Five things I learned to drive a manual car

MT (manual) ride

To Kobe by manual car

Since the delivery of the BMW 320i, I am riding every day for practice. When driving for the first time, I'm slammed, and I'm not nervous enough to step on the clutch or the hand that has the shift lever is also a snap. "What will happen in the future ..."On the second day, I was getting used to it, and I was less likely to get on the engine, and on the third day I almost stopped running, and I was scared to take off slopes.

In fact, on the delivery dayThis is it!I thought, "I purchased the following sticker at Amazon, but since I was used by the time I arrived, I no longer need to attach it. Do you leave it for practice of GT3 touring?

And the fifth day. I felt good,From home to the mosaic of Kobe Harborland, try running for about 40 minutes with 320iIt was to be. Or, to the girlsI want to go to the Anpanman Museum"Because I was deceived, I felt that I went to a while thinking" I am absolutely disgusted though it is crowded "but ... LOL

Take the Hanshin Expressway at 320i

You can go from your home to Harborland without using the expressway, according to NaviIt is better to go through the Hanshin ExpresswayIn the beginning, I decided to use the Hanshin Express to go as Nabi said. by the way,At 320iIt is the first time to get on the highwayIt is.

Make sure the ETC is set and accelerate past the toll gate. Although the displacement is not large because it is 2000 CC, because you can operate the gear by yourself,I was able to enjoy a steady acceleration.

Wow, MT feels good ...!

Entering the highway, I was running scared at first in the driving lane, but once I got into the flow it was like an AT car, so I changed the lane to an overtaking lane.As expected the 320i, lane change at high speed, stable without carringWas.

On the way, there were places where I was driven sloppyly due to traffic congestion, but I was able to reach Harborland safely even after getting off at high speed with a gap between the vehicles, passing through the 1st speed start in a row.

I got to drive a manual car

After playing a lot at the Anpanman Museum and umie, I was able to safely return to my home with the children who were sleeping. It is not long before I drive an MT car,Some points I felt when I started to drive an MT caris there. I decided to write to my blog before I forget it.

Drive with an inter-vehicle distance

Get on a MT car,Driving with a distance between carsIt became so. It is scary to think that the previous car suddenly stops, and if you keep the distance as far as possible, you can run smoothly without stopping the car. After, if the distance between cars is too close,Stop, start, stop, startBecause it becomes a repetition of "w

Also check the distant signal

When I was in an AT car, I was only aware that "the signal in front of you was blue, yellow, or red", but when I got on an MT car, I would like to see until the signal ahead Became.

When the previous signal turns red, "the previous signal will also turn red,Slow down a bit and shift downI think it's better to keep it, "on the contrary, if it is blue until the previous signal," from hereIt is safe to drive up to about 4 speedsI understand. " I started to drive properly when I read ahead.

Drive "Maybe"

I was conscious of the AT car, but in the case of the MT car "The area where shift operation and clutch operation can be performed even if your eyes are still closedAs I was not aware of that, I started to drive so that I could handle it at any time, being aware of "a possible driving", such as whether that person would suddenly come out, or if that car would suddenly come in.

Listen to the sound of the car

When I was driving an AT car, I hardly listened to the sounds and voices of the car while driving. Even if you are consciousThe engine sounds cool ~"Well, has the muffler burned and the engine sound louder than before?"degree.

However, after becoming an MT car, I started to listen to the subtle changes in engine noise when releasing the clutch on a slope start. Also"Now that the car is in trouble, I have to shift up."And"I'm sorry! 4 speed and 2 speed were wrong!"Laughs" (laughs), while listening to the car's voice properly, I became conscious of driving the car.

It became kind to people who did not start with green light

Occasionally, I come across people who turn green but do not start. Maybe you're looking at a smartphone, or you're crazy about talking and don't notice that the signal has changed. Before that time, I used to squeeze a horn, but now, "Maybe,MT driving newbie, it may be on the way to the clutch now I'm afraid"I thought," I got to wait until I got off (laughs).

Well, I guess that's not the case.

It becomes safe driving when we get on a manual car

In short,safe driveGot to Fewer vehicles can rely on cars than AT cars,As you are often left to your own operation, drive with a sense of tensionIt will be a body. I'm still not completely used to MT cars.

At this school, most people get an AT-limited license, but at first I think it would be better to take it by MT. I wonder if that person will have a growing awareness of driving safely with their own hands and feeling.(I did not get lost but I was limited to AT, though)

Maybe because I was driving like this, while I was running normally in the neighborhood the other day,I was knocked out from the side by Lexus LS which Grandpa drives,I felt that I could not say anything but ... w Well, I've never exceeded safe driving, so I would like to keep in mind not only MT cars and AT cars but also safe driving.

