What is the overall rating of her husband who owned Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) for half a year?


964 Carrera 2 came

Last Friday,Finally the air cooled Porsche (964 Carrera 2) came to the house.I will introduce on the blog again about the specification and the review of the feeling that I actually got on. Actually, as this air-cooled Porsche came, we decided to part with Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) which was in our house until now.

SL 500 (R <b> 129)

So, I would like to introduce my husband's impressions that I owned SL500 (hereafter called R129) called a famous car for about 9 months.

Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129) reviews

Mileage after purchase is about 4000 km.From long touring, everyday foot, commuting, winding, The husband drove this R 129 in various situations.(I ran only about 3 times)Among them, the part and impression that husband is particularly impressed about this SL 500 are as follows.

① Suspended to be soft

When I first got on this car, my husband"How soft feet it is"I heard that I received the impression. Even though I felt so extra because I had a lot of opportunities to ride Porsche usually,"I think it is a soft class""My husband said. In particular,

Feeling like walking on a thick carpet laid in the lobby of an exclusive hotel, corridors, etc.

It is said that it seems like a carpet is spread on a road as if the expression is near. But,As domestically produced luxury sedan it is never in a ride that is soft and fluffy.. Although it is soft, damping is working firmly, he said it was a flat ride.

My husband went on long touring and winding roads on this R 129, but before running a winding etc. he was honest"So soft and will it be okay?"I thought that. However, how was it actually?

"I was worried at first, but as I jumped into the corner, relatively rolls allowed,Ground feeling, grip feeling comes out quicklyAnd. I grasp the road surface gently, and while applying a moderate load to the outer tire, I do it without collapse. Also, in normal driving I feel that there is not much reliance on the play of the steering wheel,To avoid obstacles falling on the road, when you cut the steep handle, it will move swiftly and then back to the original line as if nothing had happened.
I always think that this is a great place for Mercedes. "

My husband always thinks "the great place of Mercedes · Benz"

"Even though it is soft and supple, it will bend properly when it comes to running, it will run properly and will stop properly."

It seems to be the place It is often said that "Mercedes · Benz and European cars are safe", but it is not only conflict safety coming from the solidity of the body,"Due to the ability of active safety due to high exercise performance, the probability of danger avoidance is high and it is safer."My husband was emphasizing.

② Heavy feeling and door

R129 is"It is the final generation that inherited the taste of old-fashioned Mercedes"Although it is said, I asked my husband whether it is true.

I think so.The weight of the door is heavy, quite different from modern S-class coupe and SL etc.The door closing sound is also "Gasha! At a moment the weight of the metal sound is great. Various switches of trunk and operation system,It is heavy in all, "ON / OFF" is clearly clear,I felt that I could even feel the intention of the producer "should this be".
Even when driving, I think that its heavy feeling leads to "sense of security" and "stability". It goes without saying that there is a sense of stability on the highway and nothing happens if it is about the speed of leading the overtaking lane.Stability that can not be considered a car 20 to 30 years ago.I think that it is the best car as a long distance Grand Tour

He had great praise.

SL 500 (R <b> 129)

③ Roar of M119 engine V8

My house R129 is a medium-term type, M119 type before becoming SOHC (Single OverHead Camshaft). Engine debuted in the 1980s, was given high safety and running performance, also used as E 500/ 500 E of the famous car "W 124" reputed as over quality"V type 8 cylinder DOHC 4, 973 cc"Is mounted.

My husband was talking about this M119 engine like this.

I think that it is really a famous machine. From the criteria of the current era from 320 ps (235 kW) / 5600 rpm, 48.0 kg · m (470.7 N · m) / 3900 rpm,"Unobtrusive spec for 5L V8"How bad, but the feature is very bad.

Armed with this engine twin turbo was used also in Sauber C9 of the Le Mans 24 hour championship in 1989 and Mercedes - Benz C11 in 1991.


... The, Sauber! What? ... C11? (* _ *)(Have you started a word over in such a place!

As a result of investigating a little, "C11 was a racing machine manufactured under the group C regulations for participation in WSPC by the Sauber team led by Peter Sauber in Switzerland in 1987,In the 1989 Le Mans 24 hour race, the maximum speed 400 km / h was recorded during the race"That's it.

