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Porsche Japan's office
Living with Porsche

To Porsche Japan

The other day,I visited Porsche Japan head office.Since I live in Kansai, I jump on the Shinkansen from early morning to the Shinagawa on that day, according to the errands going to Tokyo.

If you are going to visit Porsche Japan with something you have, Porsche Design back with Porsche PC case and Porsche trying to Porsche(I can not understand without looking eyes).

The headquarters of Porsche Japan is in Toranomon Hills, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Actually this is my first visit to Toranomon,"Because it is called Hills, it is probably a high-rise building"Imagine, arriving at the site, go inside and be surprised.

Fucked up fashion ...

The atmosphere is similar to Grandfront Osaka, but that is the main building with commercial facilities to the last. There is no building in Osaka that has this sophisticated atmosphere in an office building. Truly is Tokyo.

Complete reception immediately and go from the entrance gate to 29th floor with Porsche Japan headquarters. I got on the elevator and pushed the 29th floor, but my tension became MAX in tens of seconds until arrival. When I got there, my heart seemed to pop out from my mouth(Because I am outrageous ... ...)

Finally to the office ...

The moment I got off the elevator and got off to the side from the elevator hall"PORSCHE CREST"The entrance where I was mentioned jumped into my eyes.


With a basic white design and a simple design, I felt that the atmosphere seemed to resemble the German Porsche Museum somewhat.

"In such a case, I wish I had decided with a more bitter suit ..."Although I regret a bit, I will finish my reception and I will sit here and wait.

However, as I looked around, I saw a lot of Porsche goods that I had not seen in the neighborhood Porsche Center in the showcase, so I thought "Sitting and waiting is wasteful", let me wait while watching them I decided to take it.

I want everything ~ (lol)

When I looked up at the top, the famous words of Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche were decorated with the picture.

- I looked for a car that I thought was ideal, but I could not find it anywhere. So I decided to build it myself(Ferdinand · Porsche Engineering)
In the beginning I looked around and could not quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.

I thought that it was awesome and looked idly, from behind"Thank you for waiting, ● ● san!"A voice.

When turning around, there was a beautiful woman who seemed to be able to work anyhow. Kaori Yamazaki, executive officer of Porsche Japan, and Alexander Quasse, product manager in Germany.

Tension MAX (; ゚ Д ゚)!

And from Mr. Yamazaki immediately"Since it's a great opportunity, would you like to show offices?"I got a nice suggestion of saying.

"Eh - that's good!

I also got permission for taking pictures in particular, so I decided to go around the office while taking pictures with my iPhone in a hurry. In such a case, I wish I had a serious SLR camera.

Atmosphere inside the office

As I stepped in the office, there was a picture of a big Panamera on the left hand.

Cool ....

"I want to decorate this painting on the house ... Oh, but it is impossible to decorate such a big picture in the room in reality." While watching the right side, there is a conference room.

And the name of the conference room is "Panamera".

When I went to Porsche Experience Center Los AngelesAlso,The conference room had names like "Macan" and "Boxster", but Porsche Japan was the sameIt is. This is the largest conference room so it seems to be called "Panamera". It is full of playful spirit, it is wonderful. The picture of Cayenne was also decorated in the back.

Other than that, there is a cafe space called "Carrera Lounge"

The vision of Porsche Japan, the plate with the mission of each department decorated,

The luxurious space of Porsche was exhausted.

The mission of Porsche Japan was written on the big plate among them.

"In order to provide" joy "beyond customer expectations,
Continue to challenge you bravely with passion and innovation to the Porsche brand. "

By the way, beforeI tried a new type PanameraAt time, I felt this "joy beyond expectation". Every time I get on the Porsche, I know that every time I know, I am touched day by day with the efforts of all employees working together in this mission.

After that, employees who had created the new Cayenne CINEAD "3.9 sec Experience" that was talked about a bit ago, employees who are planning and in charge of the Porsche Truck Experience,"This person, I have seen you several times in the lounge of the Porsche Carrera Cup race!"I also greeted the great mother.

Everyone was frank with all the people, the conversation was fun, and I forgot to take a picture entirely after that (laugh)

The story that remained in the impression

After that, Mr. Yamazaki and Alex and three people talked about drinking tea, I would like to introduce some of the things that left me in the impression.

