Until the day when you can manage Porsche Boxster GTS (MT) -Vol.4

Ashi Drive way

I canceled the AT limit in 2015

Canceled the AT limited license in order to be able to drive Boxster GTS (MT)Then, three years. With twists and turns"I can not drive a manual car anymore"There was also a time when I gave up almost, but when I tried it for the first time in a while for the first time in a while, I got to feel a little sense of MT. That's why I decided to go driving practice with my husband last weekend.

By the way, because Boxster is a two-seater, the children were asked by their mother-in-law.

When I started driving practice of Boxter, I was able to only do "residential streets with few cars and almost no signal on the residential area of ​​flatland, running with a drunk driving alone"In recent practice I came to Ashi Driveway.Nonetheless, my husband is driving from home with many slopes to Ashi Driveway(Although it really does not practice to drive all from home, burns),

Switching driving with few car parking spaces.

Before embarrassing story, I thought it complicatedly with my head, and even I could not grasp the sense that the clutch would be connected properly. I was afraid of the engine and fearfully loosening the clutch, it took more than 30 seconds to start. So this time I made my head white,"I listen to the sound (voice) of a car rather than a tachometer" and I realized that when I operated the clutch while I felt ... I was able to start smoothly!

I see! !

Finally I was able to grasp where Boxter clutches are connected, sound and sense!

I was on a tune"What is it that you are being licked by Boxster today!"And suddenly started stepping on the accelerator and flying,

"Wait a moment, go over with such a flight! If you do it slowly!

I was stopped by my husband (-_-)"No, but since I heard that Boxster sleeps from the side every time, I thought about going to say such a thing today."To say,

That's why you do not have to treat the accelerator and clutch somewhat. It is important to do things quickly and politely.

I am admonished .... I tried driving carefully for the first time and after driving it, my husband also got a certificate of "getting used to it a long time", "I made it to 3rd speed, yes 4th speed, yes, 3rd speed" for a while I was practicing 3rd and 4th gear.

Incident in 5th → 4th gear

Then, when the husband arrived a long straight line,

Well then put it in "5th speed" here

He said.

Eh! Fifth speed (; ゚ Д ゚)! What?

While I was nervous as if I had never been in fifth gear, I managed to keep gearing my 5th gear somehow and continue driving. My husband where I saw a curve further away,

"Yes, then here to 4th gear"

As I said, as soon as I was tense, I took gear with gear and the engine sound of Boxster suddenly got strange.

Wrong! That is not the 4th speed! Second speed or ヽ (`Д ')! !

And husband.

"Eh! That so (* _ *) !! I am sorry!" And I went back to gear and managed to escape the difficulties,

When changing the gear from 5th speed to 4th speed, force is not put in force though. When lightly pulling it downwards, the gear will return to the neutral position without permission, so if you put it down there, it will be the 4th gear.

I got a lecture to my husband ... From there we repeatedly practiced practicing 5th, 4th, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 4th and 3rd gear.

The first, the roar of Boxster!

After that, my husband got used to it gradually,

It slows down speed when shifting down. Well, although it is not so bad, even if it does not decelerate to that point, if you accelerate the accelerator at the timing of downshifting (blipping) to match the rotation speed, there will be no shift shock and a cool sound will be made

He said.

"No, no matter what you say suddenly that difficulty level is high, you can not do it (- _ -)""Well then, if you put it in Sports Plus mode, it will automatically blip out, so it's noisy when you do it in an urban area, but here it is from the Kado-dori"And turn on sports plus mode.

I do not care about fuel economy any longer (explosion)

Then accelerate and put the gear in 4th gear,"Yes, now 3rd speed!"When shifting down at the timing told to my husband, Boxster barked! !

"Boo horn !!!!"

Boxster GTS tires

"Ooo !! Boxster barks for the first time! What !! Match me feel yeah !!!"In other words,

Sayurara, enjoyable (¯ ー ¯)

And satisfied husband. After that, repeat the shift change on the condition, and whenever you hear the roar of Boxter called "Boo!" For each shift down,

Extremely comfortable - (* ゚ ∀ ゚)! !(old)

Randomized. In addition, when you release the accelerator "Bubababaparakaratta(I do not know what to express)I was able to hear the back fire called "I am satisfied.

