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911 DAYS

It was released the other day911 DAYS 2018 AUTUMN Vol. 73. The theme of the issue of this issue is"Our 70th anniversary of Porsche sports car - everyone liked Porsche so"something like.

Just to look back on the history of Porsche, the content is also interesting and very interesting.(Also on the previous blog also excerpt from the magazine "Thinking from the lyrics of Momoe Yamaguchi's "Playback Part 2" - Do not be stupid, that's because of that.I wrote an article called "

When I turned over the page again, I noticed that there was an article skipping in the first direction. The title of the article,

"What happened to the Porsche situation in Japan from the 50's to the 60's !?"

I see that it looks interesting. And I was surprised to read the few lines at the beginning!

If you are concerned with "the 70th anniversary of our Porsche sports car", you must know the starting point of Japanese Porsche. By saying that,Existing long-established Porsche Authorized Dealer, Changwa Automobile (Porsche Center Nishinomiya, Sakai)The founder of Mr. Okubo asked adviser.

This "Chowwa car" is a dealer that our house is always indebted with. I mean"Did you do the oldest Porsche dealer you have existed! I did not know (! ゚ Д ゚)!"

That's why I did not think it was anything else, so I decided to read the article quickly.

In 1953, Porsche was Japan's first landing

It was in 1953 that Porsche was imported to Japan for the first time. at that time"Sanwa car that signed a regular import agent agreement with Porsche imported only two 356"It seems that is the beginning.

Thereafter, in 1955, 10 356 Pre A was imported, three of which entered Osaka. However, since two large companies bought it, only one was left for individuals. It was said that those who purchased this Porsche at that time were those who had appropriate social power from before World War II to after World War II.(Who is it!?)

At that time Okuto, Yanase Auto(Current Yanase car)Although he was working as a mechanic,It is said that a valuable request for maintenance of one precious Porsche came to the company.Of course naturally there is nothing maintenance manual, so I declined once, but to maintain it without refusal.

Porsche at that time,It is a handmade beautiful body, parts and engine sounds are completely different from those of cars I've seen so far,Mr. Okobo who liked the car was fascinated by Porsche at once and in 1959 he established Changwa Automobile as a maintenance factory for foreign cars. After that, I accidentally found an advertisement for Porsche's dealer in automobile magazine "CG", immediately applied for it and it became the first authorized dealer.

Porsche Museum

By the way, the new car price of 911 in 1965 is 4,350,000 yen.It seems that it was equivalent to 37 million yen now.In those days"Almost everyone purchased cash at once"Because it is surprising. Where the monthly installment is still starting,We pay 24 times at the longest, that is, we need payment of 1.5 million yen now every monthBecause it becomes, it can not buy it if it is not a very good person, it seems that he could not sell it unless it was a person who knows the value of Porsche.

As of now, if you are a used car of Porsche you can get it in a few weeks and you can ride a Porsche by cheaply pushing monthly payment by forming a loan. If it is a regular car model, even a new car can be bought within 1 year of delivery. But now these situations are finished, thanks to the fact that our predecessors opened up from where there was no foundation at all.

If I think so, it makes me think a lot.

Can you hire me?

Since I was an old business, I was an employee who wants to know the history and background of goods and services.

"Why was the product born?" "What kind of thought was the person making it?" "How was the trial and error process?" "What kind of customers did you know at that time?" ...

Although I knew them separately, I had little opportunity to present the contents to the customer,By knowing the history and background, you can put on the thought of various people, open business with enthusiasmI felt something. Indeed, as I got to know such a thing, I got to sell it, and on the other hand, even if I studied it, I could not sell any products that I could not understand in my own(It is not suitable for an organization that works) w)

Every time I talk that "Porsche's history examined" or "Porsche is like ○ ○" from such husband,

How can you be a salesman of Porsche? If you recruit recruitment at Porsche dealer, once you receive it w?

