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Porsche 911 Story

The other day at home"Porsche 911 story"A very heavy book arrived.

The author is a foreigner named "Paul · Frère".

Who is this grandpa (* _ *)

I tried to find out ...

A Belgian driver born in France. It was a driver who played an active part in F1 from 1952 to 1956, and after retiring he became a car journalist. Mutual friendship with Mr. Akutaro Kobayashi of the first editor in magazine "Car Graphic" has been deep since the 1960s, and has also appeared frequently in magazines and programs. A very famous person among 911 fans. He died at the age of 91 in 2008 but continued to keep his passion for the car, such as self-running Nürburgring at the age of 90.

And that. While thinking "I am such a wonderful person", when I heard that my husband who came home that day "famous this person?",

Fame, anything,It is the best Porsche ride in the world, it is a journalist, a great person anywayAnd. So this "Porsche 911 story" is also said to be a 911 ride bible. Well, there are two more books Paul Freres wrote in my home.

And they came out.

Porsche Boxster StoryToNew High Speed ​​DrivingThis is the Porsche 911 story. This Porsche 911 story is the final version book written by Mr. Paul Freder about 911, but unfortunately this is already out of print so it seems to have pretty pretty.

CG and Paul Freres

"Mr. Paul Freder is also deeply involved in car graphics"As a result of examining WEBCG 's article, an article remembering him was posted after Mr. Paul Freder died.

Writing this article, "Mr. Oya Akio" was the first time in 2002 to meet Mr. Paul Freres. It is said that the place was the venue for the competition · Deregans "Louis Vuitton Classic (LVC)" held in Paris at that time.

Mr. Frale and Mr. Oya who were judges came accidentally at the lunch seats,I think it is rude to talk to Mr. Freder of such a big deal., Oya says she was talking with a journalist sitting on the other side. After that, when the main dish was over, I saw the dessert plate which was being carried, Oya san was surprised.

What a fresh business card was added to the dessert plate ...!

When Oya san was crazy and was talking with a neighbor, Mr. Freder seemed to have put a business card softly, Mr. Oya was surprised and saw Mr. Freder saying that he was laughing mischievously.

It seems that it was a charming, warm, friendly, wonderful person rather than being boggy because it was a big bargain. The episode which was written after that is also wonderful,

Even at the following year's LVC, Mr. Freder was coming as a judge. This time I talked with flu and speak in fluent Italian. (Omen) From me, I am a young man. Despite being in a situation to talk over with a change in mind.

That was the same as the previous year, but Mr. Freder had already stuck. Even so, Mr. Still was clearly showing up in the press day of the Geneva show every year. And when greeting greeted us, we grasped precisely the points of the new model car that should be noteworthy every year.

Speaking of Mr. Freder, Christmas card arrived every year from Monaco 's home. If a journalist 's career is compared to a rakugo family, it is like a creative rakugo who gets in the way to receive New Year' s cards from a classical master of human national treasure.
Sometimes Japanese-style cards were in there. What a stylish weigher! It was I and French according to year, but each was a polite handwriting. I refine my language, I am always interested in new models, even if I am in a distant country like me. And it moves by oneself without relying on people.
Mr. Freder was taught in a silent manner the behavior as a journalist in Europe.

*Article Source: WEBCG 31st: "Hi speed driving" could not be experienced ...... Paul Frère inspired

Honest, humble, sincere, at what age will I increase myself. I felt again that a wonderful person would say a person like Mr. Paul Freder.

Let's read the 911 riding bible!

What kind of book was written by someone like God ... When I turned over the cover, there was such a sentence that Ferry · Porsche wrote about Mr. Paul Freder.

Paul Freres, the author of this book, is one of the few people who knows our company at the time of its establishment. (Abbreviation) In particular, as a calm tester for the last 25 years, as one of the enthusiastic fans, we tried almost all 911 models and we made many commentaries. I do not know as a person qualified for the history of the development of 911, a suitable person over Mr. or more.

It is truly amazing to keep knowing the history of Porsche from its inception. It's a book that such a person wrote, so I was excited that I had to be amazing and I tried turning the book ...


... Akan, I do not understand what you are saying! (* _ *)

My husband told me that "Maniac's mechanical content is too much, and I can understand it at all (- _ -)"

"I also have an understanding part at some places.This person will be able to tell 911 in detail so far, even this person is around the world, there is a top on top"

He was hat off.

It is amazing. Somehow I became a little embarrassed that I can not say Porsche love as much as I update the Porsche blog every day. I need more study.(Wondering what I am aiming for) w)

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  1. PorscheDreamer

    Oh, Paul Freres. CAR GRAPHIC 's column is nostalgic (I have forgotten whether it was from Europe or Overseas). Recently I think that there are many articles that the editorial department has traveled abroad, but since there were many (sentences translated) that were sent from over there in the past.
    I bought a Die Porsche 911 Story (probably German version) that I wanted to see the illustration of the 911 story and can buy it on Amazon as usual. If anything is difficult, I wonder what words will be together. Please do not hesitate to ask a question (^ ^)

    • MinaMina


      That's right! Previously, there were many translations of articles from over there, the contents are quite interesting.
      What kind of column was it? I guess it was probably a lot of content to study.

      German version of Porsche 911 story, lol

      I will study with my husband and wife so that I can answer when I have a question!