【Porsche owner's file # 2】 Cayenne turbo purchase · option · driving performance review

Porsche owners file

Hello everyone. "Porsche came to our house" is a manager Mina. A project born from the request of everyone's readers "I want you to share the voices of various Porsche owners!"Porsche owners file". The second round will send you the purchase of "958.2 Cayenne Turbo (MY 2016)" delivered to you by cara from Osaka prefecture.

〘Owner information〙
· A favorite car: 958.2 Cayenne turbo (MY 2016)
· Pen name: cara
· Residential area / Residence: Osaka
· Family organization: 5 people
· Past car's itinerary: Maserati 3200 GT (MY 2000) → Porsche 911 Carrera S (997 previous term) (MY 2005) → Porsche original Cayenne S (MY 2006) → Porsche 911 GT 3 (late 997) (MY 2010)
· A word to readers: Cayenne turbo is a car that you can experience "high", "run", "bend" and "stop" at any level and enjoy it anyway.

1) History of purchase

Why were you interested in Cayenne

The story goes back to 2005, but as the three children have grown up"A car in which five families can ride comfortably"I decided to look for. Nonetheless, I thought that sedans, wagons, and one box cars would not suit the couple 's taste, and I decided to focus on SUV.

Fortunately, there are many dealers near my house, so I accompanied my wife who was not very enthusiastic (laugh) and I went to various dealers,No matter where I go I could not meet cars sticking into my wife's heart.

One day, my family is USJ(Universal Studios Japan)I happened to find the Porsche Center on my way home. Actually I never visited the Porsche Center before then, so I remember being entranced afraid.

In the store, Carrera GT at that time was exhibited, and many customers came. When I informed sales representative, after brief explanation,I will be able to test drive Cayenne and Cayenne S quickly.

on the other handMy wife saw at a glance, the line was beautiful, I loved the design of the cayenne which is not messyIt seemed. Also, at that time I had never seen Cayeng in the streets, so for my wife who did not like wearing with other cars, it seems that it was almost decided by Cayenne at this point.

How was it when you actually tried cayenne

This is what the wife said, but I felt firmly the feeling of being protected, although it is not as strong as in the past but the sense of cash was strong. I tried looking for another SUV after testing Cayenne"Cayenne is the best"So, we decided to buy the 2006 first year Cayenne S.

Why did you decide to buy a Cayenne turbo

I actually owned it and realized again the goodness of Cayenne. After that, the thought of "I want to possess the Cayenne Turbo once" seems to grow, and I began considering purchasing the 958.2 Cayenne Turbo (MY 2016) turbo.It was planned to replace the original Cayenne S, but because it is too convenient car, we decided to increase the car.As a result, the two systems of the original Cayenne and Cayenne turbo continued till the other day.

2) Option / specification (including standard equipment included)

As for the option of Cayenne turbo, as much as possible"Running" and "exhilarating feeling when riding"As a family car so that you can get"Safety" and "Comfort"I also chose not to sacrifice.

〘Cayenne turbo options / specifications〙
Body color: Charara White Metallic (White never owned before)
■ Interior color: 2 tone interior (natural leather: espresso / cognac)
■ Wheel: 21 inches, 911 Turbo design E 2 wheel Ⅱ (10 × 21)
■ Chassis related: Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC), Vehicle Sensitivity Power Steering, Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus)
■ Interior: Seat ventilation (front and rear), seat heater with turbo standard equipment, central lock, keyless entry, privacy glass (VG 40), front and rear side airbags, head airbag, 4 zones air conditioning system (Climatronic), a second evaporator, a seat belt / espresso, a soft close (door closing aid), a comfort lighting package and a comfort memory package, and a driver memory package

3) Background to delivery

The period until delivery was seven months.

