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[Porsche Owners File # 18] 981 Cayman Purchase / Option / Travel Review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The 18th bullet is "Cayman" purchase, option, driving review that "makoto" gave.

〘Owner information〙
・ My favorite car to introduce this time: Cayman (981)
-Pen name: makoto
・ Area where you live: Osaka
· Past travelers' favorite history:
BMW M3 + Z4 soft top → 46 type Alpina B3S + Z4 hard top → 90 type Alpina B3 S Vitro
Currently owned vehicles are BMW X1, Toyota Bitz, Cayman
・ One word for readers
I do not have information to talk about Porsche in general, but what I can say from the experience of riding Cayman for about three and a half years and borrowing Boxster for several daysAnyway driving is fun"about it.
It's a sports car, but I don't get tired of long distances, and I feel relieved from everyday stress when I run along coastal roads and mountainous skylines, and I think I'll have a blissful time.

1) History of purchase

-First impression of Cayman

I was not always thinking that I wanted to get on Porsche. In fact, when Cayman was first released, I went on a trial ride, but the impression at that time was "Anyway mechanical noise is loudIt was called.

I do not remember the impression of the running that is wiped out by the loudness of the noise. Since then, Porsche has completely disappeared from his head. And then I bought BMW's M3.

-At the Porsche Center I stopped by

Ten years have passed since then, and on the way back I went to golf.

As time was left until the next meeting, I was thinking what to doA Porsche dealer is located halfway between the meeting place and the golf courseI thought that I would try to kill my time.

For the staff who entered the store with X1 and came out, the opening first, "It is cool"I told you that, but I was very polite to respond.

At that time, in fact, I was thinking of the B4 coupe by switching to Alpina,Look at Boxster's price on display at the Porsche CenterI'm surprised. Lower cost than B4 coupe, "If this is easy to persuade the familyThe idea came to my mind.(Afterward, you will be reminded that it was a shallow idea, haha)

Also, if you ask for the address and answer "Yes", then "We will move the store near you soonIt is said that ... some may have felt the edge.

-Reason for choosing Cayman

So far I have changed two Alpina for about 10 years, so "If you buy Alpina B4 again, your Alpina history will be a little too long.Let's go back to the sports car route onceI thought.

Alpina can run sporty, and it is a really good car that you can feel the car feeling good even if you are running slowlyis. However, I tasted Alpina for 10 years, so I was interested in cars with slightly different colors.

The reason I chose not to Carrera but to Cayman is the price, butI want to get in a sportier car with 2 seaterIt is from the feeling of ". In addition to that, it was said that "the successor model of the 981 has a turbo attached to the engine", so "981 is the end of the naturally charged engine"Also became a boost.

Although it was good for Boxster, it was decisive that one golf bag could be loaded if it was Cayman.

2) Option / specification

At first, I chose the option for texting (laughs). Still, "In the case of BMW, what comes naturally from the beginning is mostly treated as an option"I was surprised that.

As a result, the total amount of option fees initially estimated exceeds 4 million yen, and the eyes become point state (laughs)

"The Mazda Roadster can be bought with extras, just with the option."I remember saying to the person in charge. I just laughed (laughs)

After all, the options we put on the aperture are as follows.

Dynamic cornering light, entry & drive system, back assist, electric storage door mirror, PDK, sports chrono package, sports exhaust tail pipe, 19 inch Cayman S wheel, black paint, seat heater, fully automatic air conditioner, floor mat, color chronometer panel , Carrara white meter panel, 3-spoke sports steering, automatic defense mirror & rain sensor wiper, sapphire blue metallic

The final option total amount was 2,945,000 yen, somehow cut 3 million yen.

Because it is a transfer from Alpina, which is very comfortable, because it was easy.PDK and Sports Chrono Package are essentialI thought that. With regard to the manual, it is a self-assessment that it is difficult to age when it gets stuck in traffic.

3) Background to delivery

■ Order: June 1, 2015
■ Production start month: September
■ Delivery: December 19, 2015

As it is around six and a half months from order to delivery, is it normal? By the way, if it is Alpina, it may take almost a year from order to delivery.

4) Porsche's performance to feel when you own it

1 engine / engine sound

I like the engine sound without complaints. The sound that feels the dramatic rise when rotating from 4000 → 5000 → 6000 is good.6 cylinder privilege without turbomaybe.

Because it is a raw Cayman, acceleration is inferior to Alpina, but there is a feeling that speed is coming out somehow. The production is really good. It is Mr. Porsche.

Then,Unlike the original Cayman, the 981 Cayman does not care about mechanical noise.I think that the reduction is being achieved.

In addition, regarding the mode, the engine speed in the normal mode has an impression that the accelerator response can not be improved without stepping on the accelerator considerably. For this reason,Normal mode is used only at times of traffic congestion.

Of course, the highwayIt is always sports mode even in town.Sports Plus mode may be used occasionally on Zen roads. The reason why I use it only occasionally is because I run in the 2-speed, 3-speed manual mode. The engine sound at this time is the most pleasant.

When the window is fully opened, it mixes with the exhaust note and can not be collected.


PDK is well connected, no problemis. "PDK + sport mode" is enough in town. Because it is midship, the engine sound also sounds a little. Manual mode is mainly used for passing on expressways and pass roads.

③ ride comfort

The ride isIf it is a sports car, surely one goodIt will be. I don't feel tired at all even on long distances, and I don't feel as much pushing up on the surface of the road.
The passenger in the passenger seat has never said anything about the ride.

I used to run on a mountain trail with Sports Plus before tail sliding,Yup? LimitI thought, "Just simply reduce the groove on the back tirewas. It is a big laugh. There is no way I can, such as driving a limit (laughs)

I immediately changed four tires.

Tires are specified by Porsche in Pirelli at the time of deliveryis. The same is true after replacement. At Alpina, we replaced it with Bridgeton's Legno, and the quietness increased further, but Cayman leaves it to the mechanic of the store.

Next page → What is the difference between Cayman's ride, maintenance, and Alpina ...?

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  1. Yasushi Kanda

    It does not seem to be an adult's behavior to flattering saying "I'm cool" in a dealer. As an article published on this site, this review is somewhat disappointing even if it includes other reviews.

    • MinaMina

      Yasushi Kanda,
      Thank you for visiting our blog. My name is Mina, the manager.
      Also, thank you for pointing out.

      I think there are many opinions about blog articles,
      I am not a car site with the professional content of a professional motor journalist,
      We aim to be a blog where car-loving owners can send life-size, realistic information.

      I, too, are not yet familiar with the car at all,
      You may also be asked about the content and quality of the articles.

      From now on, while I study myself every day,
      I hope that you can create a fun and useful blog with your readers.

      It can not be a blog that is acceptable to everyone, but
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