Is it difficult for women to drive large cars? − What I think after riding the Porsche Panamera for two and a half years

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2 years and 8 months ride in Panamera

"Large sedans are difficult for women to drive"I think that there are many people who think. Then, how is it actually? Today I will write what I think I've been riding in Panamera for two and a half years.

... and before that I would like to introduce a bit about "my driving history". If you are reading this blog, I've always liked driving because I like Porsche, "but it may be thought that it is quite the opposite.I started driving a car about 5 years ago from now and about 3 years ago I started to like Porsche.Actually, it is only recently.

I had a driver's license at the age of 18 and in 13 years until I turned 31, I had only got around 5 times in the car and it was a "gold licensed paper driver" for a long time. I mean, why did you drive so hard and took a license at the age of 18?(And with full savings of yourself), My behavior at the time is still a mystery (-_-)

Mercedes · Benz SLK 350 ride

I was 30 when I married my husband. In those days her husband was on the Mercedes · Benz SLK 350.

Every time I go to a drive somewhere, my husband"Do you want to drive?"I was told, but at that time I continued to refuse stubbornly saying "I will not, I will not do". Even though my home is in a city with many slopes and I do need a car to do anything, I used to travel by bus and train everyday and I will not go to the neighborhood supermarket on weekdays and go to my husband every weekend I brought them together and bought them all together.

However, due to her eldest daughter's pregnancy"It is bad that children will not be able to drive a car in the future, even when the children have a fever or something happens."Started thinking, even from her husband"Be sure to be able to drive absolutely by birth"As I was told, I finally got a heavy waist and I managed to get around if I had a round trip around my neighbor's supermarket.

However, I do not feel like driving any more, I went to drive with my husband"Drive?" Do not drive more! "Even if it is told, "Because it gets tired. ** Super return trip is enough" and it says,(Actually ten years driving was also very tiring)It was specialized in the passenger seat from beginning to end.

One day, my work finished a little earlier and arrived home, my mail was delivered from my husband.

Will you pick me up at Umeda by car, tonight?


...... Ha (* _ *)? What?

The designated place is around Umeda's Hilton Plaza(Only people in Keihansin do not know ...)That is exactly the middle of the city, the area where the traffic volume is not hemisphere. Although I thought for a moment as "impossible!", Why is I that day"But it is useless for a while, I have to go today!"I decided, I made preparations at once, boarded the SLK and grasped the steering wheel. Women become so strong when they become mothers w

It takes about 40 minutes if you use high speed from your home to Osaka. I managed to get there safely. I was very scared, but I can drive with my mind in Osaka during crowded time(It may be that everyone avoided it because it interrupts by SLK)"I could drive as well!"I became more confident and able to drive anywhere since then.

If I think about it now, it may be my husband's rough treatment ... well Oh well it was good.

Panamera test drive from Audi A3

After that, after the child was born, as expected"Three-person family and two-seater SLK"I can not afford to buy Audi A3 as a family car. I was riding A3 on the main, but at the beginning I was squatting and hitting it and rolling out for repair.

And a few months after my husband ordered Boxster,"Let's go for a little test drive of Panamera"When I went for the first time to the Porsche Center.It is about 20 cm wider than Audi A 3 's car width (1785 mm), and it is bigger than 5 m longLooking at, I clearly thought that "only my husband test drive", but Mr. H who is in charge of dealer in the middle of the test drive"Why are your wife also driving?"It has been said.

"No, no, this is impossible! It's also a left-hand drive!", But my husband and Mr. H convinced me to drive. So, how did it go ... now,An insanely impressedIt was.

Of course, I was touched by the driving performance of Panamera, but I was surprised at the same time"Easy to drive though it is such a huge body"It was that. When getting in and sitting in the driver's seat, you feel a huge feeling, but once you start driving,Illusion like a little small carI remember. Even when turning the curve, there was no feeling that it was going to the outside "Oops!" By centrifugal force.

Since it can be felt by the skin that it is a solidly made car,There was a sense of security being protected and I was able to drive without feeling a gigantic feeling by handling that I moved as I expected, so I thought "This is easy for a woman to drive."


Thinking after two and half years of riding in Panamera,

The wife who is "weak driver" and "no confidence in driving" is better to board Panamera.

I'm saying that. As mentioned earlier, Panamera is easy to operate, has a park assist function, and teaches obstacles with sound, so it will not rub or hit unless you ignore them.

In addition to what I want to emphasize"Panamera will not be fired or interrupted"That.

Whether on a highway or an ordinary road, the surroundings travel at a reasonable distance and if you leave the blinker at an early stage, the probability of giving up the road is very high, and safe driving is possible with confidence. If this is a minicar or a compact car, I do not think so, and again driving skill is necessary as it is.

Because Panamera is a car that can enjoy running, the reason for riding Panamera by such a purpose is deviated from its original purpose, but ... the woman who thinks that 'Panamera is too big to drive' thinks once fooled Hopefully I want you to test drive.

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  1. Gori

    I always read it pleasantly every day. If you read your blog everyday, you want to buy Panamera, it is currently under consideration for purchase! Options etc. It is very helpful! Please continue from now on. And your husband is truly amazing to know anything! The sentences of his wife are really easy to understand and I am envious that it is a really smart couple.

    • MinaMina

      Always thank you for seeing the blog, thank you very much! ^ ^

      > If I read my blog everyday, I want to buy Panamera, it is currently under consideration for purchase! Options etc. It is very helpful!
      Oh! ! ! That's right! It's amazing! ! ! It is very exciting! ! ! I'd be happy if you can tell me what kind of specification it will be, if you do not mind in the future ^ ^

      > Your master knows everything and it is really wonderful! The sentences of his wife are really easy to understand and I am envious that it is a really smart couple.
      A mottainai word ... Thank you very much ...
      I'm very happy to have just the conversation of the otaku couple (lol) in that way.
      Since I will update it everyday, I will continue to thank you ^ ^