Dare to run the Porsche 911 GT3 in heavy rain. To what extent can cup tires be used?

Rainy 911 GT3

This time, my husband wrote an article about running GT3 in the rain in early July. Please see if it is good.

One month passed GT3 delivery ...

This year's Kansai region has had a rather late rainy season, but it has finally become a full-fledged rainy season. The GT3 has been delivered, and more than one month has passed, and in order to try out the driving performance in the rainy weather that I was worried about,In heavy rain, try to bring GT3 to RokkoIt was to be.(Normally, I can not do that ..)

On the day, when you check with the smartphone's weather forecast app, a heavy rain forecast. Looking at the rain cloud radar, it seems that a red rain cloud approaches the Rokko Mountains and it will rain about 30 to 50 mm / h from here. Get ready and get on GT3.

It's a great test environment.

By the way, I am self-proclaimedBad Weather Drive ManiaAnd I really like driving rain and snow quite well (laughs)

This time, the point which I would like to confirm is the new car fitted to GT3Michelin pilot sport cup 2 tiresThe wet performance of Since I like long distance touring, I often encounter guerrilla heavy rain etc. So in advance,I wanted to know how much performance there was.

By the way, the wet performance of the tire is largely divided into two indices.

The first isGrip performance on wet road surfaces. And one moreWater drainage performance (hydroplaning resistance)It is. Even if you look at the Michelin site and the technical information of the tires, as far as I have examined, there is not a place where the two are clearly written separately, and I wanted to make it clear because I was put together with the wet performance. .

911 GT3 Touring Package

Run GT3 in heavy rain

Use K16 (Akashi Kobe Takarazuka Line, commonly known as "Higashi Rokko Driveway" section) to head to the top of Rokko Peak.This road is better than 8 am if you run on a holiday.After about 8 o'clock, the minivans will aim for the Rokko, so they will always lead the safety car.

However, due to heavy rain on this day, there is no traffic and it is almost leased.

We try to feel the cup tire while raising the fearful pace.
There is no problem at all for running normally. I do not feel any difference with a normal tire.Next, while raising the pace a little, try to put a lateral G on the curve. Even here I grip normally than I thought.

What a surprise

Even if you try to raise the pace a little further, there is no problem at all if you run at a pace earlier than the general road. If you step on the accelerator from the second gear at the exit of the curve, etc., it will slip! Although the rear slips, PSM controls immediately.

As grip performance on wet road surface,I felt that it would be safe to run if I ran on a general road at a speed that is common sense.Even if it is a sudden heavy rain, it looks good without getting nervous.(However, be careful when the temperature is low, such as in winter)

Among the things I've experienced so far, I felt that the wet grip was the highest "Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 2." It gripped really well on wet road surfaces. Despite being midshipped, Boxster felt at ease, for example, even if he flew the heavy raining Mt. Compared with that, I think it's inferior but it still needs enough performance.

Next we will try drainage. The pilot sports cup 2 is a so-called shallow groove tire.Even a new item has only a 5.4mm groove, and it is clearly shallow compared to 7-8mm of a general tire.However, the depth of the ditch seems to be improved by about 23% compared to the previous sports cup.

In order to test drainage performance, it is really risky to actually try to drive at high speed, but I do not do it, but try to feel a change in the feeling of touch on a general road where water flows like a river. I made it.

First,If the road surface has water on the order of several millimeters, it is no different from a normal road surface.In particular, unless there is a hydroplaning phenomenon, there is no need to take the steering wheel. ProbablyWith permeable pavements used on many modern freeways, moderate rain would not be a problem.

On the other hand, if it is a clear puddle or a road with enough water to flow, it is easy to take the steering wheel. Because there are no longitudinal grooves on the outside of the tire, it is better to pay particular attention to curves and other features. It is subjective, but it is a feeling like 5 to 7 when the difficulty of taking the handle of an ordinary tire is 10. So,When you drive on a rainy expressway, it depends on the situation, but it runs at about 80km / h to 90km / h, and I think it is better to be careful of large pools.

In particular, expressways that should be changed from water-permeable pavements to ordinary pavements should be run carefully. Permeable pavement tends to fly in a good condition, but I think there is a high possibility that hydroplaning will occur at the moment it suddenly becomes ordinary pavement.

General review

I thought it would be a more unstable tire until I tested it, but on the common sense run,The wet grip does not need to be so nervous.With this, I think that it can be used enough even in sudden rain and bad weather in long distance touring.
on the other hand,In terms of drainage, it is better to be cautious as the number and depth of grooves are physically smaller.

