The pleasure of a manual car that I noticed was that only AT cars got on.


MT driving is fun

Driving an MT car has become fun. The first timeI have to ride every day for practice"And I felt like I was forced to half, but if you notice, recently,I get rid of nothing even though I have no needThings have increased.

Previously"It is impossible for me to drive MT"Why are you so happy to drive an MT car so much?" that is,

"Because you can feel the feeling of improving"

I think that.

If MT operation is better,Taste the pleasure of MT cars in a true senseI think that, but now I have not reached it yet.

But "I was not able to drive the MT car at all, I will be able to drive little by littleThe process is very fun.

At the beginning, the clutch was operated to be distracting, so the start was filtered slowly,I've been knocked out by Lexus LS driven by GrandpaIt happened, but recentlyI came to know where the clutch is connected", It became possible to start smoothly.

Also, before, there was a lot of shift shock when shifting up,I'm not good at riding"I was driving while thinking," but now it has become possible to operate without shift shock by consciously engaging the clutch carefully.

Furthermore, even the husband "Here is difficultA hill near my home saying " At first I used to get stuck when I turned right here, but recently I have learned how much I should wait for the clutch and how much I can move the accelerator smoothly.

The process of moving forward one step at a time, from yesterday to today, today and tomorrow, can not be saidI can feel my growthIt looks like I'm happy.

MT road is similar to Dorakue

While thinking, I thought that something was similar to the feeling when doing Dorakue.(Drakue I like you like w)

Speaking of Dorakue III, at first, even slime was beaten and I just started over from the church. Since there are only a maximum of HP and a maximum of MP, there are days when you stay in an inn immediately after fighting a little.

Under such circumstances, I was able to go to the next village across the bridge while raising the level with Ariahan anyway.

If you notice it, you can easily defeat "one rabbit"You can beat the boss if this! ?I tried to fight against the cave boss (Porsche) while thinking, but I lost the MP, I ran out of the bottom of the medicinal herbs and annihilated, and started over from the church again.

"Let's raise the level more and challenge the boss (Porsche) in good condition this time!"Like to work hard" ...

If you get stronger, you can go to different continents, and you can meet various friends. Weapons that can be equipped also become stronger, and the world spreads more and more.

Yes, the road to MT driving is exactly the same as Dorakue.

The only difference from Dorakue is how much MT training is done and accumulated experience points, money is not consummate at all ... or rather it is just a point that just goes out (detonation)

The car and the AT car get a flying carpet from the beginning, and it may be said that it is a sense that it can easily extend the world beyond the mountains and the sea.

... If you have not been experienced Dorakue has become a content that does not know what you are saying at all ... I'm sorry (-_-)

There is goodness in both MT and AT

My husband oftenFor me, driving means sports itselfHowever, MT cars are particularly close to that feeling.

So, the other day, to my husband, "I'm a little nervous, but if I buy a car next time, I think it would be hard to buy anything other than MT cars."

Well, my husband

What! I'm sorry! (; Д Д))))

I was surprised that my eyes were round. No, because the person who says that is the most surprised w

Or rather, "I don't like AT cars" or something like thatThere is good thing in both AT car and MT carI think.

If it is a Japanese road that often runs long distances while driving on a freeway or getting caught in a traffic jam, AT cars are easier and less tired.

Especially for cars with cruise control, it's as easy as driving automatically. So, even if you don't feel confident about driving, you can run with confidence and enjoy yourself and travel to various lands.

If there are only MT cars in the world, I give up driving immediately.It was a perfect paper driver by nowright.

If you get stuck in a traffic jam, traffic and stopping may be a bother, and fuel consumption may be worse than that of AT vehicles, but the feeling that you control a car yourself is quite fun.

In addition, I think that it is one of the fun of the MT car that the same car can be felt like a completely different car by the driver.

Both AT and MT cars have their own merits.

No, cars are really deep. I want to know more about cars, feel, and deepen more and more today.

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  1. To be sunny

    The next car is also MT!
    That's good. I can not buy it anymore because there is no Panamera MT

    • MinaMina

      By car
      Thank you very much!

      > I can not buy it anymore because there is no Panamera MT
      It is really ^ ^; I think that there is nothing but waiting for MT to appear in the second-hand of 970 (laughs)

  2. Sakon

    The same as the comment of w w
    Targa also has almost no MT.
    In this way, the car I want is changing.
    I am looking forward to what to reach.

    • MinaMina

      > Taruga also has almost no MT.
      It is really so ... ... 911 in recent years, because I think it would be difficult to want MT in the ordinary model ,,,,
      Then what will be my 1st Porsche (lol)

      We will also report on the process of transition in the blog (laughs)

  3. surge

    By this year, there is not a lot of growth opportunities, and it tends to be only the support of people, but it is interesting that you grow up, and you can enjoy the training for that!
    I also wanted to make Porsche driving more successful, taking advantage of the PTE the other day.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Surge
      Thank you!

      As you mentioned, I thought that doing new things and growing up in my life had become less at work.
      Even more than that, support for young people is more likely.

      I also get used to getting Porsche firmly,
      I want to brush my arms!

      I would also like to receive the PTE's precision.

  4. surge

    Yes, I am pleased to receive PTE's precision!
    Preparations for that are progressing steadily. Lol)
    If you decide on a milestone, you will be confronted with daily efforts.

    • MinaMina

      Mr. Surge!

      Great! I am accustomed to receive precision! ! That's great!
      Well, that's why you said, "If I can see you in the fall"!

      Certainly, once the goal is decided, it seems that there will be a struggle in everyday life ^ ^
      Maybe I do not receive autumn's precision, but I would like to hear from you if you receive it by all means ^ ^