Delivery of Porsche 911 (964C2)-air cooling review from a female perspective

Air-cooled Porsche

911 came to my house

Last Friday, 911 arrived at home at last. But,Not model 991, air cooled Porsche 964C2It is. Owners of secondhand car dealerships delivered from all the Nagoya to Hyogo prefecture's home.(And thank you and souvenirs for sweets for kids! Thank you!)

Even so, it is totally tiny!

Body color"Amazon Green"However, depending on the light intensity, it can be seen in green, in blue, in black. Actually this individual is "No. 9 No. 73 of 911 DAYS"It was published as a magazine model on P63-67. As expected it was just chosen as a model, the condition is very nice and very beautiful.

So this time"How I felt when driving the 964 C 2 quickly, my first impression"I compiled it. By the way, I usually ride 971 Panamera usually, 981 Boxster (MT) ride occasionally. I had only experienced relatively modern water cooled Porsche, and in 911 I only drove a single test drive.

In other words,Almost the first time to drive 911, not to mention air-coolingThat is the situation.

Impression of 964 until delivery

Actually I did not expect at all in 964 at first. Because,

· Air conditioner does not work
· Inside the car is narrow
· Overheat in summer

It was because there were many opportunities to hear negative information such as. That's why air cooling Porsche"It looks like it will be broken even now, and while riding comfort is bad, it's a car that will get on and get on."I had the image of(I'm sorry…).

And after delivery. The weather was unfortunately rainy but already the car was dirty from Nagoya to my house and the car was dirty,"If it gets dirty anyway, let's get on today!"I decided to drive around the neighborhood after getting dark.

The first thing surprised about 964 is "door". It is also well written for test drive reviews,The metallic sound that closes "Gashan!" And the feeling when it is closed can never be tasted by modern PorscheI thought that.

After that, I got into the passenger seat and surprised to see my husband running the car.

Amazing ... this is an air-cooled Porsche ....

"Run, stop, and turn"Has been realized in high dimensions and I could feel the current Porsche ride and the roots of running firmly(Well, if you follow more, I will probably go to 356 and so on)

On the other hand, the feeling of rigidity, the comfortably fitting seat, firm and riding comfort, the feeling of ground contact with the ground, etc. can not be felt quite well in the present Porsche ...In Germany in 30 years ago, a well-made car made by an excellent craftmen with pride with a prideI felt like that.

I also thought that "the ride seems to be bad," but I absorbed the shock firmly even in the firm ride, "I thought it would not be a problem at all if I went to long drive at 964". After that, put gasoline, we decided to change driving.

And I grasped the steering wheel quickly and I was surprised to start the car!

The handle is heavy ((; ゚ Д ゚) !!

To heavy weight, initially it was turning around at the time of right or left turn, but it was strange and was on riding"On the contrary if there is not this weight of the handle, it may be unsatisfactory."I gradually became familiar with myself, so it was strange.

The brakes were pretty heavy, but unlike the weight like the super car we had previously ridden, unlike the heavyweight, even if it is tough to steer a lot, it will hear quickly and there was no shock of Gakkon.

Speaking of "classic car" until now, the image of Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) which was in our house till the other day was strong, but it is totally different from the feeling of SL wanting to run elegantly in luxury, 964 If you"I want to run more and more!It became a feeling.

"I am impressed by how amazing it is amazing" so too, my husband

"What, what's wrong, I did not think I am addicted to you so much"

Although being said variously, rain started to get home in less than an hour as the rain became tight.

To Ashi Driveway!

And Sunday. Because I was blessed with the weather, I entrusted my children to my mother-in-law, two couples and I took a 964 ride and ran ashi driveway and expressways.

Handling is wonderful also for Panamera that we normally ride"When you brought it to winding, it feels as if the car got smaller like a single"It is sometimes expressed as. However, it is still a fact that it is a huge body exceeding 2 tons in weight, about 2 m in width and 5 m in length.

Compared to that, the 964 had few rolling curves, the handling was accurate and I enjoyed it very much.

There was also a sense of partner, "I thought it would be a lot of fun if I went to Long Touring with this girl," I thought that it was fun and because sunroof was attached, running really while feeling autumn breeze in fine weather was really good feeling.

