【Porsche Owners File # 7】 971 Panamera 4E Hybrid Purchase · Option · Mileage Review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". In the 7th bulletin, whatMr. SN of "living in the USA"We will send purchase, option and running reviews of "Panamera 4E Hybrid" gotten from. This blog has gradually become global expansion gradually (laugh)

〘Owner information〙
· Car introduced this time: Panamera 4E-hybrid 2018
· Pen name: SN
· Residential area / Residence: USA
· Family organization: 5 people
· Past car career: Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 → Audi A 4 2.0 2008 → Maserati Ghibli SQ 4 2014 → Volvo XC 90 T 6 Inscription 2016
· A word to the reader: I think that the hybrid of Porsche can feel the technology and performance which is not compromised even in sports driving.

1) History of purchase

- From Italy car to German car

Long ago, Porsche was not interested at all, but my eyes were watching all the Italian-style cars. Previously, I bought Alfa Romeo GTV"Pininfarina, who portrayed the rest of the line,(An Italian company mainly engaged in car design.Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, etc., are under contract with a number of designs)Design of"It is because it was fascinated by.

However, as time goes on, preferences change. ThatThe reason I bought it for my family Audi A4was. When I got on the car, it was a really nice car, and while driving, it was my first time to trust the car anywhere.

- Interest in Porsche

From that time on,"What kind of car will you make for a Porsche, which is said to be the best of German sports car manufacturers?"I was interested in Porsche. At the same time, I learned about the success of 919 hybrid Le Mans and the amazingness of hybrid technology,"I want to ride a Porsche sports hybrid car ...!"The feeling that it became stronger and stronger.

Panamera of the 970th of the previous year was also pretty nervous with a soft design, but after seeing the model change 971 Panamera"only this one!"I was totally deprived of my heart, and I bought this purchase.

2) Option / specification

■ Body color: Carrara White Metallic (Charara White Metallic)
■ Wheel: 20 "Panamera Turbo Wheel with Center Caps Colored Porsche Crest (20 inch Panamera Turbo Wheel)
■ Interior
Leather interior Marsala (leather interior Marsala)
Panoramic roof (panorama roof system)
■ Premium package plus: Option package only for the US market
Comfort access
Soft close doors (Soft Closed Door)
Lane change assist (lane change assist)
Seat heating front / rear (seat heater front and rear)
Power seat 14-way (14 way electric seat with memory function)
Bose sound system (BOSE surround sound system)
Seat ventilation front (seat ventilation front)
■ Assistant package: Optional package only for the US market
Lane keep assist (lane keep assist)
Adaptive cruise control (Traffic jam assist) (adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assist)
Night vision assist (Night Vision Assist)
Rear axle steering including power steering plus (including rear steering wheel power steering)
Rear 2 + 1 seats (rear seat 2 + 1 seat: selectable from the new GTS in Japan)
Window trim high gloss black (high gloss black side window trim)
Headrest Porsche crest (Porsche Crest Emboss Headrest)

- Required option

In the US, the option is packaged, but it was not an option I wanted to absolutely add. However,

① Adaptive cruise contro (Adaptive cruise control)
② Traffic jam assist (traffic · jam · assist)
③ Rear axle steering (rear axle steering)

I was going to put on it. Traffic jam assist (Traffic Jam Assist) is very effective in reducing fatigue and traffic jam in long drive, so it can not be removed. As for the Rear axle steering (rear axle steering), although I was told that it is not necessary at the dealer, I decided to read and comment on Mr. Mina's blog's commenter on this blog's owner's blog.

- Favorite points

I like what I like in detailsHigh gloss black finish of window trimis. Contrast with white body is very beautiful. Mirror, door handle, Mirror, Door handle, air intake also got lost in the same way as gross black, but Panamera that was exhibited is a bit tricky in its specifications? I thought that it was only window trim.

- Useful Rear 2 + 1 seats

Because it is a family of five, the four-seater inevitably is NG, initially Panamera sports Turismo(5-seater)I was thinking about what to do. Such a timeKnowing that there is an option of "Rear 2 + 1 seats", thanks to this, we can realize a five-seat ride with Panamera as a favorite designI was able to do.

(Even if you put a child seat in the center, there is enough space for adults to sit on the left and right.)

3) Background to delivery

① Visited Dealer for the first time on August 28

"We do not have a 2018 Panamera 4E-hybrid assignment, but since there seems to be other dealers in other states, I will ask if I can exchange the frame." The next day, "I can order, please come if you feel like that!" There is a phone call.

② Order completed at dealer on August 31

It will be delivered at the end of January.
... There is no contact for a month after that.

③ October 11th Does something move soon? Think Phone

"I will wait a moment and look it up now. Oh, I think I will be leaving the port of Germany tomorrow, I guess I can deliver cars in early November."

④ Arrived at the dealer on November 10

"I will be able to deliver the registration procedure at the end of the week by finishing the registration process, you can ask me to come and get it, which one is OK?" I was asked to go pick it up.

⑤ November 12 delivered!

... I think that there are inadequacies in the procedure and it is kept waiting for one day. Drive a little around the dealer.