· Inform the dealer that March 2016 Cayenne turbo has a frame ordering
· Delivered in October 2016

4) Porsche's performance to feel when you own it

① "Run," "Turn," "Stop"

958.2 Cayenne turbo (MY 2016)Car that was truly disciplined, "Running", "Turning", "Stopping"is. Until now, I have switched over three Porsche with different uses, but even if it is SUV or 2 seater, I am surprised every time that the basic movements are very similar. I felt again that I caught the Cayenne Turbo that basic flavors important to cars have been inherited from all model ranges.

② horsepower · acceleration

Because it is a 520PS turbo car, there is more power. Cayenne turbo was a car that my wife used everyday, but it behaves completely without any danger, and my wife seemed to like it very much because the high speed merger is very easy.

③ Torucon AT

Currently only cayenne AT adopts torque converter, but this is very comfortableis. I do not know if PDK will evolve from now on, but at this moment I think that at Cayenne it is a slower and more smooth gearshift method.

④ Height of car height

Because there is some height because of SUV, get on and off do not like sedan until getting used. Although it is possible to adjust the height with the air suspension for both the front and rear wheels, we did not have to bother to get on and off.

⑤ ride comfort

There is no complaints about ride. It is comfort itself. Although this is also seasoned,Because it is named Turbo it demonstrates a quick pace after a few turbo lags.Just because I was wearing PDCC, there was never a roll in a few curves even though it was just that big body. Therefore, the rear seat was well living and the children 's response was good.
Moreover, because it was on the first generation 955 Cayenne S (MY 2006), the Cayenne turbo (MY 2016) felt a light feeling. I also thought that the feeling of being on a tank faded away.

⑥ Fuel economy

I think that fuel economy was about 4 to 5 km / L. I guess it can not be helped.

⑥ Fuel economy

It is truly a high loading capacity not found in other model range.Everything you need at our house, whether you are a bicycle or not, you can load anything.

5) If you purchase a Porsche from now on options you want absolutely (or attached)

Although we plan to purchase the Cayenne SE hybrid to be released next year in Japan, we have recently questioned the idea that "Porsche is expensive option, but you can not ride it", and Cayenne SE hybrid has a minimum As comfortable equipment should be complete,I would like to try experiencing a completely raw state this time.

Porsche thinks that "basic performance is sufficient in the condition of raw element, and furthermore we prepare various options to the owner who wants to add", I think.

6) Parts to worry about

The interior color is two-tone "espresso / cognac"I think that I could settle more calm if I made it black.Also, in the case of seat ventilation installation, because there are many holes in the seating surface, one time it hung things there and the leather has been torn. The exchange cost was about 300,000 yen.

7) Overall rating

Cayenne turbo can experience "high" in "running", "turning" and "stopping", any car that you can enjoy with confidenceis. Although it seems persistent, Porsche is not limited to 911 which is a sports car, but it is basically the same way that the three rhythms of 'running', 'turning' and 'stopping' are disciplined in the same way in any model range. In the beginning I was hesitant to size, but cars that are so easy to handle are unusual as well.

If you understand this movement of Porsche, I think that it may be extremely frightening for another car to get rid of.In fact, my wife is one of them.

Actually the other day,I had the new Cayenne S test drive, but it was a great evolution.Anyway it's light. It was light in a good way to do anything, but it turned out that a heavy load was applied to the four wheels. I thought that it may be better not to be a turbo for the first time among Cayenne, which has been riding, including test cars. As for this, my wife seems to have a similar feeling.

8) What is Porsche for you?

For me Porsche is like a "family".

Porsche is always a car I want to own at least one. Anyway it is strongly protected, the family can ride with confidence and you can drive safely. I felt that the behavior of the new Cayenne continues to evolve more and more, so I will continue to own Porsche manufacturer cars.

Administrator's impression
I also tried a new Cayenan the other day but I realized that Porsche is a Porsche regardless of any type of car, as cara says, as the image of SUV up to now was overturned. We will continue to provide information on other Porsche vehicles to cara. cara, thank you!

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