It is said. And I am not even serious,

"Oh yeah ~ I see a lot of women's business people at a Porsche dealer, so they are unusual so they can be hired"

What I tell you today is around this time (laugh)

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  1. PorshceDreamer

    Is the current price of 1965 is 37 million yen now? Is "current" compared with price in Japan or something?
    Looking at the exchange rate in 1965 from curiosity, it is about 90 yen for 1 mark, about 4 marks for 1 dollar, and 360 yen, so if it is considered to be 3 times the yen, it is about 12.5 million yen now Is not it the same as Carrera of. Maruku is not so simple as it has become Euro.
    The initial salary of Japanese college graduates converts to the current value, it seems that it is about 50 years (although college graduates are increasing considerably), it may be easier to buy the value of yen appreciated No (if it was, thankfully).
    By the way Incidentally, when I first thought that I would buy someday, 911 S certainly was 6.55 million yen ... (It may be a mistake as it is an old memory)

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > 1 mark is about 90 yen, 1 dollar is about 4 marks, and 360 yen, so if you think that it got 3 times as much as the yen, it is about 12.5 million yen, is not it the same as the current Carrera?

      That's right! In the article, what kind of calculations do we say now is 37 million yen? Considering prices and various things, will it be such a price ...?

      As Japanese average income declined slightly compared to several decades ago, I feel like I've heard that the average income in the United States (San Francisco?) Has increased by 2.5 times,
      Then, I do not know well what I am not good at math ^ ^;

      But since Porsche is a car that is not cheap, it can be a goal for many people and I would like to purchase myself as well!


    Good evening.

    I also bought 911 Days!
    Or it is bought from the first issue w

    By the way, do you know that there is a Porsche event at the front square of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse tomorrow?

    I will participate overnight as well.
    Please have a look if you have time.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Indyia
      From the first issue all the time ,,,! ! Lol

      Actually, it is on page 64-67 of No. 73,
      Air cooling 964 that came to our house the other day is on it.
      I seemed to be a model car, so I bought it.

      Today is an event with red bricks!
      Although we live in Kansai very hard to go,
      I first came to a dealer's Porsche Fair lol

  3. How to support life

    Good evening Mina, sir.

    For many years I went to a large senior who has been with me for over 20 years since I went to school (I went to the United States)
    I've been seeing you.

    Those who are seniors like cars considerably, and those who had been riding a favorite car so far
    It is what it is called "Umo this child" in Osaka dialect, but it is wonderful humanly).
    T company (although it is the biggest automaker in Japan) In addition, I have been working for nearly 30 years
    Technically it is more detailed than critics around here.

    So I heard that this person purchased Panamera for about half a year ago,
    I tried asking impressions, but I could not wait for delivery (in the first place I was impatient in the first place) I was at a dealer
    It seems that he bought a new model of the base model "Slow! 4S or turbo may be good, but the base model is
    You are late. Besides, it is huge! I knew the body size but seemed to be driving a tank for a while. "
    (It is a personal impression to the last (爆 爆). This person Even though it was the same size car
    But I was on board.

    "But I did not want to buy it without waiting for the delivery this time, I guess I should buy 911 after all
    I think a little. But in 911 you can not go to golf (this senior is also golf
    I like it enthusiastically). After all I would like to replace Panamera turbo. "
    He said that he liked what he liked.
    However, as I met at a party, I'd like to tell you something fun story for about 30 minutes.

    Panamera, which is near the car delivery of my son, thanks to the Typhoon 26
    The arrival of the ship was delayed, an unpleasant premonition kept on and delivering car was delayed for a week. To be delivered on 23rd
    It has become.
    Tomorrow (11th) there will be somewhat closer meetings,
    I am planning to go to the "70th Anniversary Full Lineup Session" held now.

    • MinaMina

      How to support life

      Um, this child expression, I understand very well,
      I have an image.

      Panamera's normal, if the thing that you want most in the car is acceleration force,
      Indeed it may be unsatisfactory a little,
      However, that person, it will be skipped considerably ^ _ ^

      In that sense, the Panamera Turbo seems to have been messed up!

      It is delayed in delivery. .
      I hope the weather will be sunny on the car delivery day ^ _ ^

      If delivered, please let us know your impressions etc!

  4. Pol man

    This long-established dealer is about to drop the signboard soon ...

    • MinaMina

      Pol man
      That's right ...!
      Dealer management is also difficult. .

  5. Pol man

    This long-established dealer is sorry to bring down the signboard soon.