways, butAfter all Porsche is well balancedI feel overwhelmed.

Ride comfort / suspension

I felt like I was drivingVery comfortable"Is the first impression. Compared to Boxster, it is even flat and absorbs particularly fine vibrations. Hard thing is hard, but it looks like a suspension with few friction.

On a clean road such as a highway, it feels like sliding, and it is extremely smooth.This is the level that competes in the first place and second place among the sports cars I have ever experiencedI think that.

On the other hand, on a road where there are relatively large bumps, and asymmetrical undulations and irregularities, there is a feeling that the vehicle can be shaken to the left and right. I think this is a point because the stroke of the suspension is short, but still the shock itself is well rounded, so even with low back pain I never have a back pain.

I think about this suspension, rather than being developed with the comfort in mind,How do the tires keep track of the road surfaceI think that I put emphasis on. It is very important that the tire's contact with the ground is very important in circuit driving and races, and it is more traction when the tire is properly in contact with the road surface at all times, and it is possible to step on the corners, leading to improved time.

I feel the ground feeling of GT3 is very strong. Therefore, some unevenness of the road surface,The suspension will gently press the tires on the road, which will result in a comfortable ride.

By the way PASM(Set around the foot)The"Sports" is a bit stiffer, but it's still not clear on a well-paved road surface. The difference can be seen in the winding of a somewhat rough road surface. In such situations "Sports" is not recommended. Certainly, although the roll is reduced, it is somewhat confusing, so the contact between the tire and the road surface is weakened, and as a result, it can not run comfortably.

I have read in a previous article about the developers of Cayman GT4."Normal" mode is the perfect setting to run the Nürburgring Nord SchleifeThere was. It is true that the north course of the Nürburgring is steep and rough on some of the rough surfaces.

Also in the GT3 manual "Sports mode is suitable for flat race circuits etc."a. Therefore, if you are riding on a winding road or a pass on a general road, it would be better to run normally, unless it is a very flat surface.

Finally, about the sheet.
This time 'option'Adaptive sports seat plus (electric 18way)] Is selected. It will be one rank higher than Boxster's "Sports Seat Plus (two stages, electric)".

Adaptive sports seat plus (electric 18way)

Although the shape of the sheet is almost the same, in the case of the GT3 tooling package against the full leather of Boxster GTS,Seat and backrest fabricbecome.

The feeling of the seat itself has been made to sit in GT3 of the acquaintance before, with the seat with a considerable stiffness.Lightweight full bucket seatIt is very similar to]. There is also a core in moderate softness, very comfortable, there are many adjustable range by electric. By the way, the adjustment range is below.

  • Backrest angle
  • Front and back height of the seat
  • Seat length
  • Seat side support width
  • Backrest side support width
  • Lumber support (upper and lower position and thickness)

I have low back pain, but because there is a lot of adjustment range, this seat is quite comfortable. In particular,Adjusting the width of the seat and backrest side support will hold your body firmly while drivingSo I found that especially in my case the burden on the waist would be less.

By the way, if you put the influence on the back pain of the seat of Porsche in my house, it is as follows.
(For your reference, it depends on individual differences.

GT3 Touring <Boxster GTS <Panamera Turbo <911 (964)

The 964 seat is the most stressful to the waist, so I can not find the best position yet. The seat of this GT3 is really light load, and it seems to be comfortable enough even with 500km / day class long touring.

This is the first impression I felt on the first day, but as I get closer, I think I will come to know something new, so I will report on that again.

To break-in touring

How was that. The day after the delivery day, my husband went to Shikoku to get used to touring, but I would like to introduce the situation in a later article. By the way, the state of the GT3 touring delivery day (documentary) is summarized in this article.

GT3 finally delivered! -Car delivery day documentary

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  1. Follow

    This day has finally come. I am looking forward to what kind of monster it is. I sent my congratulations to my husband. I am looking forward to the reunion at Yui from now.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much! Yes, GT3 was finally delivered!
      Sound, power and performance are still great
      I am looking forward to meeting you again!

  2. Cara

    While being late
    Congratulations on delivering the GT3. (^ ω ^)

    Very polite impressions,
    I read it happily.

    In a short time, it will come more and more
    I'm looking forward to it (^ ω ^)
    Even if i have another car
    The reason for continuing to ride GT3 is
    Also from this impression
    I was able to understand. (^ ω ^)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for delivering the GT3!
      After all GT3 seems to be completely different-husband was very excited.

      > In a while, more and more will come
      > I am looking forward to it (^ ω ^)
      I think that the feeling that the car will come more and more will not be tasted by other cars.
      Surely if it is GT3 of Cara's time, there will be many more parts to be handled by one's own hand and it will be interesting ...!

      I'm glad if you can come along with us again.
      Continue to thank you!