To Nakabayashi Industry of a car body cover maker, I got covers made by carrying real cars!


Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is blog administrator Mina.I had an interview before.Long-established manufacturers of body covers and body coversMr. Nakabayashi IndustryAt the other day, I brought a Panamera body cover with my actual car. This time special,I was given permission to take a picture of the process from the measurement to the creation of the body coverSo, I would like to report on that situation.

1. What is actual car carry-in measurements

Bodycover free gift!

In the past, when asked for the body cover of Nakabayashi Industries for our Porsche 981 Boxster GTS and Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129)Husband rich in acclaimWas.

"Well, let's order Panamera's body cover!"

As I contacted him, because of the new model after the full model change, it is said that Nakabayashi Industry is not yet type.

Nakabayashi Industry seems to have about 3000 types of body cover now, but there are obviously no models. So, if you bring in a relatively new model after a full model change or a real car of the desired model that Nakabayashi Industry designates,As a gratitude for measuring cooperation, you can get the 1st bodycover free of chargeIt is supposed to be.(If a gift for a body cover is unnecessary, you can have a VJA gift card for 10,000 yen on the completion day)

In addition, the photograph after the actual car and cover is attached, as a production diary of Nakabayashi Industry later "MinkaraIt is published in.

"Present the first body cover for free"It is a very attractive content, so I'm willing to bring in a real car this time.

Three courses to bring in a real vehicle

In bringing in an actual car, you need to select one from the following three courses.

① 1 day finish course
Course that brings in a car at 9 o'clock on weekdays and completes work on that day. Recommended for people coming from afar.
② Difficult course
Course to bring in a car for about 40 minutes each time, 3 to 5 times until completion of mold, or more (average 4 times). One day It is hard to leave your car, recommended for neighboring people.
③ One-night deposit course
Leave the car for more than 24 hours and go back to pick up the car again the next day (or two days later). Nakabayashi industrial side also said that it is the most recommended course because it aims for a good mold and can take enough time.

By the way,③ "One-night deposit course"Was selected.

Regarding the carrying-in of a real car, the round-trip gasoline fee from home to Nakabayashi Industry and transportation expenses are actual expenses, but while you leave the car you can lend a substitute car.(NAlllin Industry will serve gasoline fee for substitution)

Why bother bringing in the real car?

However, I was honestly surprised at first that "I do not have to bother bringing in an actual car ...". For actual carry-on,"Adjustment of both schedules" "Arrangement of cars" "Time required for sample preparation" "Securing necessary personnel for that"It takes time and effort, both for the owner bringing in the car and for Nakabayashi industry.

Furthermore, if you keep your car overnight, even if you handle it carefully"The car gets scratched" "It stolen"The risk is not zero.

Also, although Panamera in our home is a model after full model change, the size and design of the car body has not changed so much with the previous generation. So"Based on the type of the predecessor, if you make it while checking the size of the car with the maker's catalog etc., is not it enough?"I thought honestly.

I asked Mr. Nakagawa of the president about that, and this response returned.

"Indeed, it takes time and effort to bring in actual cars, but the most important role of the body cover is"Protect car"about. To that end, we do not calculate data from the manufacturer's catalog value, but we think that we need to make a body cover carefully with our own recipe and sense, in front of the actual vehicle. Actually, I have made all the paperworks that are currently based on actual cars,As long as we can not meet actual cars, we can not produce the cover of that car."


I see…. This is the pride of a manufacturing manufacturer.

However, since the body cover measurement due to bringing in a real car is very popular, it seems that the current acceptance has temporarily stopped. According to the schedule, it is expected to resume at the beginning of the year.

2. On the day of measurement day

From the morning to Nakabayashi Industry

So, at last the morning of the day, I headed to Nakabayashi Industry in Panamera. It is a sunny forecast on this day. I thought that it was troublesome because the car needed to get rain by the time I went and it was necessary to wipe the rain water after arrival, so it is sunny and relieved.

The company and factory of Nakabayashi Industry is located about 3 minutes from the Hakikino interchange of Minami Hanna Road. I arrived at the site without getting particularly confused, and as soon as I entered the inside, there were many cardboard boxes of body covers waiting for shipment.

Anything, due to the large typhoon that occurred in September this year, the order of the body cover is flooded, it seems that shipping can not catch up.(It should be calm by the time this article is published)

And after having greeted with Mr. Nakagawa and employees, we first handed out three materials.

The first one"For those who visited us for measuring"As a result, there are notes on actual carry-in and guidelines for the time required for measurement and creation etc. are written.

On the back side, you can sightsee informa- tion around towards the one-day finish course! How kind (laugh)!

And the second piece is a consent form.

