I thought about the rumor that "car otaku is not motivated" from a female perspective.

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Is not car makers motivated ...?

While watching the net and twitter"The car nerd is not motivated" "She can not do it"There are times when you may see posts such as. Could it be that the car otaku is really motivated ...?

I thought for a moment but ... well,

I think that car otaku is not motivated.(What kind of guy!?)

If it is not a love masters, it is a super beautiful person like Haruka Ayase who is not a beloved girl nice personality but also I do not qualify to be able to talk about this theme ... But I'd like to write a view on the female perspective .

The reason why it is said that "car otaku is not motivated""Because it's the first car to go anywhere"I think that. The feeling of this "first car" will be hard to accept for women of the world.

For example, in my husband's example(I'm sorry to give you an example in a scenario where there is no activity)...

Previously, when I was on the SLK 350. I stopped the car at my husband's home parking lot and tried to open the door from the front passenger's seat to go out, the seat position of the seat of the SLK was lower than I thought, the power did not fit well into the abdominal muscles, I lost the balance while holding the door handle.

"In this way I will hit the door to the side wall!"When I immediately released my hand from the door, my hands were gone, I got my hands on the concrete ground with vigor and my pain ran in the palm of my hand. Instinctively"Ouch !!!"He said, "My father gave me a face, and my husband promptly said this.

It's okay! The door! ! !


At that time I was there"The epitome of married life in the future"I felt like I saw (laugh)

Try changing the viewpoint?

Generally women"I am attentive to women, I am pleased with making women happy, I like cool-looking men."I think so(In the reverse case as well)When you are together, it may be that you think that "When cars are more important than me !?" when they start to see a lot of actions they say "It seems they can not do with this person."

So"Men in car geeks are not motivated by women"I wonder if he is said to be ....

Just a male car geek, as ever in the car, even for women(There are many people)I think that.

Even if you look around yourself, many men of car geeks take care of her and his wife.(It seems that some people do not express their feelings well because they are not handy type)

AlsoEven at work, the talent of the otaku disposition has been regrettably demonstrated, there are many people who have succeeded or have succeededI feel like. Also, even if I am young people, I am motivated to keep buying and maintaining cars and those who are appraised for work ... If we focus on that part,

Work hard, earn a career, love women forever

How awesome men and mocks!

"No, I say such a thing, but where is the woman who thinks that she's nice looking at it?"Although it may be said that, "to motivate women" and "to meet a woman who suits me" seems to be another story,

It seems to me that being able to meet a woman who is in nature, to do what he wants to do, and to be good with it is more important than to motivate ....

And, what makes me think like this is because I have years as it w

Women who tolerate car nerd

Here I would like to say from the standpoint of the woman, among women"Contents from the appearance" "Not with common sense or the world body, with your own sense of skin and values"Some say that some judge men. The absolute number may be small, but it's definitely there and it's fine around me.

But one thing I can say is,

Such a woman is certainly "slightly strange".

That it is. Although appearance may not be very different from ordinary women, when you talk, it is said that it is not ordinary, it is loud ... It has changed a bit ...(In a good sense)I often feel it.

"My feelings are different from people, and my boyfriend or husband likes cars, and I do not care about cars, and on the contrary, because I also have something I want to do, I will do something I like and enjoy each other"

I wonder if it is like it. As I write this way"It's a woman who has a great understanding and it seems like it will change, but it is really good."Although it may seem, there are points to be noted here.

Do not expect these women to be like a general woman will do (explosion)

For example, if you say you are going to date, get up early in the morning to make lunch boxes and sandwiches for handmade, or when you are tough at work, they ask me kindly talking "That's so hot, do not you understand me ..."

Do not ask for such things(I am like that)

In other words, because it is not normal to speak in reverse, I think that it accepts the things that are not ordinary car otaku and makes it free.

When you meet, hold on!

Then,"Where is that woman?"Although it is said that ... Where is it, truly I do not know if it is asked by me(Hey)But surely,

I do not come to Gokon,
I have not registered it at the marriage counselor

I think. Well then more and more encounters ... (- _ -)

But, although this is a sensual one, it is a relationship between encounters and inquiries to those who inquire, so even if you do not force out looking out,Surprisingly I think that such a woman may be close to him.

The important thing is that for women in front of you"This is it!"If you feel something like that, do not hesitate or hold back, grab it properly with that hand. If you find the car you want "this is!", It's the same as when you get anything (laugh)

I do not understand what I am talking to who I am ... so I will excuse myself in this area m (_ _) m

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