And unintentionally"It is amazing! It looks very similar to the feeling of 911 (991) that I had a test ride before!"When I told my husband,

No, as this is genuine 911 and (- _ -)

I was shrouded. That's right, I was on the 911 (laugh)

However, compared to the current 911, 964 requires a driving skill for the carI also thought. 991, I am not particularly confident in driving I could run a lot further on the road,"Were you able to drive better?"It was enough to mistake. Because it is well controlled electronically, I did not feel strongly that "Reasonably hard to drive 911" of the rear engine / rear drive.

In other words, it seems like "Honor student".

Just 964, it does not work. The descending curves were relatively easy to drive, but it was quite difficult for the upward curve. Because it is RR,When stepping on the brake before the curve is late it will not bend at allAlso, it was difficult to step on the accelerator for the rise from the curve.

Moreover, the steering wheel is also heavy, he was driving all the way while talking to himself as saying "It is hard to say ~" (laugh)

In order to ride 964, knowledge and driving skills are necessary. From 964 while driving Ashio-

"Smack, sweet, I will not easily get on with it"

And as I felt like being told all the time (haha)

In the case of 964, the process leading up to this ride from the initial state is interesting,As soon as you get closer to the car and you finally feel a sense of unity, you can drive, it's frankly fun and funI thought it would be.

Also, since I was afraid to take a step on the accelerator, I was hesitant, so I could not feel the air-cooled engine sound that felt good with my driving(I felt good when I felt by driving my husband)... It seems that it will take more time for this girl to forgive my heart (laugh)

On highway

On the other hand, the expressway had a sense of stability more than I thought, and I felt the speed of experience felt while driving at 100 km / h. Also when cutting the steering wheel when changing the lane, I cut it pleasantly without having to slam anything. Truly a Porsche.

However, as I am accustomed to the enormous feeling, security and acceleration of Panamera Turbo,There is a time when I have a little bit of trouble, I am getting rid of my steering wheel, and accelerating at merging is unsatisfactoryFelt. But if you compare it with Panamera, ah well.

Also, it was a little troublesome to manually light it every time I entered the tunnel. I will always forget everything, so I have been keeping lights on all the time,"I parked this way, the battery could go up and you could call JAF ..."I thought.(Since I drove a rental car long ago and I called JAF for that reason)

After driving the Ashi Driveway, 964 in the 964, after passing the expressway, I got car verification and what did I do in the Porsche Center,

As you arrive, Mr. H in charge"What is this car?"I was surprised (laugh) ... I got a novelty goods of the chatter fair and came home.

About air cooling 911 (964 C 2)

Noi Haya 964 is really amazing. I never thought that driving was such a fun and well made car. This was made 30 years ago and it is really amazing to be able to run without problems even now.

However,I felt it was still necessary to practice to ride it. Though I never thought of anything so far, people on the air-cooled ride are amazing, there must be considerable driving skills I respected again.

So, my first impression is over. I would like to introduce my husband's feelings again in the article, but my husband,

It is still ahead to put together the 964 feelings. Can only say shallow contents now. It is not like a car that opens my mind, about a week or so. The impression is that I took more ride and also touring tooling, since I could understand it deeply.

As I was mumbling, it seems that it will be a long time ago to introduce my husband's feelings (laugh)

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  1. PorshceDreamer

    Nice 964, I want to get on someday.
    I am also looking forward to the husband's impression, but since it is interesting to the reader how the impression changed from the first impression, please also record early comments etc.

    Even so
    > Although descending curves were comparatively easy to drive, it was quite difficult for uphill curves.
    > Because of RR, if it is slow to step on the brake before the curve, you will not bend at all
    Watching the sentences alone, Mina is flying away? If it is ascending, the weight of the brakes will remain so far as to be bent before the weight is going to bend, are you pushing in with the speed at which the understeer comes out? It seems to be like.

    • MinaMina

      Moreover, I will try to give my husband's impressions often ^ _ ^ For Tiptro, there seems to be plenty of feelings even now.

      Regarding uphill curves, I still do not have a sense of myself, probably I think they have not skipped so much,
      When trying to bend with the feeling of Panamera or Boxster, it does not bend. .

      Rather than RR, the handle is quite heavy. .

