Driving a car is exactly a sport! - What I think of my wife looking at a car otaku husband

Consideration of a wife with a car lover's husband

Car husband likes

From my wife's perspective, my husband,I'm thinking about my car for the nightlooks like. I go to work by riding a car, returning by riding a car and then playing Play Station or Xbox racing game at home. Then, lying down on the sofa, watching the reviews of Porsche and car related on youtube, then watching Car Graphic TV many times. There are many such feelings on weekdays. furtherI always go for a drive by the end of the weekend.And well,

I like cars, but I like driving in itself. If time permits, I'd rather be driving all the time.

they said. I really like cars ...

And since the air-cooling 911 (964) came to the house last month, it says that this driving heat has gotten stronger with circles, or has woken up further ...

Modern Porsche does not have simplicity, the feeling driving by myself is fun anyway!

He is ashamed like a boy (explosion)

The beginning of seeing such a husband"I knew, but I'm a real nerd person."I thought, but recently I noticed.

That's right, driving a car for her husband is a sport


My husband is keen on sports

Study on youtube on a daily basis so that even a little driving will be good, driving gloves and driving shoes(My husband is wearing negroni)We arrange good tools to fit ourselves, such as"I was able to run the Nürburgring at __ minutes, it seems that I can shorten the time a little more!"Saying, looking for a runway that makes the car run comfortably, and finding a good road, I am delighted to return home.

It's as if you say "Golf scores will be better even a little"Fathers of the world who gathers good golf clubs, reads golf magazines, goes to hit every week and honors skillsit seems like. Not limited to golf, it is no different from those who want to improve tennis, those who want to improve soccer, or those who want to be able to run fast in a marathon.

I think that driving a car is no longer a sport(Actually called motor sports)

When you look at your husband as a car geek"Understandable, Human being crazy"I think, but change the viewpoint"People who are trying hard in sports to brush their arms even a little"I thought that it would make me want to cheer back on somewhat ... I felt able to understand.

So the other day my husband"The driving of the car for ○ ○ is no longer sports, it is with being trying to brush up the sports arm"I mean

"Oh yeah! That's right! I am doing sports!"

It seemed like it was not even serious (laugh) However, the difference between regular sports and the driving of a car is that,I can not lose weight when driving a car. Or rather fat.(If you comprehend it, if you train your train and train your trunk, you will be able to drive better, but that is the area of the circuit's professional racer)

Well, even now, I think that it would be nice to have fun working sports and enjoying healthy these days these days.

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  1. SN

    I am always looking forward to it!
    Your husband, are you being racing kart? What? I think that it is exactly the best part of driving!
    I will lose weight if I race a racing car at the circuit of the day.

    • MinaMina

      Thank you!

      > I can lose weight if I race a racing car at the circuit of the day.
      Oh, I see. My husband used to ride a racing cart before, but recently it has gone away. (It is mainly long touring)
      But when I first got on the racing cart I said "My body is really muscle pain!" It is convinced that I can lose weight if I get on the day ^ ^!

      Or rather if I can lose weight, I'd rather go for a ride ... haha