⑥ To have you deliver on November 13

The dealer's staff will drive directly and bring you just at the meeting time."Perhaps in Japan it seems that no one in charge will drive the person in charge ..."I do not mind small things (lol) After that, I told various settings while driving a neighborhood, delivered the manager in charge and finished. The responsible person left "Enjoy !!" with a full smile.

4) Performance of Panamera which you feel when you own it

① Engine

The engine to be compared is the V6 twin turbo of Maserati Ghibli who was riding in the past. Somewhat incongruous to compare with the hybrid engine ... 4E-Hybrid has a great sync of the motor and the engine, it will accelerate from any speed range by switching from the motor assist to the turbo engine when stepping on."This is a modern race car!"I was glad I thought.

- Acceleration from stop

Especially with acceleration from stop, thanks to the good response of the motor,Without feeling the time lag in the turbo engine, you can feel the acceleration as it is pressed against the seat at the moment you step on it.For example, if the acceleration of the engine is "feeling growing steadily", is the motor feeling "bouncing off"?

- Handicap of vehicle weight

The weight of the car is Panamera 4784 lb, Gibbs 4122 lb and the difference is 660 lb (297 kg). We sometimes see reviews that criticize the hybrid, disliking this weight,There is no scene that feels that handicap at least for everyday use.

- Acceleration feeling

The sense of acceleration is above Ghibli. Thanks to the motor, I think the biggest factor is that the maximum torque is generated between the low rotation range of 1100 rpm and 4500 rpm. The power / torque of this E-Hybrid is most felt in sports mode, sports + mode, but it is good enough even in Hybrid mode.

- Engine mode · E mode

Initial delivery, while driving, charging main 's "hybrid e - charge mode" when you are in "Engine running with motor offI felt as though it was, Even if you step on E-charge mode, the motor seems to be assisted.

On the other hand, in E mode, you can experience the quiet, but sufficient acceleration of the motor. It should be that, maximum motor torque only 295 lb - ft. I can run very comfortably at stop and go in town. Once you get used to it, you will want to stay on E mode for as long as it is,Since the maximum speed of E mode is 137 km / hr, it is somewhat painful in the flow of 120-130 km / hr on expresswayis. (Legal speed is 112 - 120 km / hr).

Also,Acceleration from zero is good, but acceleration from the medium speed range to the high speed range is not suitable for E modeI feel it. However, if you step on the accelerator step deeply, the engine will start even in E mode, so you will not miss a flight as it misses the flow.

② About PDK

I think the PDK 's paddle shift response is both up and down quickly, depending on the scene, I think that it can be enjoyed very much, but unfortunately there are no scenes like a winding road in my neighborhood and I can not try it much.
The timing of upshifting and downshifting of AT changes depending on the mode, such as normal, sports, sports +, but this can be felt enough in town riding and high speed. However, the paddle shift seems not to use much scenes.

③ Handling

In the past, I was doing a racing cart, and I like the response that is sensitive to the movement of the steering, but Panamera is a car that reminds me of itis. When it cuts, it turns by the cut amount and runs the target line.

- Benefits of rear axle steering

The feeling of power steering is lighter overall, feeling more relaxed than Maserati Ghibli. By setting the air suspension to the sports mode, it becomes a more sensitive steering feel,The large curve at high speed runs like a straight line. This is because there is also a long wheelbase effect of the rear axle steeringIt seems.

It turns steadily even in scenes that make a big round, such as an exit from a high speed,I do not feel oversteer or understeer, and there is nothing like needing input in the middle.There are many scenes that make U-turns due to the traffic conditions in Michigan, but there you can feel the benefits of the rear wheel base effect of the rear axle steering.

Until now, you can turn around without losing yourself for a minute as much as the lane where the lane was bent. Unlike the oversteer flow of the rear, the feeling that the direction of the car will change with a little bit. It is hard to explain, but it is such a feeling.

What you need to get used to is parking orbit. I can be confused because it can be more than I expected.

→ 【Next page】 About fuel efficiency, ride comfort, family reaction, rear axle steering ...

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  1. Tommy

    I ordered Panamera in Japan in November 2018, but I was able to choose a 5-seater option with the option 4 + 1 seat. I found this article if I was doing image search if there was no child seat that fits well with the back middle seat not compatible with ISOFIX. When I hit, it was an English article, but I was surprised to see that it was written with Japanese as well, I am deeply moved by the amount of information. Thank you very much.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you for seeing my blog.

      > Although I ordered Panamera in Japan in November 2018, I was able to choose the 5-seater option with the option 4 + 1 seat.
      Oh, I see. Enviable ... If it can be done, Panamera of our house is also a solution, but it is really enviable ...!

      > When I hit it was an English article, but I was surprised to see that it was written with Japanese,
      Thank you! Actually, I translated articles written in Japanese into English automatically and made them independent as English articles, so it does not take any trouble at all,
      However, there are times when the translation is quite different, so I think that I have to review it on a regular basis ^ ^;

      I'd be happy if you could exchange Panamera information.
      Thank you very much for your continued support from now on!