      Even if the steering wheel is turned off at the usual timing,
      You can not operate right away,
      Alright! Because it will become like feeling,
      Handle operation delayed,
      It may be that it turns big as a result.

      I wonder if it's a male,
      As it is still a woman, is that so?
      No, he is deep. . (^ ^;


    964 Congratulations on your delivery!

    I think that it is an air-cooled model where I will arrive after all if I like Porsche. Especially 964 is the final model of the original 911 design, I think that it is "dangerous" 911 in a sense, unlike 993 where the rear suspension has become multi-linked and increased stability. Nevertheless, I think that it is a model that answered contemporary demands with air conditioner attached with ABS with air bag attached (late model only).

    When you close the door with a metallic sound like a safe and a key, you can twist the key, the sound of the cooling fan of the bushbasa along with the roaring sound, and the sound of the oil that the oil circulates are unique.
    It is not the exhaust sound made with the muffler when stepping on the accelerator, it is like a living thing that the sound of the piston of the engine comes directly into the car.

    Apparently I liked it I was glad ♪

    Is the handle and brake so heavy? What?
    I think I will not change so much by looking at the MT of 964 and 991 when I ride it? As far as the clutch is concerned, 991 feels heavier but ...

    The shortcoming of 964 is that it does not turn!
    Perhaps the cutting angle of the front wheel is sweet. Even if you can turn even Cayen on a two-lane road on one side there are many things you can not turn around with one shot at 964.

    After that the rear suspension is not multi-link, so it will become slippery when the rain falls and the rear wheel gets muzzled. Flying a rainy day Ikemasen!

    And tire dependency is high. Even if there are grooves, let's exchange dirty tires with new ones when it gets older.

    I am also looking forward to your husband's report. I am currently in the car in the 25th year of the 964 car inspection.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Indyia
      Thank you!
      Finally 964 delivered cars.

      Seeing the comments, I am familiar with 964 things, it is true so! Part and,
      "I can taste such a feeling from now on as I get on!" Expectation,
      Various thoughts came up.

      Handle, because I am a woman ...
      I felt it was quite heavy, and when I tried the 991 I did not have a particularly heavy feeling
      (Probably not having changed much with Panamera or Boxster ...)
      Is it an individual difference?

      964 is 25 years old car inspection is amazing ...!
      I got such a big deal, 964 of Inyunia's is also happy ^ ^

      I think that my first impression of my husband's report can be reported soon.
      I would be happy if you can tell us a lot from now on.
      Thank you!

  3. Ruun Rumba


    Oh! Congratulations on delivering cars! Although it is air-cooled 964 with individual differences intensely, the goodness of the degree is transmitted from the photograph, too. Certainly my first impression was "Safe + Go Kart ÷ 2".
    First I got scared of the sound of that cuckoo (lol) Does the handle really have power steering compared with the current model? It is as heavy as I thought.
    But it is fun, is not it? I was driving by grinning alone (Donling) I am looking forward to your continued impression.

    Then I am 718 Boxster PDK, but I liked it too so I ordered it with MT. Although it is slightly uneasy whether it turns comfortably like 981 (lol) I chose a new color crayon for color. Work hard work hard.

    • MinaMina

      Ruun Rumba!
      Thank you! Finally the car was delivered ^ ^

      > My first impression was also "safe + go kart ÷ 2".
      Oh how exact expression (lol) ...! ! ! ! That's right! Although it feels like a safe like a safe, it runs pretty well, it was a mysterious feeling.

      > But it's fun, is not it? I was driving by grinning alone (Don der)
      There is strange charm about air cooling. That's right, does not it make me something?
      Every time I stop the steering wheel, a little accelerator pedal, change the lane, I get frustrated with ladies (lol)
      It is a car made this thirty years ago, I think that Porsche is really amazing.

      > Then I am 718 Boxster PDK, but I liked it too so I ordered it with MT. Although it is slightly uneasy whether it turns comfortably like 981 (lol) I chose a new color crayon for color. I will try my best.
      Oh! ! ! ! It is amazing! ! ! That's right! ! ! And crayons! ! !
      My husband is already in love with crayons, absolutely crayons if I buy a Porsche in the next new car! ! ! I am saying.
      It is a messy stylish Boxster ^ ^

      Please tell me again what kind of feeling, such as pleasant sound ^ ^ ^