【Porsche Owner's file # 6】 981 Boxster Spider (MT) purchase · option · running reviews

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The sixth bullet will send purchase, option and running review of "981 Boxster Spider (MT)" from "Ishi B".

〘Owner information〙
· Car introducing this time: 981 Boxster Spyder (MT)
· Penn name: Ishi B
· Past car career: No car when I lived in Tokyo. After returning to local after that,
Second-hand Corolla(When I am not interested in car at all)→ Used Lexus IS 250(When I was interested in a car for a while)→ New car for the first time Boxster GTS (981) PDK → Used 718 Boxster (982) MT) It is all right steering wheel including current cars.
· A word to readers:Among the accessories of Porsche, it is a relatively easy-to-obtain price rangeSpyderis. I would be pleased if it will be helpful for those who are considering purchasing.

1) History of purchase

I miss the sound of the 6-cylinder NA ...

Although I was satisfied with the 981 Boxster GTS I bought for the first time, I could not suppress the desire to switch from PDK to MT, and I switched to the base grade MT of 718 Boxster. But this time I miss the sound of 6 cylinder NA ... (For details, it is according to the review of the previous 718)

"I want to return to the sound of 6-cylinder NA"With growing feelings that day by day, 718 Boxster Spyder's spy video started to be uploaded on Youtube etc. It was rumored that at that time "718 (982) Spyder and GT 4 got 911 GT 3 4 L NA engine", but as far as the 718 Boxster Spyder related videos are concerned"This sound is not NA but a turbo, maybe there is a possibility of four cylinders?"I was forced to think.

Then, in the future Porsche lineup, the car satisfying the condition "Open car, MT, 6 cylinders" may not come out anymore ... (Currently, 911 Convertible can only pick PDK)

When I started thinking, I remembered that there was a certified second-hand car of 981 Spyder in a certain dealer before and went to visit quickly.

- At the second Spyder tour

Actually, I used to visit once the Spyder was exhibited when visiting for the purpose of trying another car,I was not satisfied with Spyder because I was satisfied with 718 MT at the time.No ... To be honest, although I was interested,

"The red bucket seat of the interior decorates as the white of the car body is good, it's flashy to you."
'Bucket seat seems to be comfortable to sit comfortably'
"The top of the manual opening and closing will hold out to ZUBORA himself."

As such, it may be just unconsciously looking for a reason not to buy. After that, I went to Spyder for my second visit, but at that time,

"The red seat, it's somewhat flashy, but it will be okay not to open in the city, so I'm on a more visible yellow 718 now, is not it?"
"Bucket seat, it may be stiff. No, but the seating surface is moderately cushioned, than you thought to sit down."
"Opening and closing the canopy, it's pretty easy to actually do. If you can not open it, it will be fine if it is going to be a chin."
"The price is cheaper than 911 and it will be the final NA of the last Boxster(Maybe)"

When,Each item cited as a reason not to buy this Spyder last time was solved conveniently within me and there is no reason to not buy it (lol)

2) Option / specification

Spyder's specifications are as follows.

· Sports chrono (standard equipment)
· Sports exhaust (standard equipment)
· PASM is not attached

In the case of GTS or 718, "Sports exhaust got turned on in conjunction with putting in sports mode""Spyder does not link driving mode and sports exhaust system"So you need to press each switch. Auto-blipping is effective for sports plus. There is no idling stop function.

① Air conditioner

There was an automatic air conditioner. I set the temperature of the air conditioner referring to the display of the outside air temperature, so I like auto air conditioners that can do this. With a manual air conditioner this can not be done.

② Navigation

Navi was attached to Clarion, which was the same as 981 GTS.

③ Speaker

Bose speakers are on. I do not know much about the difference with normal speakers I have been experiencing.

④ Interior decoration

Interior decoration was combined with red leather and black to dark gray Alcantara"Classic interior"It is what is called. Although I have the courage to choose by myself when purchasing a new car, I think that it is very cool.

⑤ Sheet

It is a bucket seat. There are two types of bucket seat: "full bucket" and "sports bucket", but this time the "sports bucket seat(Lightweight racing seat, backrest folding possible)"is.

⑥ Other

I installed the back camera in the back. With deep discretion of the dealer, both the body installation fee and free service were able to be served.

3) period until delivery

After installing the back camera from the contract, it was delivered in 2 weeks.

4) Porsche's performance to feel when you own it

① Engine

3.8 L, 6 cylinder NA engine. Saying that. I like this.On the way home of deliveries the face faded away for a long time (laugh)When I ran the first pass for the first time, I thought for a moment "Is that the GTS more engine sound and backfire sound?", But that is not at all interested at the moment.

② MT

There is reasonable resistance when stepping on the clutch pedal, and it is such feeling that the foot is pushed comfortably at the end when releasing. Shyly, while parking in the back, while moving carefully around the obstacles while traveling, it stalls occasionally, but there is no stress at launch.MT that is easier to operate than a certain meaning 718I think.

