To Nakabayashi Industry of a car body cover maker, I got covers made by carrying real cars!


3. I left my car a day and completed the next day.

The first day is over!

So, because I have to go pick up my daughter 's kindergarten, I decided to finish my visit here and go home for the first day. But,If time permits, I would like to see more of the work after thisI thought honestly.

I was surprised to know that the body cover that protects my car is carefully made so far, and then I wanted to see the process as to how it would be closer to completion afterwards.

Telling Nagawa about that area,

"Yes, since the first measurement will be finished in about 5 minutes, some customers have said that they want to see it for a while, and there are many cases that you are strangely admired that it is" Huh! "" Narure! " But since we are just doing our usual process without delay, I do not know honestly what is being surprised so much at all ... haha. "

I was saying.

"Since we will start rebuilding from now on, we will be able to see the beautiful body cover that was fitted tomorrow, please take care of me as we are looking forward to it" and "I will ask you!" And try to pass the key of Panamera Then,

"Ah, you can bring back the key and it's fine"

Mr. Nakagawa.

"When asked," Is not it possible to deposit the keys of the car at such times? ",

"In addition to employees, it is sometimes a contractor or an outside person going in and out so we think about things by chance, so we do not keep keys."As it buzzes when vibration is applied in the locked state, it is better to leave the key for precaution ..."There are customers who are worried about, but it will not shake a bit, so it will be fine. "

And that.

About the handling of a favorite car, it is worried more than the owner. I felt that this neighborhood was reflected in the body cover making.(However, do not forget to bring the keys of your favorite car next day lol)

So, on the way back on the way back on the Daihatsu move of the car, at 11 o'clock the next morning, I was excited about what things were finished and went to Nakabayashi Industry again.

It was finally completed!

Stop the car in the parking space in front of Nakabayashi Industry and open the door slowly ...

"OO ー ー ー ー completed !!"

Certainly, some tightening and deflections in the sample of yesterday are gone, and the fit is increasing.

In the sample of the previous day, the wheel portion of the tire was well visible, but the finished product was covered tightly.

By the way, it is like this when comparing the sample of the first day (970 type) with the finished product.

I think that the average person does not feel the difference much if I see it, but it seems to be quite different from Mr. Nakagawa's point of view. If you look closely well"Before"Although the bonnet and the bumper part seem a little cramped,"After"That was improved around that, Panamera seems to be comfortable somehow (laugh)

Also, as for the mirror part, it seems that it is designed with a little margin so that no burden is imposed on it even if the body cover is attached with the mirror in the open state by any chance.

Occasionally"The body cover fitted to the spirit is better looking, so I want you to make it tighter"Although it seems that some customers say, "To protect your car," first, in Nakabayashi Kogyo that emphasizes functionality, We refuse such requests demigiblyAnd that.

After that, if you were wondering if you would like to leave this body cover as it is, it is not actually the case ...

Types of fabric(I got a hair raised!)After choosing options such as fasteners, etc., create again, send the completed first issue to your home at a later dateAnd that.(Equivalent to 52,600 yen)

That's awful!

If you want to protect your precious car

As mentioned earlier, even at our home we already have the body cover of Mr. Nakabayashi industrialized, but my husband,

"After attaching the body cover of Nakabayashi Industry,The car got dirty on occasion. It is not reversed even by the typhoon like this year's rain, easy to detach, light and durableAnd.The number of car washes also decreased from 1/10 to 1/10. I was worried a bit at first though the bristles were thin, but it does not hurt like I do at all. It is thought well. Of course the cover gets dirty, but if there is no cover this dirt and dust are attached to the body and it makes me feel as if I wash it each time. Basically it is better to not wash the car. Because car washing is the most injured. "

He said.

To be honest, I first thought that the body cover of the car was 4,500 yen per piece and he thought "Eh! High !!"Too much time consuming, the price of the body cover made by hand one by one is 30,000 yen to 60,000 yen ... Conversely, it is too cheapI've even bothered with it.

Because Porsche's option is to make 74,000 yen with only that much option that 'Porsche Crest embossing is applied to front and rear headrests' ... w

I asked Mr. Nakagawa, "Would not it be a bit cheap?"

"We also pride ourselves on this quality that this price range is very cost effective, indeed we have not changed prices since five years ago ... but it is still said to be" high "in the middle There are also people, so that's why I'd like to tell firmly the process and our way of thinking so that we can convince customers to buy it in terms of price. "

Currently flooded with orders, waiting a few months for popular bringing in, and Nakabayashi industrial with a long-established body cover. I was able to visit the process thoroughly this time, well understood the reasons for its popularity.

Everyone who wants to keep car carefully, please doNakabayashi Industry's HPHow about watching it?

Nakagawa san Thank you very much for this time!

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  1. How to support life

    Good evening.
    A little overseas with Osaka, Nagoya, Nagano, Sendai
    I'm pretty bad, but I do not like extreme airplanes for business trips abroad
    Even just there is no lucky.

    I would like to ask Nakabayashi Industry Cover for cover. Matcia.
    I'd like to have you visit the site if possible,
    Habikino? It is far from Tokyo.
    Unfortunately I have given up my visit.

    • MinaMina

      How to support life
      Thank you very much!

      > It seems a little bit tasty with business trips with Osaka, Nagoya, Nagano, Sendai,
      Uh no moving distance is not he ...! Great!

      > I would like to ask Nakabayashi Industry Cover for cover. Matcia.
      By all means! 971 Panamera Turbo Executives should be able to type and the number of car washes is really drastically reduced,
      I highly recommend it!
      That's right, it is a bit difficult if you are visiting from Tokyo. Since the company of Nakabayashi Industries is in the south of Osaka,
      It is a bit far from Osaka city ...

      Nonetheless, Nakagawa's extraordinary commitment, craftsmanship, I think that I would like to feel with skin once ^ ^;