I analyzed car husband and younger brother and examined the difference between Porsche lover and Ferrari lover

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Stories of brothers like cars

My husband likes cars that both autonomous and others admit, but my husband's brother also likes cars. In this world where cars are far away, it is rare that they like brothers and car lovers. And just the other day my younger brother"I bought a Ferrari 488 Spider"There was a message saying. No, it is good to wear a pair of brothers together (゚ Д ゚)

However, even if he says that he likes the same car, his husband and his brother are completely different in type.My husband likes car otaku Porsche, but my younger brother has come up with "BMW" "Maserati" "Lamborghini" "Porsche" so far, I purchased Ferrari this time.Somehow, it seems to like an Italian car than a German car.

It is also two people who look completely different, so it is unlikely that you will be noticed that you are a brother even if you are with them.

The more you see these two people"They are two like model cases that show the difference between Porsche lovers and Ferrari lovers"(Laugh), I decided to think about "the difference between Porsche lovers and Ferrari lovers" by analyzing these familiar two people.

① Commitment to fashion

Husband = practical importance

The biggest difference between the two is that there is no particular attention to fashion. My husband is not interested in fashion at all and I am wearing whole body UNIQLO throughout the year(But since UNIQLO is cheap and strong, it can be used so much). Also, even if I go to buy clothes"Well, I will buy three copies of this shirt color"I will buy it.

"Why do not you look for something with a slightly different design?"Even so,

"It's okay if it's tough and comfortable to wear, so it's nice to look for, so it's okay with a different color"

I will say. Also about denim, I will wear until a hole in my pocket or ass,"I keep on wearing it even without noticing that the hole is open"There are many cases.

Brother = emphasis on appearance

My brother, on the other hand ... ... the opposite of my husband,Has a strong commitment to fashion, very fashionableIt is. I only see occasionally in the seat where my relatives gather, but I have never seen wearing the same clothes and I am familiar with brand name as well. By the way, my former wife,

"Every morning I take out the closet's clothes before going to work, thinking" I am not ah, not too bad "because I'm thinking about coordination, it sounds like I'm watching the fashion show every morning (lol)"

He said. Also, I always try to maintain my own figure,I regularly go to the gym to train my body and I am also very careful about mealsso. So, as you go, there are many things that are said to be "fashionable and cool", for your wife"It's been 10 years since I got married but it's cool and boasting daddy"It seems.

Looking at such brother, her husband"What a bad man, are you aiming for a model too?"It was said (explosion)

② Consciousness to stand out

Husband = I hate being conspicuous

My husband does not like to stand out. On the standpoint, there are many opportunities to speak and present in public, and it is good to talk, but from before

"I want someone else to do this, I like to work myself and work alone"

He said. And, according to that word, recently, leaving the presentation and the task of talking in public in other people, I began to retreat in the back.

Also, with regard to watches and bags of your favorite brands, it is not a design that is easy to understand as its brand"On the contrary, it is better not to know that it is a brand name."Saying that, dare to buy something that is difficult to understand(Something like a little unnatural ... w)

My brother like to stand out

My younger brother seems like a type that stands out pretty well.(It is not just asking "Do you like conspicuous?", So it is only watching and thinking so ...)In the family story,It was a type that was prominent with something even at school since I was a studentIt seems that there are many cases where you are often putting yourself in a place where attention continues even now.

Even if I look at watches and bags worn on my brand things"Oh, this is OOO!"There are many things to understand, and dressing is good, such brand things look good on you.