911 GT3

MoreI was thinking of replacing it with Almighty Pilot Sports 4S early, but with this, it looks good to see a little more.The ditch gets a bit shallower, and it's not late after experiencing more situations. Also, if there are any new discoveries, I would like to review them later.

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  1. Cara

    Good morning
    Thank you for the information that always helps.

    Michelin is the same.

    I have been riding for a long time in the same series
    It is a good tire (^ ω ^)

    Heavy rain during touring
    I do not remember I felt anxious
    It's fast, but it's fine.

    LOL because my driving is Toro Toro

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for always here!
      My husband also says, "It looks good even if you don't get nervous enough to run normally."
      By all means, I hope to see you once in a row!

  2. To be sunny

    If it is heavy rain, I take out Ferrari and Carrera.
    It is said that supercars are said to be unused in the rain, but since they have a wiper, it is a group to run.
    There are many people who don't run when it's raining, so I really want to be together.

    I heard that cup 2 is too wet,
    Not really.

    I also love wet on the plane of Eagle F1.

    Eagle F1 2 was a wet performance that really impressed you.
    It's a shame that Asymmetric 3 has become a little more comfortable.
    If you put the Eagle F1 into a car with a short rear overhang and drive on a heavy rain, it will water up from behind the car like a racing car.
    We were impressed by drainage performance seeing from the side w

    The wet grips of the continental sc5 and 6 also became comparable to the Eagle F1. I have not tried MC6 yet.

    At the time of delivery in February this year, the carrera GTS's fitted tire wanted PS4S, but P-ZERO.
    Pirelli can not be said to be wet, and it is unique that the sidewalls are soft.

    • MinaMina

      By car
      Thank you very much.

      > I heard that Cup 2 is too wet,
      > That's not true.
      When I asked my husband, it was difficult to drive on a circuit or at high speed, but
      It was said that it was fine for running normally.

      However, I can not run at the same pace as the Eagle F1.
      As you say, the wet performance of Eagle F1 is too good! I said that (laughs)

      > When delivered in February this year, Carrera GTS fitted tires wished PS4S, but P-ZERO.
      We changed Boxster to PS4S this year, but also said that the wet performance was great.
      Truly, just the tires at the time of delivery is luck ...

  3. Tooling package with almost the same specifications

    It was delivered 5/30, but the fitted tire was Dunlop. Tires are different though they are ordered at the same time. When I asked the dealer, it seems to be Dunlop or Michelin depending on the production lot.

    • MinaMina

      Tooling package with almost the same specifications
      After delivery, how is it then?

      The tooling package with almost the same specifications was Dunlop!
      When I asked my husband, he said, "I have heard that Dunlop has higher wet performance, but what is it like? I would like to hear another impression."

      If you are running in heavy rain, I would be glad if you could tell me by all means ^ ^
      Thank you!

  4. 991-2 GT3 MT

    Thank you very much for your detailed impressions. I also commute to work on rainy days, but I feel that water pools such as firewood are muddy, but I feel that there is no problem at all with WET, just like a master. The day when there is a heavy rain, the low section of the motorway road which is not bothered by the fact that there is usually a difference in height is a considerable pond that has never been experienced and can not be diverted have become. I was worried for a few days, but fortunately I felt relieved that I did not have any problems. Let's be careful about the day of the guerrilla heavy rain because the vehicle height is low.

    • MinaMina

      991-2 GT3 MT
      Thank you very much!
      With regard to grip, nothing is worse than in the world image,
      It looks like there is no problem.

      > Beware of days of heavy rain when the vehicle height is low.
      surely…! It was good that there was no car.
      I am worried a bit because there are many guerrilla heavy rains and typhoons this summer, too ... ^ ^;

  5. Tooling package with almost the same specifications

    It traveled 3000 km in one month after delivery. The oil was changed at 4000 km. There are many long distances such as Tokyo-Aomori round trip, Tokyo-Nagano-Niigata-Koriyama-Tokyo. I have experienced traveling through unusual rain in Tohoku, but the forward vision was too bad and I traveled at 100 km / hr. I do not know enough to comment, but I enjoy the fun of manipulating since 993. I will study here and collect information. Thank you for your continued support.

    • MinaMina

      Tooling package with almost the same specifications

      Thank you very much!
      I told my husband, "I am 2500km in 2 months, I was trying to do my best so as not to lose, I was running ^ ^" I have said.
      Continue to thank you!

      I'm glad I can exchange information if there is anything else.