Until the day when you can manage Porsche Boxster GTS (MT) -Vol.3

981 Boxster GTS
Ashi Drive way

Would you be able to drive Boxster ...?

Last year, my goal for the New Year's Day 2017"This year will be able to drive Boxster GTS (MT)!"was. However, when I opened the lid, it took Boxster only 2 or 3 times in the past year. Far from being able to drive,I got more and more foot from the Boxster GTS.

And this year 's new year."This year is the only thing I would be able to drive Boxster GTS (MT) ... good"And while watching the pale desire in the mind, I went to drive Ashi Driveway twice, but after all it was stalled, I could not start on the slope, I was going to start on the slope and I was going to be on the first gear and I was going to be in the first gear "R ( Back) "and so on,Only unusual rare events occurred"I can not drive to MT anymore ..." I was giving up halfway.

So, in Boxter 's driving "feeling like this"

To enjoy "such a running feeling"

Unfortunately it never existed ... One day I was about to pass away this year. From blog readers who know the enjoyment of MT driving

"Do your best without saying that!" "It is really fun when you can drive MT!" "It's super cool if you can drive a MT with a woman!"

I was inspired again by receiving encouragement comments such as w, the other day, I asked my mother-in-law to take care of the children, and I decided to go out for practice with my husband and two people.

Practice at Ashi Driveway!

On that day it was 11 o'clock in the morning that everyone of my husband's friends gathered at Ashi Driveway, so I accompanied him,We decided to practice MT driving at Ashi Driveway and Rokko Mountain.However, since there are quite a few difficult points from home to Ashi Driveway, first of all my husband drives to the observation platform.

While taking a lecture on the point of MT driving to her husband"This is Boxster!"While feeling full of body, full of comfort, running feeling, comfortable autumn wind ...

"It will be pleasant if I can drive like this ... No, not it will be able to drive! But, when the slope starts departing ... (-_-) ... No, no, I can not say that!" While conflicting alone, Boxster arrived at the Observatory of Ashi Driveway in no time.

It was around 9:30 that I arrived, but already my husband's friends were already gathering.

I hear the action 5 minutes ago, but I never heard of action 1 1/2 hours ago ... (゚ Д ゚)

Everyone, it seems that there was no choice but to want to run with my own car at last, it was arrived earlier. After that, driving each other's cars, car talking(I also wanted to introduce it in another article as I was riding in the passenger seat of various cars)To go to Rokko Garden Terrace to go for lunch.

Then my husband told everyone,

Because my wife is going to drive to Mt. Rokko as a practice of MT, I will go ahead because I become a torotorian drive. "

I said quietly.

...... Eh ... (゚ д ゚)! What?

"Your wife is serious! Well then, wait until I get out of the parking lot!"And you guys are kind, are you afraid of what you saw, so my husband and I got on the boat and got into the boxer, confirmed the seat position and the position of the steering wheel.

Utility gears are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... 3rd, 2nd, 1st .... Wait a moment, once more, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th ... 3rd, 2nd, 1st .... So this is back. Well, first step on clutch and brake ...

And I said that from husband"From now on such a thing, move it!"As I was told, I never turned my head to white and started the Boxster.

(I am nervous with tightness ↑)

Step on the accelerator slightly, loosen the clutch while listening to the sound. When the clutch is connected and the car starts to move, it runs the parking lot as it is with half a crane.

... O, maybe it can be surprising (· ∀ ·)

I improved my mind, I left the parking lot as it was and ran the car to Rokko Mountain. There was a toll gate in the middle, but I managed to clear it.

"It is slow until I change the gear by stepping on the clutch!"
"I do not have a shift shock when I step on the accelerator for a moment now and I will go smoothly"
"Shift down is not good"

And, being told variously from the side, once it ran once, it is already this one.

"With this momentum, you can be in 3rd and 4th gear!"I also thought that it was a brief moment. A minivan appeared ahead. Moreover, the minivan is frighteningly driving under a torotoro, and the following cars continue one after another, and when we look at the speedometer, how much is 25 km / h.

... Come on, do not lie (-_-)

Certainly the road to Rokko is tight but the train is 25 km / h is too late. Nonetheless, I thought that I should give way to hazards somewhere,About 15 minutes to Mt. Rokko garden terrace, that minivan had no sign of giving way and kept driving Trotoro all the time.

Even though Boxster is coming from the back, although I also open the roof, both of us are wearing sunglasses(It does not matter w)Still, I can keep running at 25 km / h, its strong mental power.

Rather is a w

Rokko mountain, running! What?

Rokko Mountain Garden Terrace at lunch is quite crowded, and before entering the parking lot"Stop / start"It was continuous, but it got a good practice. Where to take a parking ticket, I got slightly impatient because it was a delicate uphill which does not take HOLD, but somehow cleared. However, parking within the following cars is high, so hurried by the husband's hands ...

And back home. behind,My husband 's friends "Ferrari California" "Ferrari 488" "Lamborghini Urakan" "Porsche 911 GT 3" why I lead the wayI was pretty nervous,

I was stalling on the slope waiting for the signal waiting while under construction, but managed to pick up and managed to go up and down the Rokko Mountain.

Running is just a matter of burning (¯ ー ¯) ...

From her husband,

"Why do I steer the handle off in the middle of such a curve? Why do I misunderstand the curvature of the curve so much every time w"
"As the following car is coming, it's a flight to get away in a hurry and mental state appears too much in the run"

While being told,"Well, I've done the best I have ever done. I feel like I made it to the start line at last."I got a bit of confidence and got a bit of confidence. And above all, I can feel the fun of MT driving about 2%"It seems to be really fun if I can control MT driving! I want to get better!"I was able to think for the first time.

With this momentum, next month let's have a mother-in-law attend the baby-boy and drive!

The path of thousands of miles is also one step!

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