③ sociability

Husband = I want to have fun in my own world

Previously, as a result of diagnosing with a character analysis tool,My husband said that the score of the item "sociability" was 34th among 34 items... But, because I usually have a normal conversation(W)It seems that people from the surroundings have no "no social nature" at all. However,

I can talk about "Porsche" or "car" or anything interested or talking about things I like. However, I am not good at regular drinking party and exchange meeting with no particular topic in particular. I can not remember anyone's face or name. Better still, it is much more fun to go straight home and watch the car youtube alone or car race with a playstation alone

And that. Looking at such husband and younger brother before"Why are you aiming for a Porsche driver w?"It was said (explosion)

Brother = I want to enjoy interacting with others

My brother is also the opposite of her husband again, very sociable. Mrs. wife says dinner is a dining out everyday and almost never keeps still at home on a day off, so he is always out with someone. Also, inviting friends at home and doing barbecue and traveling with multiple families,I like to interact with people, good at spreading the circle of exchangeI guess it is wonderful.

... Thinking this way, her husband and brother are truthfully opposite in character. Because the personality is different from similar people, I wonder if they are on good terms with each other.

"Porsche" and "Ferrari"

When my husband and younger brother have finished analyzing, finally the story of the car. Both Porsche and Ferrari are luxury car manufacturers, but the direction seems to be completely different. However, since the preceding description is merely a consideration of me, it may be wrong, but I think that you can read it in terms of individual opinion.

① Products and works

"Porsche is an" industrial product ", Ferrari is a" art work "I have heard the story before. "Ferrari is said to be" the design is beautiful, the engine sound seems to play instruments as if it is just ", with Porsche with" superb performance as a car ". That's why people like Porsche,Fortunately for the wonderful performance as a Porsche carThere are people who like Ferrari,I love the design and the beauty of the soundI think that there are many people.

Conversely, when a person like Porsche buys a Ferrari, he says "There is this unreliable car!" When a Ferrari likes buy a Porsche saying "It's OK as a car, but designs and sounds are not at all!" I feel like there are many things.

② craftsman and manager

"Porsche" and "Ferrari" are totally different types of founder from the beginning.Porsche is a technician who designed Volkswagen Type 1, Ferdinand Porsche establishes a design officeIt starts from where I did. In Ferdinand Porsche's famous words,

Compact, lightweight, energy efficient sports car. I looked for such a car that I thought would be ideal, but I could not find it anywhere. So I decided to build it myself.

There is something calledFounder of Porsche is "a great craftsman"was.

Ferrari, on the other hand,Enzo Ferrari, who was a race driver, founded Scuderia Ferrari with his colleagues and began working as Alfa Romeo's Semiworks teamThat begins. Enzo Ferrari, after retiring from the racer, served as manager of Alfa Romeo's Works Team and got a good result, and raised the sales performance of Alfa Romeo sales agent, which is operated by local modena, to expand its sales network. After that, he founded his own name "Ferrari" and manufactured the first racing model in the first year of its founding.

In other words,Founder of Ferrari is "excellent management"was.

Porsche, a craftsman who kept making sports cars which he was convinced all the way, and Ferrari, a manager who exerted his skill in improving the company's performance. I think that the difference between the two founder types is partly related to the difference between the current two companies.

③ High and low of status symbols

Porsche is also a luxury car so it can be caught as a "status symbol"Not as good as Ferrari. Porsche is not(City center and luxury residential area etc.)Although I am running a considerable number, I do not see Ferrari much in such areas.(Porsche's unit sales in 2017 is 246,375 units, while Ferrari's unit sales is 8398 units)Because Ferrari has fewer sales, it has higher rarity value and there is a higher-class image.

Although this is speculation, although Porsche is also putting emphasis on improving and maintaining brand power,Instead, emphasis is placed on "making good things as cars"I feel it. On the other hand, Ferrari is quite powerful in improving and maintaining brand power, I think that it has been thoroughly enforced from production volume to sales strategy.


Thinking that way"Emphasis on practicality / functionality, do not like to stand out, otaku husband wanting to enjoy in your world"There will be a "craftsmen temperament Porsche that does not lose practicality and functionality and keep making wonderful cars even as a sports car"

"Great looking, likes to stand out, sociable brother"I think that there is "Ferrari with high design and form and high status symbolicity".