③ Handling

It was very impressive that handling was greatly improved when switching from 981 GTS to 718. Because it returns to 981 though it is Spyder,Although I was slightly concerned how to feel handling, there was no negative impression.

After switching to Spyder I ran Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kita Kanto and Koshinetsu various roads, but I do not feel dissatisfied with handling. I do not know whether I am looking at Spyder as a favorable one, but I do not know whether it is a benefit of lightening, but I am satisfied with the present situation anyway.

④ Fuel economy

If you can flow at 60 to 70 km / h without traffic jams, you will run around 9 to 11 km / L on the lower road. By the way this is"When I ran the gear with about 1200 revolutions according to the instruction of the shift up indicator"is.Even though you do such a way of running, Spyder's wonderful places that you can feel comfortable cruisingI think. It may also contribute to surprisingly high fuel consumption that it is lighter.

During the tooling, not only that way of running naturally,In some places we may run at more than 5000 revolutions at 2-4 speedsEven though they include them, they often settle at 8 to 9 km / L in a day's touring. I have not experienced traffic jams in the city center, so the fuel economy in that situation is unknown.

⑤ ride comfort, glue taste

Adjustment of the bucket seat of Spyder is only in the front and back position, the angle of the back seat and the height of the seat are also fixed and can not be adjusted. I felt the angle of the back seat somewhat upright, but I can drive comfortably for a long time without feeling uncomfortable to me with a height of less than 180 cm.There are cramped as somewhat shoulder collapses when sitting at the time of stopping, but when you put the arm forward to grip the handle, the shoulder is just supported well and the posture in operation stabilizesIt seems. People in the front passenger seat may feel a bit cramped over their shoulders.

⑥ Manual hood

The opening and closing operation of the canopy ends in around 40 to 50 seconds. However, because this time does not include getting on and off the car,It is not advisable to unlock and open the car while waiting for a signal.

The hood is fixed with two hooks to the rear hood, but thisIf you do not firmly confirm the fixation you will see disastrous eyes.One day, when I ran comfortably on the expressway, there was a loud noise from behind the driver's seat, "Don, Gotogoto Gotogoto, rattling rattling". Even though I thought "A bird or something went right?", The impact sounded again in a while.

When checking the rear side with a room mirror, a part of the hood that should have been fixed was fluttering in the wind and wind ....When I confirmed the situation by stopping the car in the next PA area, there is a trace that the plastic holding the hood and the hook of the metal system were hit on the rear hood over and over again ... (crying)(See photo)

⑦ Protection film

In the previous owned car, the tension went down every time I saw a stepping stone that increased every time the car wash. Stepping stones are only comforting even if they are said to be the Porsche Medal etc. I was wondering whether to paste the protection film before"It was reported that even if a super-famous blogger who seems to know anyone on a Boxter ride got 5 years in the review of the owned car, the film will hardly deteriorate."It was decided that it decided to enforce the film this time.

The good thing about this is"Even if scratches from stepping stones are attached to the film, they are not noticeable"When"It seems that scratches will recover more naturally, and conspicuous scratches will be cured if hot water of about 60 ° C is applied"That is the place. Although I do not know how far it is true, it is safe for mental hygiene to think that it is good to paste a film even if there is something the worst at the film. Even if a lot of insects are caught, it is a film different from the painted surface so you can easily scratch it with insect repelling paper.

I learned that there is a corresponding film on the windshield and asked the construction shop,"There are places where you are concerned about the durability of the film in cars riding in an environment where the rainy weather and the wiper operates on a daily basis"is what they said. It seems that there is a possibility that friction with the wiper may become a problem rather than a bad rain. On the contrary to the fact that explained disadvantage properly, on the contrary, I judged that there was no problem if I used it and pasted a film on the glass.

5) If you purchase a Porsche from now on options you want absolutely (or attached)

I would like to experience PCCB once. The braking force of the current brake is sufficient, but I am interested in how the ride taste will change by reducing the unsprung weight.

6) Parts to worry about

Due to lack of MT skills, sometimes 2It may be difficult to enter speedily.

7) Overall rating

It looks like Spartan, but driving over long distances is OK. You can enjoy any area from 1000 revolutions to reburimit. In addition, MT think that it is easy to operate even those who are not used to it.
It is a place to worry about what specs the 718 Spyder will come out"981 Spyder is about the price that added the average option to the 911 of the new car, and you can purchase low running one"So, if you like NA and can be satisfied with the price, I think the second hand 981 Spyder is recommended.

所 The impression of manager Mina〙
Mr. Ishi B, Thank you very much for the detailed information! I thought that it is valuable information that I do not know unless it is an actual owner, such as "It will be serious if I do not check the spider's manual hood's hook firmly." Even so, though Baxter Spider thought that driving was tiring with Spartan, it seems that everyday use can be done without any problems, and more and more interest has come to my eyesI want it!Mr. Ishi B, thank you very much!

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