With Porsche Panamera GTS, you can choose the option of rear seat “2 + 1”! ?

971 Interior decoration of Panamera sports Turismo
Porsche options

Panamera GTS

Last October 16th,Porsche finally announces the new Panamera GTSdid. "I would like to do a configurator soon"(I do not buy it but just a delusion), I looked at the site of Porsche Japan, but the Panamera GTS was not yet "configurable" with "price to be determined".(As of November 16, 2018)Sorry ...

* Image Source:"Porsche Japan Panamera GTS Models"

However, as I already had the mouth to do the configurator,"This is the end until you do the configurator!"I thought ... When I looked at the American Porsche site to try it, the price was already clearly indicated and it was possible to configure the Panamera GTS as well.

I did it (* ゚ ∀ ゚)!(By the way the price is $ 128, 300, 00)

2 + 1 sheet option

As I thought without first looking at prices, I added a crisp option to turn on options and choose colors and I found amazing facts on the way. How,

"We can make Panamera's rear seat 2 + 1 seats"

There was an option called!

I have never seen such an option in Japan. Instinctively"Were they mistakenly done a Panamera Sports Turismo's configurator?"I checked it, but it was properly "Panamera GTS".(Or, if Panamera Sports Turismo, it is 2 + 1 sheets even if you do not choose it as an option)

When I purchased Panamera in my house,

"Because it is a four-seater, if the number of children grows anymore, I can not get on with the whole family."
"It is impossible to go out in Panamera if someone other than your family gets on board."
"Well then do you want the BMW 7 series?"
"No, but Polaris is good"
"Well then do you want cayenne?"
"But I really like Panamera."

... and so on, we bought a lot of Panamera for Panamaela, but if you can choose "2 + 1" sheet option with Panamera GTS, you do not have to worry about that.

I tried it out and checked whether this option can be chosen even in 971 Panamera which has already been released instead of GTS ...

After all we can choose! ! Mighty!



I thought that this was a big thing, and as soon as I emailed my husband,

Oh yeah, it was originally abroad. From gts it seems that even in Japan you can choose the rear seat 2 + 1 as an option.

When. Seriously? I did not know…!(When I researched, it is already in Japan that I reserved a new Panamera GTS, in that case I chose 3 seats for the rear seat.How many people in the United States have chosen this option. If the price and release date of Panamera GTS is announced in Japan, I think that information on this area will surely come out, so I would like to introduce it on blog as soon as I know that information.

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  1. SN

    Added that 2 + 1 option in 4E-hybrid ~ $ 1000 Hey. It is a required option out of 5 people family!

    • MinaMina

      Oh ya! ! ! ! ! I envy you
      Panamera is not a Turismo, but being a Panamera, it's a five-seater ride ...! ! !

      > $ 1000 Hey. It is a required option out of 5 people family!
      If this option is $ 1000 a bit, it is a great deal ^ ^!
      (Although embossing of the headrest of the seat of Porsche Crest is 75000 yen w)

      Please also tell us the ride comfort ^ ^

  2. mn 1551 mn

    Mina SN
    I see. It's a 2018 model 4E-hybrid, but if I had that choice, I absolutely did it.
    It is exactly the same idea as mina.
    Panamera is the third one, but my wife and two children are the defaults, so I want to put another one! There are quite a few opportunities, I've been sorry many times.
    I wonder if it will be able to respond even if it is retrofitted. . .

    • MinaMina

      Mr. mn1551mn
      That's right…! Our house, if you had that option at the time of purchase, you absolutely chose! On the contrary why this specification exists overseas, did not it exist in Japan ... is it strange? .
      With five passengers, it is perfect to be able to enjoy Panamera's running with five people without changing the rear design of Panamera. No, no, I really want you to retrofit.