In other words,

Husband = otaku temperament = do not want to stand out = do not mind appearance ≒ Porsche
Brother = sociable = want to stand out = also worry about looks ≒ Ferrari

Is it such a feeling (laugh)

While talking about ... I never talked with my husband's brother in such a way, so when I was actually a super-otaku, this theory covered it all at once, so ... If there is opportunity a little talk with relatives gathering Let's ask (laugh)

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  1. Bupa

    It is an interesting consideration.
    Come and I'd like to ask for a female version as well.

    Zaikon's wife to Cayenne
    I do not like to be noticeable but not the same as people,
    Originally ballerina, it has a beauty that everyone is convinced by quite delicate and elegant
    I do not like being conspicuous but it is noticeable even if I'm confident in peers.
    Personality is both a public and private craftsmen's severity and actions with no gap calculated and calculated.
    Having the strength to fight if it comes to us, it does not match the elegant appearance
    It is trembling fierce, hiding the strength of first grade goods. I have no defeat in my fight.
    When I got married it was probably because I thought that some kind of trouble occurred.
    Hmm, I think it is the Porsche itself.

    When I say such a wife, I heard that Porsche is absolutely not suited and so it should be stopped.
    All rough and fine details are all ridiculous, Dokkan horsepower, but constantly stopping and stooping way
    , Scraping parts scratchy, repairing petty as it gets riddled, repairing this one with a flashy remodeling
    It seems that the car that sold in the United States or the old American car that tried to do it was good. Certainly that's a life.

    • MinaMina

      Ms. Bupa
      Madam, that is amazing ...
      It is so beautiful, elegant and beautiful, and the inside is very strong.
      It is precisely the behavior is also calculated and calculated ...

      It's perfect, is not it!

      Certainly, such a woman suits Porsche surely because it is such a woman,
      It is comfortable to be with a man who is opposite to a girl who is generous and comprehensive like Buppa,
      I wonder if you got married ^ ^!

      I would like to also analyze the female version,
      After all there are few women who purchase Porsche or Ferrari by themselves,
      There are too few reference materials and it's a bit difficult ...

      If encounters with such women increase, I will try to write articles ^ ^!

  2. SN

    Mina. I will excuse your continued comments.
    The choice and personality of the car, it is interesting. I applied it to myself. . . Would rather be more like my brother, but in some aspects it might be more than my husband. I like fashion. But I do not like exchange meetings very much. . .
    In my car I like honest Ferrari. Despite being just before delivery of Panamera. Porsche was not interested so far until recently What was attracted by sweat Porsche is his success in Le Mans. I like Ferrari because I've been watching Ferrari for F1. Basically, the judgment standard is motor sports.
    Although Ferrari seems to be focusing on the brand power of a commercial car certainly it seems that F1 does not have such a meha image at all but rather a very high level technical group. Porsche did not feel very good when I participated in F1 that long ago, but the image was not so good, but the image changed as I learned about Le Mans and other activities. Now I recognize that Porsche is the manufacturer with the highest level of technology. I am really looking forward to driving in such a meaning.
    I got rambling, but in summary it is that in Ferrari and Porsche both of you got a partner B

    • MinaMina

      > I will excuse my continued comments.
      There is no such thing! ! ! Thank you (laugh)
      And thank you for seeing this maniac analysis.

      My husband and younger brother feel like they are opposite people,
      Normally, both elements are mixed together ^ ^;
      (The two are too extreme ... haha)

      Certainly, both Porsche and Ferrari are developing cars based on the race, but those who told us earlier

      "Even if Porsche is a commercial car, I can carry on to the circuit as it is, but I can run,
      Ferrari of a commercial car can not run at all even if bringing a commercial car to the circuit.

      But if you tune Ferrari for the circuit,
      I am surprised by its transformation as it turns into a great machine with a feeling of waking up all at once. "
      that's what he said.

      After all, both Porsche and Ferrari, other manufacturers are amazing which cars are, and neither is appealing ^ ^