① Important role of Porsche Japan

Although I thought that "I suppose they are playing such a role" from before, "As for the new model car coming to Japan from Germany, rather than selling it in Japan as it is requested by the German headquarters,It is one of the roles of Porsche Japan to negotiate with the head office in consideration of the market environment of the Japanese market and user's needs and to bring it to Japan in a manner that more closely matches Japanese usersI knew that.

For example, it seems that Makan, who first came to Japan, was equipped with "electric seat only for driver's seat, manual for passenger seat" as standard equipment,"We are not accepted by users in Japan!" And negotiate with the seat of the electric seat in the passenger seatDoes ...

It is one of the important roles of Porsche Japan to firmly grasp the current state of the Japanese market which the German head office does not know and to negotiate between them.

② Strengths of smaller manufacturers

Annual sales volume worldwide is 240,000 units(FY 2017)I heard that something is "a terrible big company!" But compared with other car makers, Porsche is a small company.(The unit sales of Mercedes-Benz in Japan is about 10 times that of Porsche)But that's why,The distance between employees is close, family-managed culture is left in a good sense, and employees' love spirit is also very highThat's it.
Certainly, even in the featured program of "New Cayenne and 911 Manufacturing Factory" that I saw the other day, the figure that "Each employee is proud of being a member of making Porsche" has been transmitted. I hope that this kind of culture will continue to be inherited.

③ The newest penetrates the best and does not compromise at all

For example, regarding the new Cayenne which began selling in Japan this July. It seems that the difference in appearance with conventional type is not so big,"About the contents, development was done almost from the first"That's it. Mr. Alex who heard the story this time was actually present at the meeting of German Porsche engineers, but knowing that "even with extension of the conventional method, it is possible to make Cayenne with such performance", the technology He dared to choose that path"Develop even from a detour, develop a caien with the best performance without compromise"He seems to have chosen a way.

The other day our couple,I was thrilled to test the new CayenneHowever, I felt that this is also thanks to the engineers who develop the car without any compromise.

④ Porsche is a sports car maker

Such a thing, I dare to say that ... To Yamazaki-san or Alex's response to my question"Porsche is a sports car maker so it is ● ●"There was a consistent axis. Even when I talked to a person actually visited a factory in Porsche in Stuttgart, Germany"At the Porsche factory, I was surprised to see GT 3 flowing normally on the line that assembled Normal 911! The root of Porsche is a sports car, after all!"I thought that was exactly the case.

⑤ Porsche Japan employees all like Porsche

People who do not like Porsche will not join Porsche in the first place though ... Porsche love of all of our employees is very deep and everyone of us has a picture of Porsche we found at private and a favorite angle There seems to be some people who stop talking about it (laugh)
Moreover, from the feeling of the air of the office, the expression and story of the employee,I was able to feel that everyone is proud of being a member of Porsche.The feeling of loving Porsche, customers and employees are the same.

Finally commemorative photography

That is what I felt during this visit. The last picture taken by Ms. Yamazaki and Alex is here.

From her husband who saw this picture,

"The two of Porsche Japan are taking a proper pose, they are becoming aliens caught only by their own aliens!"

And it made me lol.

Certainly ... The above photo, in fact, I have a whole body photographed, but as I was tense, my hand's fingers were bent in an unlikely direction, because some elements of horror had entered I processed the photo so that it was not visible (-_-)

Porsche Japan also frequently visited this blog,"I am pleased to write a blog full of love with Porsche, please continue to send a lot of things from now on!"It was very pleasing feeling to say.

The wish of our Porsche fan"Porsche will continue to be a Porsche from now on"Thing. While "running pleasure" is being lost from various car manufacturers, I would like Porsche to continue making vehicles that fans will be impressed as a sports car manufacturer.

Also in this blog "Porsche owners file"Through planning and dissemination of information that is understood by possessing Porsche, I think that it would be nice to be able to deliver voices of realistic users day by day despite their power.

Mr. Yamazaki, Alex, thank you for this time.

* Pictures and article contents of this article are posted with special permission of Porsche Japan.

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