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  1. Ao

    I am always looking forward to the blog. The achievement of improving MT driving, awareness of safe driving is great! The first imported car was BMW's left-hand drive MT of the 318is coupe (E36). I was very nervous at the beginning but I got used to it for a month. After that, I switched to the SL 55 AMG (R 230), but I still can not forget the pleasure of MT, and now it is the left handle MT of Carrera 4S in the first half of 991. Once you get used to the feeling of MT operation in BMW, I think that it will be okay for Porsche MT!
    Please do your best!

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always seeing the blog.

      The first imported car was BMW's left-hand drive MT of the 318is coupe (E36).
      Thank you very much! In fact, my husband is also on the BMW 318is AT car and still often says, "I want to ride a good car or try again".
      Perhaps driving MT car of that time would be difficult ... I imagined ^ ^;

      The F30 has a lot of support functions, so it seems to be quite easy to drive, so
      I think once again that it is a good car for beginners.

      SL55AMG! ! ! ! This is another car my husband says "I want to ride someday".
      It's really cool to see through the city with a cool, cool engine sound.

      You are currently riding on the 911 MT.
      I will practice well so I can buy Porsche MT cars for myself in the future ^ ^
      Continue to thank you!

  2. PorscheDreamer

    Above all it looks like you are enjoying it.
    Recently, the news of traffic accidents has continued, but what Mr. Mina has written is nothing but annoyance.

    If there are various cars mixed, I think at least at the training school a process that allows you to move the MT car properly (= understand cars) is necessary even if it is an AT limited license.
    Mistakes in stepping on the accelerator and the brake are often discussed, but I feel that there are many types of accidents that would not occur if the MT were without complicated equipment. Soon we will be cheaper for MT car insurance ...

    • MinaMina

      Thank you very much.
      Recently, the news of an accident is often well reported ...

      As Mr. PorscheDreamer says, there is no way to "mistake the accelerator and brake".
      Because I do not know the structure and rely on the car, I wonder if that would be the case.

      If it is an MT car, it will be absolutely safer because it will stall if you make a mistake in the pedals at the clutch foot.

      > I wonder if it will be cheaper for MT car insurance soon ...
      That's right. I wish I had such insurance ...! Lol

  3. Take

    About the signal

    I also see a pedestrian signal in the same direction as the front signal.
    Uh, the pedestrian signal blinks and it can pass in blue if it is this distance or it turns red because this vehicle signal also changes if it is this distance, so I'm riding in the car consciously trying to slow down.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you.

      > I also see a pedestrian signal in the same direction as the front signal.
      It is wonderful. I will drive consciously. Thank you.

  4. Cara

    Mr. Mina
    Hello! A
    It's good, manual (^ ω ^)

    Certainly, it becomes early action early.
    So you can afford to look far
    It is wonderful (^ ω ^)

    It has already appeared,
    The most necessary task for me now ^ ^;
    When jumping into a corner
    Be aware of the movement of surrounding cars
    Turn your eyes out.

    General road or circuit
    The basics are the same (^ ω ^)

    For next month's race
    Willingly (^ _ ^;)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!
      It is the day of MT hardship. I want to get more done, so I will practice more!

      > Already appeared,
      > It is the most necessary task for me now ^ ^;
      > When jumping into a corner
      > Be careful with the movement of surrounding cars
      > Turn your eyes out.

      I do not know that until now, there are so many rules in circuit racing ...
      Within that rule, how fast can it run and how can it run safely?
      I was surprised that it requires a great skill.

      Also look forward to the race video ^ ^!

  5. Injury


    > There are some things I felt when I started driving MT vehicles.
    No ~ all this applies!

    This time the blog revives tension when I drive my friend's MT car after three years since driving school w! I got used after driving for a whole day.

    That's right, MT cars will be serious about safe driving. Because AT car is easy, even those who are not serious about driving can also drive ...

    It is an accident by the topic senior driver recently, but 80 years old or older should be MT limited license! ! You can avoid runaways due to tying mistakes like an AT car. If you make a mistake, I will stall. If you take the AT Limited License, it will be permitted once you release the MT Limited!

    I think it is a good idea ~!
    Mandatory test at the training school once a year and forfeit your license if you go downhill by more than 30 cm.

    • MinaMina

      ぢ ぢ あ あ
      Thank you very much!
      It still doesn't look like hands and feet, and when I go out, I'm starting to roll like "hand brake, mirror, gear" (laughs)

      As I started to drive MT cars, I thought that AT cars were very dangerous.
      It seems safe and dangerous.

      > It is an accident caused by the topic senior driver recently, but 80 years old or older should be MT limited license! ! You can avoid runaways due to tying mistakes like an AT car. If you make a mistake, I will stall. Those who have taken with AT limited license will be permitted once MT limited release!
      I really think so! ! ! As you say, if you are an MT car, it will stop and stop if you make a mistake, so
      It is safer than that!
      My husband also said, "If I stop the operation, I will stop, but if I stop the operation, I will run away and it will not be a safe car."

      I would like to drive an MT car as long as I can get on!
      Thank you in the future ^ ^