... 400 km per hour ... (゚ Д ゚)

"But this engine does not insist on its identity in the city, it feels like I work quietly.But when you step on the accelerator deeply, the torque rises instantaneously.The goodness of this pickup can not be tasted in the recently turboized V8. Actually, comparing with the current Panamera turbo,The rapid rise of the torque when stepping on second and third gears is only NA, SL 500 (R 129)I feel that it is obviously earlier.

And that. As expected it is NA. It is said that the turbo lag has been resolved quite a bit for the current turbo, but I wonder if NA still does not enemy.

About the sound of the engine burns, when you run winding, when stepping down to middle to high revolution, you will finally let me hear the roar of V8.Absolute volume is quiet, but beat feeling and precise mechanical noise are great feelingsThen,The sound quality of the engine sound of the car is not only the volumeThe car that taught me once again that it is.

And that. Somehow, the more I heard the more I was a good car.

④ enjoy hard top, open, soft top and 3 tastes

This R129 comes with a hard top as standard.This hard top is quite big and very heavy, about 34 KgSo it is difficult to detach alone. Every time our family held two sides with two couples, I was finally desorbed.(There are people introducing a way to do it by yourself on Youtube, but I think that it is better to quit absolutely, I think that it will hurt the body surely)

When installing hard top

With this hardtop worn, you can enjoy the complete coupe style. Quietness also rises, even if it says anything, the body gets firm.Originally SL is a car with a very robust body, but compared with the open 2 seater such as modern Boxster, I feel a little loose body.

Mercedes · Benz SL 500 (R 129)

That is, by wearing a hard top"I feel that the texture of running also goes up one step""My husband says. Personally, my husband seems to like R129 most like this hardtop wearing figure.

When open

On the other hand, if you remove the hard top and make it open, it turns into a car full of openness.From the beginning, wind is not involved(I also have been driving in the open but I was not particularly concerned)Attaching the optional wind deflector will further reduce entrainment and dramatically increase comfort.

981 Boxster thinks that it is a type of car that involves a lot of winds,

Compared to Boxster, R129 can be 1/3 to 1/4 of the amount involved.

"My husband says.

SL 500 (R <b> 129)

"But, I heard that if you run open, you feel unnecessarily loose of the body?

"Running on the open side, you will not mind the loose of the body,Rather it is a cushioning material that will smoothly shock the road surfaceI felt it. It is pleasant even if smooth and speed is not given, and it is perfect for a driving style that cruises casually.

It was that.

When installing soft top

Soft top is also doing very well, shabby(Cheesy in the Kansai dialect)I did not feel it at all. Heavy folding tops are attached to a solid metal framework and it seems that they did not feel badly attached at high speeds.

SL 500 (R <b> 129)

At the time Car Graphics magazine"Advanced technology rather than moon landing"Twelve hydraulic cylinders called "Fully automatic opening and closing in about 30 seconds".
Although there is no quietness or weather resistance as hard top, there is nothing uncomfortable with the soft top, and there was not any dissatisfaction even in long touring.

⑤ best or nothing

If I say R129 in a word, I think that Mercedes' philosophy which is translated as "The best or nothing" in Japanese, "best or nothing" in Japanese is remarkable.

"My husband says.

Every device, equipment, mechanism is a mass of cost,I have a lot of sophisticated mechanisms that I can not think about nowI Completely hydraulic soft top top automatic opening and closing system, air controlled door lock mechanism, heavy door, genuine wheel with high precision balance, subframe directly welded to the main frame ... there is no dirt,Costs are secondary, "cars" that you can often see that they are doing "best"

And that.

Overall rating?

That's why my husband's overall rating is as follows.

I feel that ownership, what it means cost is taking, and so on, I feel that the sense of value and vision for my own car has spread widely. R129 is now a considerably fewer population, there are soaring expenses abroad, SL is not stopping overseas spill, but if you like Mercedes you definitely want to own owned.

I see. It is a waste that such a famous car is flowing out abroad more and more. I think that it would be nice to meet the owner who will take care of the next R129 as well.

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  1. Cayenne delivery soon

    Speaking of which, the 500E developed based on the above SL is made of Porsche.
    ※ It seems that Porsche was in charge of development and tuning.

    • MinaMina

      Cayenne delivery car soon
      Thank you for your comment!

      > Speaking of which, the 500E developed based on the above SL is made of Porsche.
      > ※ It seems that Porsche was in charge of development and tuning.

      That's right! Surely it is a great car ...
      I would like to get on someday.

      Even so, I can't help but wondering about the pseudonym "Kyenne delivery soon" ... w