After that, stopped the car, several times on the slope start and slope back? I also did it, "It was my first time to practice, never to be stalled(Level lower talk and w),at last"Driving a manual car is fun!"It was a day I thought.

However, as I had been driving for a long time so far, I got quite tired, so I changed my driving with my husband and went home.

Just in the past, as the husband drives,"Yeah like this road that has many slopes, I will drive in MT"I thought, but at this time,

Although there are many slope roads, even if it is slightly stalled, it will take the engine as soon as possible, whatever it is a good idea to put the parking brake manually, and if you drive calmly, it seems okay. "

Since it came to be able to think, I wonder if I could make much progress. I would like to be able to drive at home from home to Ashi yesterday by MT!

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    Oh, it became fun to drive the manual, is not it?

    > If you turn to Sports Plus mode, I will. It will automatically blip.

    Although there is a sports mode, how is it?
    718 If you are a Cayman catalog and you attach a sports chrono, you can read it like automatic blipping in sports mode.
    My sports chrono none! So, of course, there is no automatic blipping.

    Owner's file # 5 and Ishi B also

    > If you use auto-blipping enabled in sports mode, you will automatically adjust the rotation

    It is written.

    I think that it is important information for those studying 981 MT. (It may be only me, but ...)

    Secondly, in the magazine review, sports exhaust is remembering that sports mode is the most loud sound, sports plus is written with performance preference rather than directive sound, but at Boxster GTS How is that?

    I will be happy if you let me post an article. Thank you.

  2. Ishi B


    Nice to meet you.

    When I switched to the 981 Spider I now have, I thought that "It is different from 718" when the auto bleaching pin was activated by sports plus rather than sports. So in 718 I remember that auto bleaching was effective in sports mode. Actually, since that review wrote on memories and then memo of the time after releasing 718 already, it may be wrong with respect to the mode in which auto bleaching is effective. I am a little confident ... I am sorry if I made a mistake.

    Regarding the sound, there is a memory that became grown-up compared with sports plus when it is a sports plus when riding in 981 GTS PDK (with sports exhaust solstice). Regarding 718, I remember like sports mode and sports plus mode did not feel such a difference so much. However, since GTS seems to be special in directing the sound, the difference may be felt when 718 is also GTS. How is that?

    • MinaMina

      Mr. PorscheDreamer, Ishi B
      Thank you for your comment! !

      Regarding this matter, there seems to be many mistakes in information on the test drive of the Internet etc!

      When asking my husband,
      "There is no automatic blipping of MT unless you put in a sports chrono and it is not in sports plus mode.I think this is the same as 981 and 718. Although there are many articles that can be read as in sports mode as well, I do not think so, since I studied enough to die.
      Also, 981 also I heard from the driving school participants that there is no automatic blipping function even with sports plus even though it is an initial type (although it is unknown exactly how many years it is until 2012, 2013). (The truth is unconfirmed.)
      It said.

      But since there are various information, it is difficult ,,,, I will try again about this article!

  3. Ishi B

    It is a correction.

    > As for the sound there is a memory that became grown-up compared with sports plus when it is a sports plus when riding in 981 GTS PDK (with sports exhaustion)

    In sports plus, there is a memory that became more adult than sports mode.


    I wrote in a hurry on the road so I made a mistake in writing.

  4. PorscheDreamer

    Just to be sure I write it, in 718 catalog p 47
    "Combined with optional sports chrono package (GTS model is standard equipment), if you select sports or sports plus mode,
    Blipping function works. Each shift down realizes optimal engine speed, more emotional runs, and great sound. "
    There is so, at least for 718 I think that auto flipping works in sports mode. I think that I will not make a mistake.

    As for 981, since it was confirmed that Mr. Mina's automatic blipping was only sports plus in Mr. Bina, it seems that it may be considered probably that it changed from 718 together with Mr. Ishi's memory.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you! Indeed, it means that Ishi B, who was written in the catalog and actually owned,
      As for 718, it means that auto gripping is good in sports mode!
      Regarding the auto gripping of 718 and 981, there are not many sites that are clearly stated, so there is no other choice but to check the information together ...

      When posting information in Porsche owners file,
      If you have 981 or 718, I will try to ask them about it in detail!
      Thank you very much!