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Air-cooled Porsche

Thank you to everyone who is always looking at blogs. This blog regularly introduces the comments received from readers, but this is the eighth edition. This time, I will introduce it after editing the comment a little to understand the context before and after, or excerpt only the necessary parts.

About Porsche

991.2 GT3

As GT3 is about 88km / h at 2 speeds of 6000 revolutions, in the case of break-in operation, it is difficult because the place where you can step on is limited. Since we currently enjoy traveling with 1,700 kilometers and 6,000 revolutions tied, 9000 revolutions are scheduled for 3,000 kilometers traveling. "The samurai who got a good sword will want to try a trial without resisting its magicJust as with "," the magic of the GT3 is just right now. I will do my best to look forward to the full speed acceleration of 9000 revolutions.(991-2 GT3 MT)

At Hakuei, I listened to the story of clear wrapping on the front of GT3 and the story of break-in. GT3 touring still looks mature and feels good sense, and it is an old wording, but the real "Covered sheep skin ~I felt like I was allowed to see
Also, seeing the story of PCCB, I regret that I should have done it.
My GT3 is a standard red caliper, but I'm having trouble with this again. There is no dissatisfaction after that, and even the car weight that feels heavy is comfortable and I can not release it anymore! By the way, for me, it's just Zeong (laughs)(TONO)

It is a 997-seater. On the day Mina went to Keisho, I remember well because it was the last drive of 987 Boxster that I rode for 11 years. "Oh, GT3TP and Uh, GT2RS is also running!" It has been said w Crayon for the first time, but it is amazingly beautiful. Sound was also powerful!(Ym 997)

Porsche manual car

Comparing the 911 (991.2) Elemental Carrera with the 718 Cayman, the MT clutch is lighter in 911I think. Also, with 718 Cayman, 991 (991.2) Carrera,If you set the clutch to a half clutch without stepping on the accelerator at the time of start, the rotation of the engine will slightly rise automatically and startIt feels like being controlled.
The 911 is a 3L engine for the Cayman 2L, so there is more room for it, and it feels like it's starting with just clutch operation, even with some climbs. If the control of GT3 is also the same, it may be easier from 4L NA and low rotation torque will be thick.(Porsche Dreamer)

The first imported car was BMW, the left-hand drive MT of the 318is coupe (E 36). I was very nervous at the beginning but I got used to it for a month. After that, I switched to SL55AMG (R230),After all we can not forget the pleasure of MT,Currently, it is the left handle MT of 991 first term Carrera 4S. Once you get used to the feeling of MT operation in BMW, I think that the Porsche MT will also be fine!(Ao-san)

I met Porsche last year and purchased Cayman base grade. I switched to Cayman GTS this year. Since I bought Porsche last year, the part that says "Let's not extend the distance" is big and I didn't try to ride much, but recently I saw my husband's comment on this blog and "In order to be able to ride Porsche, you have to get onIt was noticed that.
That is also the love of one car.
As it was the first time in a long time that MT was difficult, the more you drove, the more you drove, the more you remembered your senses, and you can feel the greatness of Porsche now that there is a new discovery every time.(Mr. k)

718 spider

I also applied for 718 Spider. But the frame will not come around. According to the dealer in the neighborhood, at the time of the last Boku Spa, GT4 both wait for six people, "Six GT4 came in, but I only had one spa"It said.(Mr. Sakon)

I tried to configure 718 spider! I do not decide the color of the exterior in the middle ... I think to other colors because it is white now-still like to choose the Spider Classic interior package. Is it fighting with config for a while(TOP GEAR)

Finally it is! The 718 Spider has been announced! cool! Anyway cool! And I want (laughs) I thought I was addicted to crayons with Akaboro or something, but I wondered if it was good for GT Silver. It is hard to throw away the red hood on solid black.
About the most important production line,PC in the area of the Mantaiko seems to be a complete lotteryis. If I compare my spa to a mobile suit, I think that it is a shaur only gelugug if I add that it is a stylish, high-performance and special model (first limited)(Mr. Rumbun Rumba)

Finally came, cylinder cut.It is amazing that one bank alternates at low speed even while driving.There are still many possibilities for life extension technology (environmental response) of NA. It should be expanded to various models.
Also, it seems that the AUTO BLIP on / off switch is finally attached. I think it seems that even this old model can be incorporated, but how is it?(Porsche Dreamer)

718 Spider Spider Classic Package

Panamera touch panel operation

The Panamera 4S arrived at our house at the end of May. But,Apart from driving, other operations are difficultThere are many things that I do not know.
For example, large Dio. I'm listening to music with an SD card and I want to switch to a radio broadcast. At such times, I will be able to listen to it over and over again.
While driving, it is dangerous.
It is also difficult to close the rear sunshade. I want to delete the destination in the navigation but I can not. There will still be many more. If you have any questions, it would be appreciated if you could add the control system experienced by this blog owner.(Kao)

With regard to the operation system, it is recommended to arrange the layout of the 1 home screen 2 widget screen, and complement it with the 3 voice control while minimizing the input to commands frequently used by yourself. Furthermore, the options are limited, but it is still useful if you can also use the 4 ボ タ ン button command.
I feel the same as Mina's blog "layout 1/5", and I set the widget to become an air-conditioner if it opens. And ス キ ッ プ button is assigned a skip. We hope you find it useful.(Man)

Air-cooled Porsche

Natsume ... I would like to do it as well, but since I own only one, it is only 964 even in summer. The 964 has good visibility from inside the car, but it also has a strong sunlight into the car, and because it has air cooling and a long piping of the air conditioner, it can not be said that the cooling efficiency is good.
I am insulated as summer measuresApply transparent film to the entire surface of the glass the day before, fully fill the air conditioner gas and replace the flap motorDid.
However, it is somewhat uneasy if we can get through the first severe heat with this.
You can wear a genuine kill switch for the 964 RS! When it is time to reduce the opportunity to ride, I want to mane by all means.(Mr. Tetsu)

Air cooling is a nap. When the humidity is high from the rainy season, the blowup of the 930 jetty falls off clearly. And when the full-scale summer comes, it is no longer. 930 which I owned possessed a new oil at the car inspection in August, and the oil temperature rose in the traffic jam on the way back, and it screams.Once you raise the oil temperature to over 160 degrees, because it is a mineral oil, the oil deterioration at oncecome. Summer is limited to summer sleep.(Moldau 930)

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