Nakagawa says,"Although initially I did not create a consent form, I was advised that it would be better to prepare from the surroundings, I made it just in case."And that. In the consent form,

· To measure the car body as much as possible but to touch some parts
- The process of measurement and the state after completion are to be posted on "Minkara" blog after photography
· If there is a scratch from the original in the car, confirm it in advance and offer
· In case of extension of work, there must be contact in advance

And it was written.

The third piece is an application form for a substitute car. This paper is obviously a material that is passed only to those who need a car.

Step 1. Measuring

After checking the document and signing it was immediately measured. There are many sheets of paper that fill out the size of the car body finely,

Along this, two staff members measure, and Nakagawa says the measurement work proceeds in a way to note the numerical value. Mr. Nakagawa and employees are also in serious mode, so I also saw them with chuck in my mouth during this time.

I was surprised to see the work, the fineness of the measuring part."Well, do you measure it to such a certain extent!?" To the part, in all, 30 to 40 or more points in allI hear that.

However, as the breath is perfect with everyone's familiar hands, this sizing work itself ended in around 5 minutes.

Step 2. Sample making (first time)

After the measurement, make the first sample. Usually it takes about 30 to 40 minutes for sewing, about 30 minutes for sewing, about 1 and a half hours to finish, because it was supposed to cover a series of flows this time, so 970 PanameraPredecessor)We have prepared samples of.(Since it is a sample that was previously created and kept, the fabric is wrinkled, but it seems to be more beautiful originally)

Immediately, put the sample body cover on the car ...

It will be like this.

Step 3. Pen holder

Mr. Nakagawa carefully checks the covered bodycover's tightness and age.

From an amateur person, I felt that this 970 pattern was perfect enough, so when I said "I can do this at all, but ..." Mr. Nakagawa"No, it does not exist at all"One word.

"... For example ... There is a deflection here.When rainwater or dust gathers here, it will cause the fabric to deteriorate and cause damage to your car."

"In addition, there are also a bit of around the hood and the rear.If you do not leave a little extra space around here, I will put a burden on the car.When the position of the mirror is also different between the conventional type and the new type It appears to be slightly different, you have to fix this again. "

"Well, it may be so if you say so," I was not worried at all, but at this stage it seemed that Nakagawa was far from the goal it was aiming for.

After that, where modification is necessary"I cut this part about this"I will do pen work to show that.

By the way it is said that this pen holder has only minimal signs, so it has no effect on the body. After finishing all checks, remove the body cover from the car body again.

Step 4. Sample making (second time)

After that, all the perforations of the body cover are unwound. "Wow! Is it all right !?" and be surprised"Yes, I am going to fix everything and put the pen placement in place."Mr. Nakagawa.

According to the statement "cut about this", sewing is done again about 30 minutes that cut or modified the fabric.

AndMake it over the car again, then put the pen again, unwind, modify, sew and ... usually repeat 2-3 times.It seems that it takes a considerable amount of time for this adjustment.

It seems there are some types that are determined to be basically one time, but it is rare that it is rare.

Incidentally"Okay Kima! Let's go with this!"The final decision of being Nakagawa-san of the president is done,

"Even if I say that they are dimensionally fit and that everyone is OK with this anymore, if my feeling is not coming up properly, I will try again and again until I am comfortable."

It was that.

It is amazing.

Nonetheless, in the case of Porsche, it seems to be relatively easy to type.I wrote also in the previous interview articleHowever, the design of Porsche is reasonable and natural, so it is not necessary to do a big revision work so far, on the contrary, a super car etc. of a unique design seems to be very difficult.

【Next page】 Next day, the perfect body cover is finally completed! !

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  1. How to support life

    Good evening.
    A little overseas with Osaka, Nagoya, Nagano, Sendai
    I'm pretty bad, but I do not like extreme airplanes for business trips abroad
    Even just there is no lucky.

    I would like to ask Nakabayashi Industry Cover for cover. Matcia.
    I'd like to have you visit the site if possible,
    Habikino? It is far from Tokyo.
    Unfortunately I have given up my visit.

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      Thank you very much!

      > It seems a little bit tasty with business trips with Osaka, Nagoya, Nagano, Sendai,
      Uh no moving distance is not he ...! Great!

      > I would like to ask Nakabayashi Industry Cover for cover. Matcia.
      By all means! 971 Panamera Turbo Executives should be able to type and the number of car washes is really drastically reduced,
      I highly recommend it!
      That's right, it is a bit difficult if you are visiting from Tokyo. Since the company of Nakabayashi Industries is in the south of Osaka,
      It is a bit far from Osaka city ...

      Nonetheless, Nakagawa's extraordinary commitment, craftsmanship, I think that I would like to feel with skin once ^ ^;